Denver UFO initiative attacked by NASA ‘solar ambassador’

The Denver ballot initiative to create an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission is under attack. A hostile comment against the initiative was aired during a live question and answer session on the June 21 segment of “Your Show”, a Sunday morning program on Denver’s NBC TV affiliate, Channel 9 News. My name is Jeff Peckman, the author and chief proponent of the ballot initiative.
Just this last year, NASA itself has been the target for allegations of fraud and waste of taxpayer money. Many of these attacks have come from Congress, the White House, and the mainstream media. I’ve written about such alleged fraud in previous articles. One article features comments by whistle-blowers with inside information about NASA. Another about is about UK hacker Gary McKinnon and his discovery of UFO files at NASA.
It is known by Disclosure Project whistle-blowers that NASA removes images of extraterrestrial craft from its photos and videos to pretend it has not seen them. Then NASA continues to get over $17 billion a year from taxpayers to keep looking for signs of intelligent life outside Earth’s atmosphere. NASA has even claimed on its web site that “We are honest and ethical in everything we do”. How is that different from a publicly held company defrauding investors?
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'Mile wide UFO' spotted by British airline pilot

Japan Unveils Mind Control Robot

Oceans charge up new theory of magnetism

·A radical new idea may revolutionise our understanding of one of the most vital forces on Earth.
Earth's magnetic field, long thought to be generated by molten metals swirling around its core, may instead be linked to ocean currents, according to controversial new research.
It suggests that the movements of such volumes of salt water around the world have been seriously underestimated by scientists as a source of magnetism.
If proven, the research would revolutionise geophysics, the study of the Earth’s physical properties and behaviour, in which the idea that magnetism originates in a molten core is a central tenet.
“Everyone accepted this, but in reality there has never been any proof,” said Gregory Ryskin, associate professor of chemical and biological engineering at Northwestern University in Illinois. “It is just an idea we have accepted for a long time without questioning it enough.”
His research suggests that Earth’s magnetism is actually linked to ocean movements. The salt in seawater allows it to conduct electricity, meaning it generates electrical and magnetic fields as it moves.
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Egyptian Ruins in the Grand Canyon?

Perhaps the most amazing suppression of all is the excavation of an Egyptian tomb by the Smithsonian itself in Arizona. A lengthy front page story of the Phoenic Gazette on April 5, 1909, gave a highly detailed report of the discovery and excavation of a rock-cut vault by an expedition led by a Professor S.A. Jordan of the Smithsonian. The Smithsonian, however, claims to have absolutely no knowledge of the discovery or its discoverers.
According to the story related to the Gazette by Mr. Kinkaid, the archaelogists of the Smithsonian Institute, which is financing the expeditions, have made discoveries which almost conclusively prove that the race which inhabited this mysterious cavern, hewn in solid rock by human hands, was of oriental origin, possibly from Egypt, tracing back to Ramses. If their theories are borne out by the translation of the tablets engraved with heiroglyphics, the mystery of the prehistoric peoples of North America, their ancient arts, who they were and whence they came, will be solved. Egypt and the Nile, and Arizona and the Colorado will be linked by a historical chain running back to ages which staggers the wildest fancy of the fictionist.
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US Military Operating a Secret Chemical Weapons Program

·Sunshine Project provides evidence for US violation of international law.
The Sunshine Project today accuses the US military of conducting a chemical weapons research and development program in violation of international arms control law. The charges follow an 18 month investigation of the Department of Defense's Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate (JNLWD). The investigation made extensive use of the US Freedom of Information Act to obtain Pentagon records that form the primary basis of the allegations. An array of documents, many of which have been posted on the Sunshine Project website, demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt that JNLWD is operating an illegal and classified chemical weapons program.
Specifically, the Sunshine Project accuses the JNLWD of:
1. Conducting a research and development program on toxic chemical agents for use as weapons, including anesthetics and psychoactive substances, in violation of the Chemical Weapons Convention;
2. Developing long-range military delivery devices for these chemicals, including an 81mm chemical mortar round, that violate the Chemical Weapons Convention;
3. Pursuing a chemical weapons program while fully cognizant that it violates the Chemical Weapons Convention and US Department of Defense regulations; and
4. Attempting to cover up the illicit program by classifying as secret even its own legal interpretations of the Chemical Weapons Convention and attempting to block access to documents requested under US information freedom law.
Please,

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Ukrainian An-124 aircraft arrested in Nigeria
Ukrainian media reported that the aircraft had been carrying 60-mm and 82-mm mortar shells under a contract signed between Cyprus-registered Infora Limited and the Defense Ministry of Equatorial Guinea.


Air Force--A Russian Connection?
A Russian cargo aircraft An-124, which was hired by the US military, triggered panic at the Mumbai airport on Friday night. The plane carrying arms, ammunition and five people onboard was asked to land at the airport after it violated the Indian airspace.
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Riddles In Stone: Secret Architecture of Washington, D.C.

It’s Now Legal to Catch a Raindrop in Colorado

For the first time since territorial days, rain will be free for the catching here, as more and more thirsty states part ways with one of the most entrenched codes of the West.
Precipitation, every last drop or flake, was assigned ownership from the moment it fell in many Western states, making scofflaws of people who scooped rainfall from their own gutters. In some instances, the rights to that water were assigned a century or more ago.
Who owns the sky, anyway? In most of the country, that is a question for philosophy class or bad poetry. In the West, lawyers parse it with straight faces and serious intent. The result, especially stark here in the Four Corners area of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah, is a crazy quilt of rules and regulations — and an entire subculture of people like Mr. Bartels who have been using the rain nature provided but laws forbade.
Just 75 miles west of here, in Utah, collecting rainwater from the roof is still illegal unless the roof owner also owns water rights on the ground; the same rigid rules, with a few local exceptions, also apply in Washington State.
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Aliens and the future of planet Earth

·Astronomer Royal Martin Rees discusses the prospects for Earth, humankind … and extraterrestrials.
What will our world look like in 2050? Astronomer Royal and president of the Royal Society Martin Rees predicts crises in water and energy supplies as a result of increased population pressure, exacerbated by climate change. He also discussed the prospects for mitigating global warming.
Rees weighed up the chances that we will have discovered alien life by 2050.
To listen to the interview, go here...
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La guerrilla solar

·El mercado libre debería permitir decidir, además del precio, qué clase de energía eléctrica queremos.
La palabra guerrilla se ha asociado excesivas veces a acciones violentas. Pero hoy en día hay otros tipos de guerrillas. Y son no violentas. Un ejemplo, las green guerrillas de Nueva York, que transforman espacios urbanos degradados, públicos o privados, en huertos en os quee la ciudadanía puede ejercer su derecho a cultivar alimentos. Otro ejemplo, las solar guerrillas, que surgieron en Estados Unidos para ejercer el derecho a generar energía eléctrica (e inyectarla a la red) a partir de la captación de un bien común, libre y al alcance de todo el mundo: la radiación solar que la Tierra capta en su viaje alrededor del Sol.
Unas y otras han tenido sus réplicas en Catalunya. Por ejemplo, el Hort Comunitari de Gràcia, lugar de encuentro de colectivos y vecinos del barrio, desde el 25 de octubre del 2008, cuando okuparon un solar en la ciudad de Barcelona. El otro ejemplo es la propuesta de guerrilla solar de la Fundació Terra: generar electricidad limpia en tu propia casa, a partir de la captación de la energía solar, sin necesidad de tener que pasar por el laberinto burocrático centrado en este país por las administraciones estatal y autonómica.
Si hoy todas las familias pueden contratar potencias de hasta 10 kW de potencia (o más) para alimentar sus necesidades de energía eléctrica, sin tener que inscribirse en ningún registro, resulta que para inyectar a la red la energía eléctrica generada por una instalación solar doméstica de una potencia igual a la contratada, debe proceder a inscribirse en un registro especial (¡y desde el pasado otoño, hacer una preinscripción en un registro previo, antes de la inscripción definitiva!).
La propuesta de guerrilla solar hace posible la captación de un bien común, la radiación solar, y transformarla en energía eléctrica para cubrir una parte de las necesidades de electricidad de la vivienda familiar. Y todo ello sin tener que pasar por el calvario burocrático del sistema establecido por las administraciones públicas.
Por favor, leer más...
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Karl Schmitz-Moormann une la teoría evolutiva con la teología de la creación

·Busca en la ciencia nuevas ideas y recurre a la síntesis de los filósofos y teólogos modernos.
·En Schmitz-Moormann destaca la unidad de la creación y la autonomía del mundo creado por Dios. Pero, al mismo tiempo, esa autonomía es la que permite entender la creación de un cosmos hecho para “hacerse a sí mismo” en la libertad.
Los parámetros de la evolución
_La unión [...]El proceso evolutivo de la unión es muy simple. Los seres inferiores se unen entre sí para constituir un ser con mayor grado de complejidad, que da origen a un ser de grado superior. Los elementos que dan origen al nuevo ser mantienen sus propiedades al unirse entre sí, pero el nuevo ser que emerge no es solamente la suma de las partes.
_La conciencia [...]Cual fue la finalidad de la creación respecto de la conciencia? Esta pregunta no tiene sentido dentro de una postura materialista; sólo tiene sentido dentro de una filosofía que admita los valores y las realidades espirituales.
_La información [...]El que pretenda buscar sólo evidencias científicas no puede ver a Dios actuando en el mundo. La información transciende sus aspectos materiales y pone de manifiesto que la dimensión más importante del Universo es la espiritual. Así la creación parece transcendente, que es la plenitud del poder creativo espiritual.
_La libertad [...]las Iglesias deben actuar con estabilidad dentro de sus tradiciones, pero necesitan previamente adaptar su estructura a la realidad evolutiva. Por lo tanto, las Iglesias tendrán que dejar más espacio a la libertad y al cambio permitiendo que las ideas y las nuevas propuestas de comportamiento sean examinados antes de proclamar un anatemas precipitados.
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Crop Circles -2009 Update- Numbers 34, 35 & 36

[Formation Nº 34 @ South Field - nr Alton Priors, Wiltshire - reported June 27, 2009]

[Formation Nº 35 @ Milk Hill - Stanton St Bernard, Wiltshire - reported June 27, 2009]


[Formation Nº 36 @ Honey Street - nr Alton Barnes, Wiltshire - reported June 27, 2009]

Benjamin Fulford Blog -6.29.2009

·About those Iranian neutron bombs.
The Iranian government has informed the Obama administration that Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction are located in a valley close to the Iraqi border. They have offered the Americans a chance to go in peacefully and retrieve them. These weapons include over a dozen neutron bombs, each 20 times more powerful than the ones used on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Instead of retrieving these weapons Obama tried to overthrow the Iranian regime and set up a regime that would actually use them against Israel.
Obama is clearly part of the Skull and Bones/Thule Society alliance with the families that control radical Sunni Islam (the Saiids and others). They would like to get their rivals, the Jews and the Shias, to kill each other in an nuclear holocaust, trigger WW3, and thus make it easier for them to establish their 1,000 year Reich or Caliphate.
The two Japanese arrested in Italy with $134.5 billion worth of US government bonds were trying to use that money for an operation to bankrupt the Iranian government and thus overthrow it, according to the Italian Treasury police and MI6. The Japanese slave regime of Aso Taro, and the Chinese faction that wants to restore the Ming Dynasty, were cooperating with these scum bag mass murderers. The two Japanese who were arrested were set free because they were carrying diplomatic passports. The bonds were sent back to the US Treasury department which, of course, issued its standard excuse that they were 'forgeries'. What crazy thing are these people going to try next unless they are stopped?
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