The Illuminati Agenda for the Coming New Order

· The PROMIStm of DAYLIGHTtm and the ORACLE 8itm.
by A. True Ott
Increasingly, it would seem that American society is spiraling into chaos. Financial malfeasance in Government and Big Business has placed millions of Americans into homeless shelters and unemployment lines. In many locales, the housing bubble has burst as values plummet. To many, the news of the “pending” Pandemic of Influenza is just another hinge on the doorway leading to helplessness and hopelessness.
To most Americans, the financial malaise gripping this country is completely unrelated to the world’s “Pandemic Flu” – but those who feel this way are simply naïve and un-informed. The truth is, the world’s “Power Elite” have engineered both conditions as part of their computer-driven model for their ultimate centralization of power. Make no mistake, nothing concerning the economic meltdown and the lab-created flu pandemic is “natural” – it is completely and totally happening by DESIGN.
Helping them in their quest for unbridled world power and systematic genocide is a new generation of “SUPER-COMPUTERS” utilizing, (if you can wrap your mind around the concept), ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (A.I.) The Hollywood movie, “Eagle Eye” is based on science fact – it is not fiction in the least. The elitist’s level of success in their venture, however, (just as “Eagle Eye” portrays) will depend on a few variables that these “master computers” cannot control nor conclusively predict – which is the FREE WILL, INTUITION AND INTELLIGENCE OF THE HUMAN MINDS THEY SEEK TO ENSLAVE. This is, after all, the essence of the Human Soul; when everything else is stripped away – this is the creation of God that a machine can never truly replicate.
Since President Dwight Eisenhower’s final days as President, when he WARNED AMERICA about the dangerous “rise of the military-industrialist complex” a very dark and dangerous CANCER has grown and festered in the boardrooms of large multi-national corporations, spilling into the halls of governments-for-hire and which has now spread its slimy tentacles to encompass the entire world.
In the pages of his amazing book, “Dr. Mary’s Monkey”, author and American hero Edward T. Haslam documents the origins of the “medical arm” of this insidious octopus of evil. He details the origin of a covert group so powerful, and so all-encompassing, that they literally were able to assassinate a sitting U.S. President and a world-famous surgeon and researcher named Dr. Mary Sherman, and escape the public’s justice and scrutiny following the foul deeds.
This paper will focus and expand on this most heinous form of medical “malpractice” possible – CREATING DISEASE IN A LABORATORY, RELEASING IT VIA VACCINE NEEDLES and then CAPITALIZING AND PROFITING IMMENSELY FROM THE PRESCRIBED REMEDY!! Hopefully, this paper combined with my other writings will provide the fulcrum of force needed to help awaken a slumbering nation of free men and women into filing the ULTIMATE MALPRACTICE AND WRONGFUL DEATH LAWSUIT!

[Also covered in the article...]
  • Financial ties that bind.
  • Illuminati tools developed and in use today
  • Keeping a PROMIS
  • Novartis pharma, Basel Switzerland, controls the software
  • DAYLIGHT CIS announces DayCart
  • Is there a US attorney barve and courageous enough to seek Grand Jury indictments against these mass murederers???
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The Egyptologist, the Sphinx and the Cover-up

The clampdown on excavations at many archaeological sites in Egypt and the inconsistent attitudes of antiquities supremo Dr Zahi Hawass on the existence of tunnels and cavities within the Giza Plateau suggest a hidden agenda is being played out.
www.philipcoppens.com - Dr Zahi Hawass
[Dr Zahi Hawass, 'Supreme' Egyptologist]
by Philip Coppens
Ten years ago, three books—Giza: The Truth (by Chris Ogilvie-Herald and Ian Lawton), The Stargate Conspiracy (by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince) and Secret Chamber (by Robert Bauval)—provided an overview of the controversy that was believed to surround the Giza Plateau and the pyramids. The key question was whether it held any undiscovered, or purposefully kept hidden, chambers, whether inside the pyramids or under or near the Sphinx.

The previous decade had seen a renewed interest in the plateau, partly due to the theories of Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock and the discovery of a door in an inaccessible part of the Great Pyramid. It was found on 22 March 1993 by German robotics engineer Rudolf Gantenbrink during the installation of an air conditioning system. The discovery resulted in several claims, allegations and diatribes which, with the dawn of the new millennium, slowly disappeared.
Today, interest in the mysteries of ancient Egypt seems to have waned and peace seems to have been restored. But speak to people in the field and on the ground, and a different picture emerges. It is one of widespread condemnation of the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) and specifically of Dr Zahi Hawass, who has been its Secretary General since 2002. Remarkably, many Egyptian archaeologists argue that the organisation rules with dictatorial control, and that this is but the tip of an iceberg of coverups, slander, embezzlement and perhaps more. Ten years on, no one seems to be writing about it but the situation is at least as bad as back in 1999.
The Supreme Council of Antiquities is part of the Egyptian Ministry of Culture and is responsible for the conservation, protection and regulation of all antiquities and archaeological excavations in Egypt. Over the past decade, a television viewer might be forgiven for believing that there is only one Egyptologist, and that man is Hawass. In truth, Hawass is more of an administrator than an archaeologist; one might even argue that if the man had enough time to lead excavations, he would not be fulfilling his task as administrator. But a television camera has the same attraction as light to a moth. Hawass is a controversial figure. He was at the centre of contention in the 1990s, and remains so today—now, more so in Egypt than abroad.
In the 1990s, Hugh Lynn Cayce reportedly said, according to Edgar Cayce biographer A. Robert Smith: "I got him [Zahi Hawass] a scholarship at the University of Pennsylvania in Egyptology, to get his PhD. I got the scholarship through an ARE person who happened to be on the Fulbright scholarship board."1 Hawass strongly denies this, though it is a fact that he was admitted to the University of Pennsylvania through this scholarship. (Note: ARE is the Association for Research and Enlightenment, an organisation set up to promote the work of the American "sleeping prophet" Edgar Cayce.)
The ARE is interested in the Giza Plateau because, in the 1920s, Edgar Cayce proclaimed that a "Hall of Records", containing information about the lost civilisation of Atlantis, was hidden underneath the Giza Plateau near the Sphinx.

[Also covered in the article...]

  • Foreign Affairs
  • Keeping the Sphinx's Paws Dry
  • Scandal at the Supreme Council
  • Robots and Slaves
  • Suppression and Disinformation
  • Egyptology under Challenge
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Duncan O'Finioan @ 'Awake and Aware Conference'


Diputado holandés pregunta al Parlamento Europeo acerca de los chemtrails

Erik Mejer, diputado holandés, se dirige al Parlamento Europeo:
1. ¿Está la Comisión al tanto de que, desde 1999, ciudadanos de Canadá y Estados Unidos han presentado quejas y reclamaciones acerca de la creciente presencia en el aire de estelas de condensación de aviones , de un tipo diferente, que a veces, persisten durante horas y que se extienden mucho más ampliamente que en el pasado, creando velos lechosos que producen “una obscurización” y que el nuevo tipo de estelas ha llamado particularmente la atención de los ciudadanos por ser tan diferente de la estela corta, que dibujaba una línea fina y que ha sido familiar a los ciudadanos desde que los motores de los jet comenzaron a emplearse y que dichas estelas se quedan en el cielo, de forma visible durante al menos 20 minutos y que pueden ser producidas, únicamente en el caso de que el vapor se condense alrededor de partículas y en condiciones de bajas temperaturas y alto nivel de humedad?
2. ¿Está la Comisión al tanto de que las investigaciones llevadas a cabo por las personas que lo denuncian, las observaciones de los pilotos y las declaraciones de instituciones del Gobierno sugieren, cada día con mayor claridad, que lo que ocurre es que los aviones están emitiendo al aire seco pequeñas partículas que llevan bario, aluminio y hierro, un fenómeno que en debate público en América se ha llegado a conocer como Chemtrails?
3. A diferencia de los Contrails, los Chemtrails no son un producto inevitable secundario de la aviación moderna. ¿Sabe la Comisión, por lo tanto, cual es el propósito de la emisión de dichas substancias a la atmósfera de la Tierra? ¿Acaso favorece la creación de lluvias, beneficia las telecomunicaciones o a combatir el cambio climático?
4. Hasta qué punto se están empleando los Chemtrails en el cielo de Europa, teniendo en cuenta que mucha gente aquí también está convencida de que el fenómeno se hace cada vez más común, y si están preocupados por el hecho de que se conoce tan poco sobre ello que no hay información pública sobre el asunto. ¿Quién inicia estas fumigaciones y cómo están financiadas?
5. Aparte de los supuestos beneficios de emitir dichas substancias al aire, ¿está la Comisión al tanto de posibles desventajas que pueda acarrear sobre el medioambiente, la salud pública, aviación y la recepción de señal de televisión?
6. ¿Qué se está haciendo para prevenir que los estados europeos tomen medidas unilateralmente, cuando los efectos del impacto en la frontera con otros estados u organizaciones ciudadanas pueda ser indeseables? ¿Se está coordinando alguna acción en relación a esto? ¿Está la UE tomando parte en esto, o se anticipa la Comisión a un futuro papel que podría adoptar y cuáles son los objetivos de la Comisión en relación a este tema?
[Fuente: www.conscienciayrealidad.com]

Proyecto Blue Beam & NWO

AVA - Rueda de prensa 'Demanda Judicial'

La Asociación para Vencer el Autismo (AVA) en colaboración con Andeco próximamente presentarán una demanda ante los Tribunales, por los casos de intoxicaciones de mercurio y también de otros metales tóxicos, tanto de personas con autismo, TGD, Hiperactividad, déficit de atención, fibromialgia, depresiones, Alzehimer, transtornos intestinales etc. o cualquier otra enfermedad que pueda estar relacionada con la intoxicación de mercurio, recordemos que el mercurio es uno de los metales más peligrosos que existen en la naturaleza.
El mercurio presente en algunas vacunas, amalgamas etc. podría ser una de las fuentes de contaminación más frecuentes y a las que habitualmente la mayoría de personas hemos estado expuestos. Dependiendo de algunos factores genéticos, sistema inmunológico así como de la capacidad para detoxificar etc. algunos individuos podrían verse más o menos afectados.

Mysterious Sun Gate ‘Time Wave’ Blacks Out South America

www.whatdoesitmean.com - 'Gateway of The Sun' (Tihuanaco, Bolivia)www.whatdoesitmean.com - CERN's LHC (France/Switzerland)
by Sorcha Faal
An interesting report circulating in the Kremlin is claiming that the massive power blackout that hit South America this past week was due to a 'Time Wave' that emanated from the mysterious Bolivian Andes region called Tiahuanaco, where the mysterious 10 ton 'Gateway of the Sun' monolith -carved from a single block of Andesite granite- [above, left] is located, and was 'triggered' by an 'anomalous event' at the World's largest and highest-energy particle accelerator, Large Hadron Collider (LHC) [above, right], in Switzerland run by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) and 'rippled through' the thousands of ancient pyramid complexes located throughout Brazil and other countries of South America.
According to these reports, the CERN scientists at the Large Hadron Collider began a series of experiments on November 1st (2009) in preparation for the restarting of operations when they 'shockingly' discovered that their testing was distorting the Earth’s magnetic field and had shot off a 'Time Wave' towards the core of our Planet that their tracking showed veered exactly towards the 'Sun Gate' high in the Bolivian Andes Mountains.
Most unfortunately, however, was when the initial 'Time Wave' spawned by the LHC erupted from the 'Sun Gate' and headed out towards the space above South America it -literally- glanced into the path of an Iberworld Airbus A330-300 flown by Air Comet which was ready to begin its descent into Santa Cruz, Bolivia but then found itself -instantly and mysteriously- over the skies of Santa Cruz, Spain, over 5,500 miles (8,900 km) away. [Here's the story on this incident, in spanish...]
· Un avión de Air Comet operado por Iberworld aterriza en TFN por error.
Un Airbus A330 de Iberworld subcontratado para Air Comet, presumiblemente aterrizó por error el día 1 de noviembre en Santa Cruz de Tenerife (TFN - Los Rodeos) en lugar de Santa Cruz en Bolivia. El avión con matícula EC-IJH debía realizar el vuelo A7-301 y transportaba 170 pasajeros que embarcaron en el aeropuerto de Madrid Barajas.
Tras 17 horas de escala, el avión partió con destino Bolivia. Los pasajeros informaron que la tripulación no ofreció ninguna explicación, lo que hizo sospechar que ésta confundió Santa Cruz en Bolivia con Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Por otra parte el vuelo A7-39 de Air Comet que despegó de Madrid con destino Buenos Aires, con 270 pasajeros a bordo, recibió la negativa de las autoridades brasileñas para sobrevolar su espacio aéreo, obligando a la tripulación a volver a Madrid, donde aterrizó 11 horas después.
La aerolínea informó de que estaban en posesión de toda la documentación necesaria para sobrevolar Brasil, sin embargo debido a fallos de coordinación y por razones de seguridad fue necesario volver a España.
Fuentes en España y Brasil sugieren que el incidente fue resultado de problemas burocráticos. Air Comet ha acumulado una sustancial deuda con el gobierno brasileño por el impago de tasas aéreas y ha fallado en varias ocasiones en su compromiso de pago de la deuda.
El avión EC-KXB partió de nuevo al día siguiente con el indicativo A7-41 con un retraso de 26 horas y realizando una escala intermedia en Lima (Perú), para evitar el espacio aéreo de Brasil.
[Fuente: aviation-blog.com.s38662.gridserver.com]

After this mysterious event, CERN scientists shut down the LHC blaming their failed experiment on a bird dropping a piece of bread onto outdoor machinery, after which their Director for Research and Scientific Computing, Sergio Bertolucci, warned that the titanic LHC machine may possibly create or discover previously unimagined scientific phenomena, or 'unknown unknowns' such as an 'extra dimension'.
But, even after shutting down the LHC the 'dimensional distortions' created in South America by this 'Time Wave' continued to be felt, and led to the 'Gateway of the Sun' monolith sending out, what Russian scientists have likened to, a 'digital communication' towards the thousands of Pyramids in Brazil and other ancient sites throughout the Andes Region of South America and leading to the massive power outage that plunged tens-of-millions into darkness.

GFL Sheldan Nidle - 11.17.2009