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·About the $134.5 billion bonds found in Italy and the secret financial system.
There is a lot of confusion these days among people who still believe the Zionist web of lies formerly known as the “mainstream consensus.” The story about the $134.5 billion in bonds found in Italy is adding to that confusion. Perhaps a bit of background information will help clarify the situation somewhat.
First of all people need to realize that there are two sets of books used in global finance: the “official” data put out by government agencies etc. and the secret financial arrangements used between sovereign entities (countries as well as organizations). When members of the British and Japanese royal families first contacted me and started talking about thousands of trillions of dollars, I thought they were bonkers. Officially world GDP is $55 trillion so their numbers seemed impossible. However, after meeting multiple sources ranging from freemasons, to yakuza, to MI6 to Japanese security police, to CIA etc. I can now confirm there is a secret financial system whose total worth is “quintillions of dollars.” I think the numbers got this big as a result of some sort of ridiculous contest to see who had the largest penis among the folk who control the printing presses for dollars and euros etc.
There is now a secret war going on between the royal families who have real treasure (the British, the Chinese, the Thai etc.) and the aristocratic families who own dollar and Euro printing presses. At stake is the future of this planet. The owners of the real treasure want to start a new financial system backed by metals and start a campaign to permanently end war, poverty and environmental destruction. The owners of the money printing presses want to continue their cycle of perpetual war and terror in order to keep control over humanity.
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·There will be some crucial meetings over the coming days to decide Obama’s fate.

Since the United States Corporation is bankrupt, there will be some serious meetings over the coming days to determine the fate of Obama and the entire gang of crooks in Washington D.C. Obama is suffering from severe megalomania and may have to be removed from the scene before he becomes dangerous. If the crooks try to cling to power any longer the United States will disintegrate into anarchy and they will eventually find themselves at the mercy of a lynch mob. The Skull and Bones consists of only 600 people and their names have become public knowledge. We offer an amnesty and protection to all Skull and Bones members who wish to defect before it is too late.
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