The 11th Hour

Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, this documentary explores the
perilous state of our planet, and the means by which we can
change our course. Contributing to this film are noted politicians,
scientists and other ambassadors for the importance of a
Universal Ecological Consciousness.

H-Shaped UFO Snapped over Mt. Vernon, NY - 9.13.2009

[Source: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009c/mtvernon091309.html]

Two UFO Craft Land in Carp, Ontario, Canada - 1989

President Truman gave the Reptilians 'Keys to the U.S.A.'

"There are five sets of copies in five different boxes
in five different locations that hold complete proof of
everything i have tried to explain."

· jiloun2 ·

They Have Been Here For Years

Obama, Cloning and the Sorcerers of Atlantis - Freeman

Freeman gives an excellent presentation in London at the
'Alternative View II Conference' on Obama, The Coming Space War,
Human Cloning, the Royal and Egyptian Connection, Akhenaton,
HAARP, the Sorcerers of Atlantis, Stargate Atlantis,
The Antichrist, Apophis, Mabus and much more.

Swiss DNA Bank Vs. Surrogates (Trailer)


[First, 'How Swiss DNA Bank works'...]

[...and now 'Surrogates (Trailer)']

[Open question, Which is of these is fiction?]

Manuel Delgado - Egiptólogo Disidente

Cuándo y Cómo Acabará la Crisis - Despertar Social


"El cambio es inminente."
· Carles Gallego ·


El Árbol de los Amigos - Autor Desconocido



"It takes exactly one song to walk from the top of
Leicester Square to Trafalgar Square, in central London.
That song is
"Please Don't Go" by Barcelona."