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Humanity's Expression

Man's struggle for freedom is one of the greatest tests and gifts we have as a sentient species.
Nothing feels as good as fighting the good fight.
Some things really are worth life itself. An ideal, a belief, and a love.
The resistance is now. You are free.

As the pace of change in the world accelerates and more and more people are waking up in a spectacular global awakening out of the illusion thrust upon us since birth, we may find that some people are too far gone down the false-rabbit hole consciousness to ever truly wake up. So many of us work for the powers that be; so many of us consider ourselves the resistance. There will be friction, but good always wins in the end over tyranny. Never lose the belief that what we are doing is right. We must wake up as many people as possible. Nothing is more beautiful than the truth.
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Humanity - The World is Yours

If you lose all fear, and realize you are an infinite being, you become invincible. There is nothing that anyone can do to you. Shit will always happen. What defines your soul is how you react to the shit that will inevitably stick to you at some point or other. It's illusory bullshit anyway. If life is just a ride, help others to see this. Stop the fevered egos (to borrow a line from Bill Hicks) from hurting your fellow brothers and sisters through spreading their favourite disease - fear.

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MSNBC Implies People Skeptical Of Government Are Psychologically Insane

During a discussion of the Obama birth certificate controversy, MSNBC host Chris Matthews and his guests implied that anyone who questions the official 9/11 story, thinks the Bilderberg group are exercising power to create a world government, people who are worried about gun control and immigration,
or even people who are merely skeptical of government,
are psychologically insane.

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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

7 Cauac, 2 Pop, 5 Caban
Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for, 'Be One! Be in Joy!') We come again with more to tell you. This reality of yours continues to crumble, with cracks, everywhere, widening rapidly just below the surface. Panic is rampant among the cabal, their every escape route having been blocked and their modes of transportation denied them by our Earth allies. Now the final endgame events are in play, and we watch with confidence as the 'nooses' descend over the heads of these beleaguered miscreants! These final acts set the stage for the preconditions of our arrival: the global delivery of the prosperity funds; the sudden changes in major governments; and the comprehensive national and personal debt-forgiveness programs. The new regimes are dedicated to worldwide peace and cooperation, and to a full-out effort to remove man-made pollution from your world. The latter will necessitate the revealing of long-suppressed and hidden technologies, as well as the ending of the UFO cover-up. However, all this merely heralds the revelation of a far more significant and actively suppressed fact: your sensational transformation into fully conscious Beings of Light!
This fundamental overhaul of your dualistic realm is a crucial element of the divine plan. The dark took over your world completely after the fall of Atlantis some 13 millennia ago. During the first seven millennia you went through four golden ages, but your dark overlords, the Anunnaki, crushed each one by global flood, fire from the sky, fire from the earth, and a second flood, respectively. These bouts of destruction were wreaked upon you in an effort to expunge the fragmented memories you retained from the last ages of Atlantis and the carefully preserved tales of the motherland of humanity, Lemuria. These memories still lie within you, and this is why all attempts to validate these memories are 'interfered with' by the dark cabal. And yet fact-based stories from "the Hollow Earth" persist to challenge the factoids pulled over your eyes by the dark. As long as these all-powerful reality-spinners can keep you believing in their cockamamie version of reality, then their control over you endures. Once you take back your inner powers, the dark realm can no longer survive, and this inevitability scares the cabal like nothing else!
Our coming en masse is the culmination of your present journey. To get you there, a series of specially orchestrated maneuvers has begun, which include letting the world in on what has been brewing for the past few decades. The reality you know is about to be drastically changed, with the grand gift of global prosperity being merely the first phase in an operation that leads directly to first contact. We have taken on a great deal of responsibility to move this mission forward as rapidly as possible. We do this gladly, knowing that this process is the best way to arrive at first contact. We are here under divine decree and, accordingly, are willing to do what is necessary to fulfill our mission. And so the divine moment for bringing in your glorious future approaches!
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Benjamin Fulford Blog -7.29.2009

·About those Ming who cooperate with the Nazis.
An informant has come forward with information about a
Chinese Ming faction that has been cooperating with the Bush Nazis. It turns out that a Ming Princess was secretly married to the Taisho Emperor (but impregnated by the Meiji Emperor) as part of a strategic plan to create an “Emperor of Asia.” The group is known as the Baikado or Plum Flower Faction. In Japan now it is the Kanei family that supports them. This is the group that furnished the diplomatic protection to the two “Japanese” recently arrested in Italy with the $134.5 billion[a][b] (or $500 billion, depending on the source). Now, that we have identified these people, they can be easily dealt with. The Japanese members of the Trilateral Commission must wake up to the fact that we know who they are and where they live, but they know almost nothing about us. The Chinese want to establish a meritocracy and not go back to tyrannical imperial rule. Japan wants to end colonial rule.
[Source: benjaminfulford.typepad.com]
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