Electric cars: put a battery in your roof

Nanoscale material - www.google.com
A nanoscale material developed in Britain could one day yield wafer-thin cellphones and light-weight, long-range electric cars powered by the roof, boot and doors, researchers have reported.
For now, the new technology -- a patented mix of carbon fibre and polymer resin that can charge and release electricity just like a regular battery -- has not gone beyond a successful laboratory experiment.
But if scaled-up, it could hold several advantages over existing energy sources for hybrid and electric cars, according to the scientists at Imperial College London who developed it.
The new material -- while expensive to make -- is entirely synthetic, which means production would not be limited by availability of natural resources.
The carbon-polymer composite does not depend on chemistry, which not only means a longer life but a quicker charge as well.
As hard a steel, it could in theory double as the body of the vehicle, cutting the weight by up to a third.

400-Million-Year-Old Mystery

· Giant Tree-like Object in Epoch Before Trees Existed.
Prototaxites (420-370Ma) - www.dailygalaxy.com
The giant fossil Prototaxites is a big 400-million year old mystery. The fossils resemble tree trunks, and yet they are from a time before trees existed. The stable carbon isotope values are similar to those of fungi, but the fossils do not display structures usually found in fungi. Hence, the enigma.
Prototaxites have sparked controversy for more than a century. Originally classified as a conifer, scientists later argued that it was instead a lichen, various types of algae or a fungus. Whatever it was, it stood in tree-like trunks more than 20 feet tall, making it the largest-known organism on land in its day.
"No matter what argument you put forth, people say, well, that’s crazy. That doesn’t make any sense. A 20-foot-tall fungus doesn’t make any sense. Neither does a 20-foot-tall algae make any sense, but here’s the fossil."
- C. Kevin Boyce, Assistant Professor, Geophysical Sciences, U. of Chicago.

[Prototaxites Formed from Rolled Liverwort Mats]

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Damian Rockefeller on the Consciousness War

"My evil twin takes time out to come and visit me and share what the elites are really thinking about the state of the world."
- cveitch

Global Warming: Where is the Evidence?

Today, the Kyoto Protocol will reach the fifth anniversary of its entry into force. But John Christy says that new research is casting doubt on claims that the earth is warming. Some even suggest the world may not be warming much at all. The temperature records cannot be relied on as indicators of global change, he said. He is a professor of atmospheric science at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, a former lead author on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

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Has China begun economic warfare?

New evidence show that Japan has replaced China as the top holder of American debt. Chinas military has called for the government to punish the US because of a potential meeting with the Dalai Lama. China's holding of US Treasury bonds has tumbled, according to US Treasury data released Tuesday, after Beijing expressed concern over the swelling US deficit and amid new US-China tensions.

The ANZUS Treaty

Security Treaty between Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America [ANZUS]

Signed in San Francisco, 1 September 1951
Entry into force generally, 29 April 1952

New Zealand discloses UFOs as U.S. hides possible ET/UFO base at Pine Gap, Australia

'Joint Defence Space Research Facility', Australia - www.examiner.com

Even as Lt Gen Jerry Mataparae, Chief of Defence Force of New Zealand announced on Jan. 23, 2010 that New Zealand’s secret UFO files were being vetted for public release, its technical partner in the ANZUS treaty - the U.S. - remains entrenched in high secrecy and non-disclosure about an extraterrestrial/UFO facility at their underground base at Pine Gap, Australia.
According to former Command Sgt. Major Robert Dean, teleportation links between secret teleports on the U.S. mainland and the underground extraterrestrial-U.S. base at Pine Gap exist for the rapid deployment of personnel (both human and extraterrestrial) between U.S. mainland and Pine Gap, Australia.
Very little is known from official sources about the staffing, facilities, operations, and layout of the secret underground U.S. base at Pine Gap, Australia.
United States government personnel at Pine Gap “are believed to be mostly from the National Security Agency and subordinate service-associated agencies as well as the Central Intelligence Agency.”

'Pine Gap', Alice Springs, Aus. - www.examiner.com
"Well, speaking bluntly on secrecy and some things that have been covered up for so long, I felt an overwhelming wave of relief to have finally gone public on a couple of things that I have found to be factual and true. One of them is that deep underground facility outside of Las Vegas where this Air Force Colonel friend of mine went through one door in Nevada, and in two minutes, he was in Pine Gap, Australia. ...
"It’s a matter of interest to me and it always has been, that one of the largest national security agency facilities in the world is at Pine Gap, but what most people have no understanding of is that underground at Pine Gap is one of the largest extraterrestrial facilities on the planet! Our remote viewers have been looking in on that place for years and years and years."
- Bob Dean
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Transformation Team

· Building Bridges to Expanded Consciousness.
'Building Bridges to Expanded Consciousness' - www.transformationteam.net
  • Have you ever felt that one of the main reasons you are here now is to help transform our world to a new way of living based on love and empowerment?
  • Do you recognize that there is a divine essence in every person on this planet, and that as beautiful manifestations of the divine, all people deserve our love and support to be the best they can be?
  • Are you committed to move beyond old ways which focused on negative judgment and separation and to instead choose greater connection and love for yourself and everyone around you?
  • Are you willing to work on transforming your own weaknesses and fears?
  • Are you open to exploring deep, hidden agendas affecting our planet?
  • Are you willing to consider seeing fear as an invitation to spiritual growth?
  • Are you interested in joining a large team of souls who know that a major part of the reason we came here is to help all who are ready on this planet to transform to a deeper, richer way of living in this eternal sacred moment?
If you answered yes, go here...