Amazing 11-11 Facts to Consider

Rik Clay walks us through some amazing facts that revolve around 1111 and 11 numerology. 11 and 1111 keep popping up throughout history with amazing undeniable accuracy.

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Everyday Mind Control -Derren Brown

Stone UFOs 300 Million Years Old

On May 27, 2007, several dozen "UFO" shaped gangues were found in Shangrao County, Jiangxi Province. Experts indicate that the UFO gangues were formed about 300 million years ago.
The UFO stones were lined up horizontally about 1.6 feet apart and are evenly distributed.It was reported that UFO stones have an especially hard texture.
They are obviously different from the stones from the mountains in this area.

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Independent Investigation Into Pentagon Attack Yields Alarming Information

· Researchers present new eyewitness testimony which they say proves the government's story to be a "monstrous lie".
A three year independent investigation into the September 11, 2001 attack on the Pentagon has yielded new eyewitness evidence which, according to the Southern California-based researchers who conducted the investigation, "conclusively (and unfortunately) establishes as a historical fact that the violence which took place in Arlington that day was not the result of a surprise attack by suicide hijackers, but rather a military black operation involving a carefully planned and skillfully executed deception."
They have compiled the most pertinent testimony into an 81 minute video presentation (abajo) entitled National Security Alert, which has earned the respect and praise of a growing number of distinguished academics, journalists, writers, entertainers, pilots, and military personnel.

National Security Alert[For more info, go to: citizeninvestigationteam.com]
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UFOs Over Newquay -8.22.2009

· UFO fleet ·

Large Hadron Collider ready to unleash higher spatial dimensions in 2012

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator, is the latest addition to CERN’s accelerator complex. It consists of a 16 mile long ring of supercooled superconducting magnets with a number of accelerating structures to boost the energy of the particles along the way. The purpose is to super accelerate subatomic particles and collide them at speeds close to that of light to recreate the bigbang effect.
once scientists are able to make these particle collide with speeds close to light, a new era will start. Speculations will stop. The way our universe started will be exposed. Esistence of higher dimmensions will not be a mathematical prediction, it will be clear and evident.
There is one concern. The same people, establishments, and Governments that are influencing and funding the silence and secrecy about UFOs are trying to do the same with LHC. If they are successful, the results from LHC experiments will be kept secret for a long time.
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Current MJ 12 Special Studies Group on UFOs


Dan Burisch, microbiologist from Area 51 (S-4), let out the identities of the current MJ 12 Special Studies Group on UFOs.
J1: JMM - Adm. John M. McConnell --- former NSA director; aka "Daddy-O", for his paternalistic fawning over Dan Burisch.
J2: RBC - Richard B. Cheney --- former Vice-Resident, USA.
J3: PJG - Porter Goss --- former DCI (Director Central Intelligence); aka "the CIA director", aka "Snotface".
J4: BRI - Adm. Bobby Ray Inman --- another former NSA director, among many other positions within the US black-ops community; aka "The Cryptkeeper". However, in his defense, his Wikipedia entry contains the following: "In 2006, Inman criticized the Bush administration's use of warrantless domestic wiretaps, making him one of the highest-ranking former intelligence officials to criticize the program in public."
J5: HAK - Henry (Heinz) Alfred Kissinger --- former Sec'y of State under 'Tricky' Dick Nixon, as well as his National Security Advisor.
J6: ZB - Zbigniew Brzezinski --- another former National Security Advisor, but the Democratic answer to J5. Highly critical of the Bush administration's Iraq policy.
J7: RBM - Richard B. Myers --- aka "CJCS", or Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Resident Bush until his recent retirement in Sept. 2005.
J8: KT - Kevin Tebbit --- permanent Under Secretary for the British Ministry of Defence, alleged to be the "K" who provided or arranged for some of the 'leaked' information given to Burisch.
J9: CT - Carol Thatcher --- daughter to former Prime Minister Maggie Thatcher of Great Britain and a school chum to Dan while he was 'schooling' in the British Isles; appointed by Dan to succeed him as J9, Dan having succeeded Romano Prodi, an alleged Illuminist who was recently elected Prime Minister of Italy.
J10: AG - Alan Greenspan --- former chairman of the Federal Reserve; aka "Xxxx Xxxx", deleted out of deference to Andrea Mitchell, his wife and a current leading broadcast journalist for NBC News.
J11: HEV - Harold E Varmus --- former Director of the National Institutes of Health and "an American Nobel prize winning scientist". He was a co-recipient (along with J. Michael Bishop) of the 1989 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for discovery of the cellular origin of retroviral oncogenes.
J12: (previously E.M. Kelly) --- (Currently ???).
[Source: Dan Burisch]

Controlling Our Food

A new documentary was aired on French television.
-A documentary that Americans won’t ever see-
The gigantic bio-tech corporation Monsanto is threatening to destroy the
agricultural biodiversity which has served mankind for thousands of years.

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Uribe, contagiado por la gripe A

· Las autoridades sanitarias colombianas y el Gobierno confirman la afección del presidente del país.
El presidente colombiano, Álvaro Uribe, está contagiado por el virus del AH1N1, confirmaron hoy fuentes oficiales. Mientras en Medellín (noroeste), el secretario de Información y Prensa de la Presidencia de la República, César Mauricio Velásquez leía un comunicado oficial en el que se confirmaba que Uribe tiene el virus, en Bogotá fuentes del Instituto Nacional de Salud (INS) confirmaron el diagnóstico.
Según las fuentes, Uribe mostró los primeros síntomas el viernes cuando regresaba de la Cumbre de Unasur que se celebró en la ciudad argentina de Bariloche, aunque la debió adquirir días antes. Los mismos síntomas se agudizaron el sábado cuando presidió un consejo comunitario de Gobierno en la localidad de Puerto Carreño, en el este del país, y debió recibir atención médica.
La Presidencia colombiana señaló también en el comunicado leído por Velásquez, que se ha informado, "a través de los canales diplomáticos" a quienes participaron en la Cumbre de Unasur "para que se adopten las medidas correspondientes". También se ha advertido "a las personas que han tenido contacto estrecho" en los últimos días con el gobernante, añadió el texto.
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Dr. Roberto Giraldo - La Gran Estafa del SIDA

Entrevista a Roberto Giraldo, médico, especialista en medicina interna con énfasis en enfermedades infecciosas de la Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia. Graduado con distinción de la Escuela de Higiene y Medicina Tropical de la Universidad de Londres al obtener un Magister de Ciencia en Medicina Clínica Tropical. Por cuatro decadas se ha dedicado a actividades clínicas, académicas e investigativas en diferentes aspectos de las enfermedades infecciosas, inmunológicas y tropicales en varias regiones de Colombia, los Estados Unidos, Europa y Africa.
· Investigador independiente del SIDA desde 1981 ·

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Global UFO Event to Occur in 2010?

After a short time of reverse engineering Alien crafts the human race has not only developed UFO type crafts but has also deployed large star like battleships where smaller crafts are launched from just like at sea. It seems that many of the rumors regarding NASAs joint venture with the Navy to create a space fleet may be true. As mentioned in earlier articles, we exclusively interviewed Jo Ann Richards in a small cafe in Sacramento who told us the same story. It seemed out there but something we would consider with an open mind.
Now the very same information has surfaced
through another informant with credibility.

Why, you may ask. According to Dick Criswell the human race race has been engaged in space battles and is also working with other factions of governments around the world to complete a project to deploy an array of optical satellites equipped with pulse weaponry before the year 2010.
The expected global ET event will change the world as we know it.
The result will be a one world order.

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Pine Gap - Area 51 In Australia

"The United States has three major bases in Australia. One is in South Australia (Nurranger, near Woomera, T.N.), another in New South Wales, and the third (and by far the largest) is located within about 230 km (143 miles) of the geographical center of the continent, not far to the west of Alice Springs (Northern Territory), at the foothills of the southern slopes of the MacDonnell Range. This base is completely underground, with barely visible entrances to the surface.
"This 'Top Secret' base is entirely financed by the United States Government, and is officially known as the Joint Defense Space Research Facility.
"What exactly is Pine Gap? As strange as it may seem, even Australian Federal Parliament members do not know. Among the Cabinet members, only a small number of 'initiates' have a vague idea of what this is all about.
"On the other hand, Pine Gap is well known as one of the most important control centers for spy satellites which circle the globe. An article published in late 1973 claimed that the Pine Gap installation, along with its sister installation in Guam, were used to control the photographic missions of the large American satellites in orbit above the Earth.
"The most disquieting fact about Pine Gap may be that the employees working on the base, and especially those earmarked for duty on electromagnetic propulsion projects, have undergone brainwashing and even implantation of intracranial devices. Those employees have turned into unconditional slaves of their master, whoever he is. Rather scary, isn't it?"
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Paola Harris - IUFOC 2009

Paola Harris at the 2009 IUFOC Conference & Film Festival.
Paola suggests that Hollywood films and TV movies are part of
a slow process of acclimating
the general public to
the concept that we are not alone in the Universe.

UFO Abductions Down Under

by Michael Cohen (m.cohen@allnewsweb.com)

George is a bank manager who lives in Sydney, Australia. He is aged 34 and single. He has always had stable employment, is tertiary qualified and has no history of any psychological problems. He is as ‘normal’ as the next guy. Other than going to see the odd alien themed movie once in a while he has never taken any interest in UFO related topics: Until last year.
In January 2008 something happened to him that he is unlikely to ever forget.

"It was a hot night. I had the window wide open and was lying in my bed next to it trying to get a cool breeze happening. I was drowsy but definitely not asleep. Then I began floating out my window and over Sydney. I wasn’t nervous but felt a bit surprised, like what the hell was happening. It was as if I had been sedated, thinking back. I saw the city pass by under or at least felt as if it was and then thought I might have been going over some bush or mountains.
I was on a platform and then on some kind of operating table in a chamber within a UFO, I think. I noticed odd ‘furniture’ in the room: if you could call it that- unusual spheres and pyramids. There were beings over me. They appeared to be wearing white robes or togas of some sort. I could not see their faces or any bodily features. Nothing in this UFO chamber looked human. What looked somewhat like a dental or baking instrument was then inserted into my backside and pulled out and put away. I don’t recall the trip back but woke up suddenly back in my bed. It did not feel like I was dreaming. I am certain this really happened.
A UFO abducted me."

Similar experiences have been retold by Sydney residents of all vocations and all ethnic backgrounds. Lawyers, doctors, gardeners and teachers have all told me similar things. Their stories have a remarkable consistency.

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UFO In Flight

Reflection moves THROUGH the clouds.

UFO China -8.20.2009

Two huge, rotating, glowing, mist shrouded, mother-ship type UFOs have been seen by millons of residents in the Chinese cities and regions of Shahe, Xingtai, Ren County, South County, as well as Yongnian County. The event occurred on the evening of 20 August beginning at around 8:30pm.

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REMGen ready for production[!!!]

On Sept. 17, 2009, REM Source requested I N P h o b e to remove the contents that appeared on this blog post. In the future, updates will be provided when they (REM Source) are ready for coverage.

Media Censorship


There are many examples of media censorship, yet few so clear and blatant as the Fox News censorship of investigative journalists Jane Akre and Steve Wilson in their series on the dangers of artificial hormones in our milk.

Claves Para Comprender el Fraude de la Gripe Porcina y Su Vacunación -I

“El mundo está ante la coyuntura de la crisis
más grave en su historia moderna.”

· Michel Chossudovsky ·


Ante la pulsión que nos lanza el sistema y su élite global
debemos demostrar que somos una sociedad madura.
El conocimiento genera responsabilidad y compromiso.

Ya en 1976 la pandemia del miedo a la gripe porcina
se desplegó en los EEUU de la misma manera que la actual.
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Las bases militares gringas...‏

"USA tiene alrededor de 740 bases militares en todo el mundo,
esas bases no tienen por objeto combatir el narcotráfico o el terrorismo,
sino defender los intereses imperiales de Estados Unidos."

· Antonio Caballero ·
Los Estados Unidos nunca han permitido que sus tropas estén bajo mando extranjero, ni siquiera en las misiones de Cascos Azules de la ONU. Con lo cual la afirmación de que en sus nuevas bases en Colombia se someterán a la autoridad de los oficiales colombianos no pasa de ser un ? chiste. Recordaba también la lista interminable (o no terminada todavía) de gobernantes de América Latina derrocados por intervenciones militares gringas. Pues el imperio norteamericano tiene intereses superiores a los de su timonel de turno : Barack Obama es una anécdota.
Y esos intereses no pasan por los pretextos aducidos para la instalación de las bases, como fingen creer quienes las defienden : la ayuda a los gobiernos locales para combatir el terrorismo, y la ayuda para combatir el narcotráfico.
La ayuda contra el terrorismo -o sea, en el caso colombiano, la intervención en la guerra interna contra la subversión de las Farc- estaba explícitamente excluida del Plan Colombia tal como se firmó en tiempos de Andrés Pastrana y Bill Clinton. Sólo empezó a operar, bajo George Bush (y Pastrana : y creo recordar que sin consulta al Congreso), tras los ataques contra las Torres Gemelas de Manhattan, en 2001, cuando el gobierno norteamericano proclamó la "cruzada global contra el terrorismo" : con el resultado, visible para quien quiera verlo, de que el terrorismo se ha multiplicado en el mundo. Pues en todas partes las guerras internas se agravan cuando los Estados Unidos deciden "ayudar" : hasta en Irlanda.
En cuanto al narcotráfico, no está en los intereses de los Estados Unidos el acabar con él. Siempre han dicho, por lo demás, que sólo pretenden reducirlo a la mitad (con el consiguiente efecto de encarecer la droga, mejorando así el negocio de las mafias que la controlan) ; pero ni eso han conseguido. Donde llegan las tropas gringas se dispara el consumo de droga. Y en cuanto a la producción, ¿se ha visto -por ejemplo- que la de opio haya disminuido en Afganistán desde que el gobierno de Bush les declaró la guerra (que sigue) a los talibanes ? Al revés : se ha multiplicado. No sobra recordar que el consumo masivo de drogas es una invención norteamericana, que data de los tiempos de la guerra del Vietnam. Y, de pasada, que el negocio de la droga comenzó en Colombia -en los tiempos bucólicos y casi incruentos de la bonanza marimbera de los guajiros y los samarios- de la mano de los pilotos gringos veteranos del Vietnam que hicieron los primeros embarques. Y, por otra parte, treinta años de experiencia enseñan -o deberían enseñar a quien no esté voluntariamente ciego- que la guerra contra la droga es un completo fracaso, y ha agravado el problema en lugar de resolverlo.
Los que afirman, con aparente seriedad, que esa batalla se está ganando en Colombia, ¿es que no miran en torno ? ¿Es que el elefante de la droga se mueve sigilosamente "a sus espaldas", como decía Ernesto Samper cuando descubrió que había ganado la Presidencia comprando las elecciones con dinero del cartel de Cali ? Álvaro Uribe, al pedirles a sus parlamentarios que le votaran sus proyectos "antes de ir a la cárcel", reconoció tácitamente que también él le debía su presidencia a la droga : a los votos que los narcoparamilitares les pusieron a los candidatos del uribismo, y por supuesto a Uribe mismo, en las regiones rurales. Cualquiera que quiera ver ve que la droga sigue siendo el eje de la economía y la política colombianas. ¿O es que de verdad cree alguien que sólo las Farc la manejan ? No, también las Farc. Y en cuanto a los que dicen, también con aparente seriedad, que gracias a la ayuda gringa (de la base de Manta en el Ecuador) se han podido hacer grandes incautaciones de droga que salía de Colombia rumbo a los Estados Unidos, en esas aguas territoriales colombianas cuyo control les debió Samper a los norteamericanos para que no se lo llevaran preso por narcotraficante, como habían hecho con el panameño Manuel Antonio Noriega ¿es que no se les ha ocurrido que sería más fácil -o por lo menos igual de difícil- hacer esas incautaciones en aguas norteamericanas, a la entrada, y desde bases en territorio norteamericano ? Porque la droga sale de aquí : pero entra allá.
No : las bases militares estadounidenses -alrededor de 740 en todo el mundo- no tienen por objeto ayudar a perseguir el terrorismo ni ayudar a combatir el narcotráfico (al margen de que cuando lo hacen agrandan el problema). Tienen por objeto, desde la de Diego García en el océano Índico o la de Rota en España hasta la de Palmerola en Honduras y la de Palanquero en Colombia, defender los intereses imperiales de los Estados Unidos. Y esta defensa ha requerido numerosas invasiones a países latinoamericanos y aún más numerosos golpes militares (el más reciente es el de Honduras, hace un mes), como deberían saber los que defienden las bases, a la vez que niegan que sean bases.
Y si se engañan ellos mismos creyendo que el imperio es su amigo, que recuerden la suerte corrida por quienes se creían amigos del imperio : Mobutu del Congo, el Sha de Irán. Hasta Saddam Hussein de Irak se creyó su amigo cuando le dieron armas para que le hiciera la guerra a la Revolución Islámica de su vecino Irán : una guerra que a los dos países les costó millones de muertos.
Tiene razón Hugo Chávez cuando teme que las bases en Colombia tengan algo que ver con su Revolución Bolivariana. Lo laman paranoico. Es sólo realista.
[Fuente: Verdad Total (notimundi@ciudad.com.ar)]
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Los proyectos de la NASA peligran por falta de presupuesto

· Los expertos creen que sin más dinero será difícil volver pronto a la Luna, por no hablar de llegar a Marte.
· Algunos ven en la dificultad de realizar proezas espaciales un signo de declive.

Estados Unidos, que hace cuarenta años llevó al hombre a la Luna, sería incapaz de hacerlo ahora. Por no hablar de Marte.
"Sólo en el ámbito de los vuelos tripulados al espacio celebramos el aniversario de un logro que parece más difícil de repetir ahora que de realizarlo la primera vez", escribió en 'The Washington Post' Michael Griffin, ex número uno de la NASA (iniciales de la Administración Nacional de la Aeronáutica y el Espacio), al celebrarse el aniversario de la llegada a la Luna.
El presidente Barack Obama, ocupado en sacar al país de la recesión y en acometer reformas de calado como la de la sanidad, afronta en las próximas semanas otra decisión compleja. ¿Qué hacer con la NASA? [Bueno, realmente, la pregunta sobra. Sin dinero no se podrá hacer nada con la NASA -no con nadie. ¿Qué se siente al haber tirado billones al agujero negro del rescate financiero y ver como ya no hay dinero para nada, para nadie -ni para la NASA?]
Sobre el papel, los objetivos, definidos por el anterior presidente, George W. Bush, y ratificados por Obama, son claros: volver a la Luna en el 2020. Más allá, el objetivo es Marte. En realidad, este es el único objetivo comparable simbólicamente con la llegada a la Luna en 1969.El problema es sencillo: no hay dinero. "La ambición excede al presupuesto", constata Howard McCurdy, catedrático de la American University y especialista en política espacial.
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Japón abre una nueva era sin empleo vitalicio ni PLD

· Los japoneses acuden a las urnas motivados por echar al primer ministro Taro Aso.
· El favorito promete enderezar el país, dar ayudas directas a las familias y bajar tasas.
· Nunca después de 1945 los japoneses han ido votar con un paro tan elevado.

Cambio o continuidad. Esta la disyuntiva a la que hoy responderán 104 millones de japoneses llamados a votar en las elecciones a la Cámara Baja que se celebran en el archipiélago nipón. Los últimos sondeos electorales apuntan a una victoria aplastante de la oposición, representada por el centrista Partido Democrático de Japón (PDJ), que obtendría la mayoría absoluta con más del 40% de los sufragios.
La confirmación de estos resultados en las urnas supondría el fin de un largo reinado de cincuenta y cuatro gobiernos conservadores del Partido Liberal Democrático (PLD), con un breve lapso de diez meses en 1993. Un cambio histórico en Japón.
"Por fin mañana [hoy para el lector] es la jornada electoral. Un día que será recordado como el que cambió la historia de Japón", dijo ayer el líder del PDJ, Yukio Hatoyama, en Osaka.
Razón no le falta al candidato centrista. Será la primera ocasión en que el partido de la oposición deberá asumir no sólo responsabilidades de gobierno, sino que lo hará en un periodo crucial para Japón. La tasa de paro, del 5,7%, es la más alta desde el fin de la II Guerra Mundial, afronta el reto del envejecimiento de su población y la tasa de fecundidad es de las más bajas del planeta.
Ayer, el diario económico Nikkei ya advertía a Hatoyama, sin citarlo directamente, que no le van a dar cien días de gracia y que espera soluciones rápidas a los problemas del país. "Sea quien sea el vencedor de las elecciones, queremos pedirle al próximo gobierno que se ocupe rápidamente de las inquietudes relacionadas con el paro y la deflación, que se acentúan simultáneamente", afirmaba ayer el diario económico en su editorial.
Yukio Hatoyama y su equipo son conscientes de que les tocará asumir el poder en el peor de los momentos imaginables. La sociedad japonesa está exhausta de los gobiernos conservadores del PLD, artesanos del milagro económico que convirtió a Japón, un país devastado por la Segunda Guerra Mundial, en la segunda potencia económica del planeta. Un sondeo del Asahi Shimbun apunta a que el 70% de la población acudirá a las urnas, frente al 67,5% que voto en el 2005.
[...] Según las estadísticas, uno de cada cuatro japoneses tendrá más de 65 años en el 2015 , lo que derivará en problemas de financiación de las prestaciones sociales.
Los últimos datos económicos, conocidos el pasado viernes han confirmado la intranquilidad de los japoneses por su bolsillo. La tasa de desempleo alcanza ya el 5,7% y la deflación en el -2,2%.
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8.28.2009 · Will the new Democratic Party of Japan government collapse within a year?
7.18.2009 · There will be a truth commission convened when the Democratic Party of Japan takes power.
6.26.2009 · Prime Minister Higashikokubaru?
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Los trabajadores afectados por un ERE se multiplicaron por 12 en el primer semestre del año

· El 80 % de los trabajadores afectados provienen de la indústria, seguido del sector servicios y la construcción.
Los expedientes de regulación de empleo (ERE) autorizados en el primer semestre afectaron a 325.456 trabajadores, doce veces más que en el mismo periodo de 2008, de los que la mayoría, 261.285 (el 80,22%), procedía de la industria, según datos del Ministerio de Trabajo e Inmigración.
El sector de la industria registró el mayor número de trabajadores afectados por ERE, 261.285, casi quince veces más que en los seis primeros meses de 2008 (con 17.768).
A continuación se situaron los servicios (con 51.350 empleados afectados, frente a los 6.763 de un año antes) y la construcción (9.031, frente a los 2.040).
[La pregunta, entonces, es: ¿Cómo es posible que con este 'panorama' de despidos masivos (aka, ERE), la bolsa se muestre tan inmune a semejante pérdida en nivel de producción y declare que lo peor ya ha pasado?]
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UFO Near Volcano Arenal Costa Rica 7 News

Bill Would Give US President Emergency Control of Internet

Internet companies and civil liberties groups were alarmed this spring when a U.S. Senate bill proposed handing the White House the power to disconnect private-sector computers from the Internet.
They're not much happier about a revised version that aides to Sen. Jay Rockefeller, a West Virginia Democrat, have spent months drafting behind closed doors. CNET News has obtained a copy of the 55-page draft of S.773 (excerpt), which still appears to permit the president to seize temporary control of private-sector networks during a so-called cybersecurity emergency.
The new version would allow the president to "declare a cybersecurity emergency" relating to "non-governmental" computer networks and do what's necessary to respond to the threat. Other sections of the proposal include a federal certification program for "cybersecurity professionals," and a requirement that certain computer systems and networks in the private sector be managed by people who have been awarded that license.
Representatives of other large Internet and telecommunications companies expressed concerns about the bill in a teleconference with Rockefeller's aides this week, but were not immediately available for interviews on Thursday.
You have to

"Internet should have never existed."
· Sen.(D) Jay Rockefeller ·

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Why Iceland and Latvia Won’t (and Can’t) Pay the EU for the Kleptocrats’ Ripoffs

by Prof. Michael Hudson

Can Iceland and Latvia pay the foreign debts run up by a fairly narrow layer of their population? The European Union and International Monetary Fund have told them to replace private debts with public obligations, and to pay by raising taxes, slashing public spending and obliging citizens to deplete their savings. Resentment is growing not only toward those who ran up these debts – Iceland’s bankrupt Kaupthing and Landsbanki with its Icesave accounts, and heavily debt-leveraged property owners and privatizers in the Baltics and Central Europe – but also toward the neoliberal foreign advisors and creditors who pressured these governments to sell off the banks and public infrastructure to insiders. Support in Iceland for joining the EU has fallen to just over a third of the population, while Latvia’s Harmony Center party, the first since independence to include a large segment of the Russian-speaking population, has gained a majority in Riga and is becoming the most popular national party. Popular protests in both countries have triggered rising political pressure to limit the debt burden to a reasonable ability to pay.
Populations are asking not only whether debts should be paid, but whether they can be paid! If they can’t be, then trying to pay will only shrink economics further, preventing them from becoming viable. This is what has led past structural adjustment programs to fail.
Will Britain and the Netherlands accept this new reality? Or will they cling to neoliberal – that is, pro-creditor – ideology and keep on stubbornly insisting that “a debt is a debt” and that is that. Trying to squeeze out more debt service than a country could pay requires an oppressive and extractive fiscal and financial regime, Keynes warned, which in turn would inspire a nationalistic political reaction to break free of creditor-nation demands. This is what happened in the 1920s when Germany’s economy was wrecked by imposing the rigid ideology of the sanctity of debt.
Failure to recognize the limited ability to pay runs the danger of driving over-indebted countries out of the Western orbit. Iceland’s population is upset at the EU’s backing of the bullying tactics of Britain and Holland trying to extract reimbursement for bailing out their Icesave depositors – €2.6 billion to Britain and €1.3 billion to Holland. Social Democrats won April’s Althing election on a platform of joining the EU, but burdening the country with these Icesave debts would prevent it from meeting the Maastricht criteria for joining the EU. This makes it appear as if Europe is more concerned with debt collection than with getting new members.
Of most serious concern are the long-term consequences of replacing defaults by debt pyramiders and outright kleptocrats with a new public debt to international government agencies – debt that is much less easy to write off. Eva Joly, the French prosecutor brought into sort out Iceland’s banking kleptocracy, warned earlier this month that if Iceland succumbs to current EU demands, “Just a few tens of thousands of retired fishermen will be left in Iceland, along with its natural resources and a key geostrategic position at the mercy of the highest bidder – Russia, for example, might well find it attractive.” The post-Soviet countries already are seeing voters shift away from Europe in reaction to the destructive policies the EU has been supporting.
Neither Britain nor Holland, neither the EU nor IMF have provided a scenario for just how Iceland is supposed to pay the debts that are being claimed. How much will personal income and living standards have to fall? What government programs must be cut back? How many defaults on domestic mortgages and personal debts will result, and how much unemployment? How much emigration will occur? The models being employed treat these dimensions of the economic problem as “externalities,” but they are central to how the economic system works in practice.
The moral is that Newton’s Third Law of motion – that every action has an equal and opposite reaction – is applicable to politics and economics as well as to physics. As the most thoroughly neoliberalized disaster area, Iceland is understandably the first economy to push back. The past two years have seen its status plunge from having the West’s highest living standards (debt-financed, as matters turn out) to the most deeply debt-leveraged. In such circumstances it is natural for a population and its elected officials to experience a culture shock – in this case, an awareness of the destructive ideology of neoliberal “free market” euphemisms that led to privatization of the nation’s banks and the ensuing debt binge.
Iceland promises to be merely the first sovereign nation to lead the pendulum swing away from an ostensibly “real economy” ideology of free markets to an awareness that in practice, this rhetoric turns out to be a junk economics favorable to banks and global creditors. Interest-bearing debt is the “product” that banks sell, after all. What seemed at first blush to be “wealth creation” was more accurately debt-creation, in which banks took no responsibility for the ability to pay. The resulting crash led the financial sector to suddenly believe that it did love centralized government control after all – to the extent of demanding public-sector bailouts that would reduce indebted economies to a generation of fiscal debt peonage and the resulting economic shrinkage.
No doubt the post-Soviet countries are watching, along with Latin American, African and other sovereign debtors whose growth has been stunted by the predatory austerity programs that IMF, World Bank and EU neoliberals imposed in recent decades. The post-Bretton Woods era is over. We should all celebrate.
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John Chang -Chi Awakening

Lawrence Blair returns to the legendary Magus of Java, John Chang,
to shoot even more mind blowing footage.

The Book of Enoch, celestials & extraterrestrials

Celestials have been described in religious-historical texts as transcendental entities that have intervened in human civilization in the form of guardians and protectors. Celestials have played leading roles in helping humanity deal with extraterrestrial entities or other life forms that have the power to significantly impact on human civilization. Celestials appear to play critical roles in helping resolve conflicts associated with the use of advanced technologies. In some cases, celestials have directly intervened against extraterrestrial entities that have violated what appear to be universal norms such as non-intervention and the diffusion of advanced technologies to unprepared populations.
The apocryphal Book of Enoch vividly illustrates the complex relationship between celestials, extraterrestrials and humanity. In the Book of Enoch, a group of 200 extraterrestrial entities called the ‘Nephilim’, or ‘fallen angels’, come to Earth allegedly due to their attraction to human females. The Nephilim subsequently begin to interact with humanity by interbreeding:
[Ch. 6:1] And it came to pass when the children of men had multiplied that in those days were born unto [2] them beautiful and comely daughters. And the angels, the children of the heaven, saw and lusted after them, and said to one another: 'Come, let us choose us wives from among the children of men [3] and beget us children.' And Semjaza, who was their leader, said unto them: 'I fear ye will not [4] indeed agree to do this deed, and I alone shall have to pay the penalty of a great sin.'
Whereas extraterrestrials are depicted as teachers of advanced technologies and civilization, celestials are depicted as instruments of universal will and high ethical standards. In the process of teaching advanced technologies to humanity, the extraterrestrials have fomented much devastating warfare and suffering that has led to humanity lamenting to heaven for relief. The Book of Enoch describes the conflict that then occurs between the Nephilim and a group ‘righteous’ angelic entities or ‘celestials’:
[Ch. 9:1] And then Michael, Uriel, Raphael, and Gabriel looked down from heaven and saw much blood being [2] shed upon the earth, and all lawlessness being wrought upon the earth. … And they [the Nephilim] have gone to the daughters of men upon the earth, and have slept with the [9] women, and have defiled themselves, and revealed to them all kinds of sins. And the women have [10] borne giants, and the whole earth has thereby been filled with blood and unrighteousness.
Each of the celestials or archangels is given specific instructions in dealing with Nephilim/Watchers by the transcendental “Most High” described in the Book of Enoch. The archangel Raphael is tasked to bind and imprison one of the leading Nephilim also described as one of the fallen angels, and to heal the earth. The celestials have the power to manipulate the extraterrestrials to destroy themselves, in much the same way the extraterrestrials or Nephilim have fomented war and strife among humanity. The ancient wars fought among the extraterrestrials that used advanced weapons that destroyed their cities are described by the researchers Zecharia Sitchin and Joseph Farrell. Finally, the Archangel Michael is asked to capture the leader of fallen angels, Semjaza, and his cohorts, and imprison them in hidden locations throughout the Earth:
[Ch. 10:11]… And the Lord said unto Michael: 'Go, bind Semjaza and his associates who have united themselves with women so as to have defiled themselves [12] with them in all their uncleanness. And when their sons have slain one another, and they have seen the destruction of their beloved ones, bind them fast for seventy generations in the valleys of the earth, till the day of their judgment and of their consummation, till the judgment that is [13] for ever and ever is consummated…. Destroy all wrong from the face of the earth and let every evil work come to an end: and let the plant of righteousness and truth appear: and it shall prove a blessing; the works of righteousness and truth' shall be planted in truth and joy for evermore.
The Book of Enoch describes a situation not unlike what exists in the contemporary era in terms of secret agreements between government/corporate entities with some extraterrestrial groups. These agreements have resulted in bizarre genetic experiments, massive violations of human rights and widespread manipulation of human society. Clearly, humanity has not yet developed the necessary ethical standards to be able to responsibly use advanced extraterrestrial technologies. Will history repeat itself with celestials directly intervening in human affairs to end the influence of a small but historically influential group of extraterrestrials collaborating with human elites?

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25,000 hellos from Earth to Gliese 581d

More than 25,000 messages have been transmitted into outer space in a bid to reach a distant planet that may hold life.
The messages, transmitted at about midday AEST from the Tidbinbilla Deep Space Communication Complex outside Canberra, have come from 195 countries including some from places such as the Vatican city, Antarctica and Kosovo.
Each message, a maximum of 160 characters long, was collated on a website called "Friends from Earth" and all 25,880 messages were beamed together in a giant twitter-like message that took two hours to send.
Their target is the nearest Earth-like planet outside our solar system, called Gliese 581d, which is 20.3 light years away.
Scientists believe that as Gliese 581d is four planets away from its own sun, also named Gliese 581, the conditions make it possible to contain life.
"Can I have your attention please, (we are about to) ... commence transmission to Gliese 581-delta with a very special hello from Earth," the male American voice said.
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Disk UFO in Lightning Storm

Angelia Joiner Speaking On Stephenville Lights

The Biggest UFO Story of 2008!
Angelia Joiner will be speaking at the Night Search Speaker Series hosted by Jason's Deli. Angelia was the Texas newspaper reporter who, in early January of 2008, first broke the story of the Stephenville Lights. This massive UFO sighting (rendering of eyewitness testimony from three police officers who saw this 600-foot wide alien craft hovering over Erath County Courthouse, above) that occurred on January 8, 2008, in Stephenville, Texas, had an electrifying effect on the world media overnight.
On the "UFO Richter Scale" — measuring its impact on public consciousness — it possibly registers even higher than the Phoenix Lights UFO event of March 7, 1997.
[Source: www.nightsearch.net]
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