The Raising of The New Eden

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UFO -9.05.2009

Oakley, North West Hampshire, Wootton St Lawrence, Hants - 05.09.09
Footage shot at 8:15 pm, September 05, 2009,
whilst parked-up off the A339, near Wootton St Lawrence,
(close to Basingstoke), looking out over Oakley, NW Hants.

Bloop -An Unexplained Phenomenon

The 'bloop' is the name given to an ultra-low frequency underwater sound detected by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration several times during the summer of 1997.
The source of the sound remains unknown....

Massive UFO development: China might disclose soon

by Michael Cohen, m.cohen@allnewsweb.com
Something bigger-than-big has happened in China as far as the UFO and extraterrestrial mystery is concerned. So big, you might want to make sure you are sitting down and not holding a hot drink as you read this.
Readers of this website might now be familiar with the Solar Eclipse UFO Sighting that occurred in Deqing, Guandong Province, where a clear daytime UFO was seen by dozens of students and filmed and photographed by at least nine, producing incredible images such as the one above. The UFO was also seen to morph, changing colour and shape.
Other than this publication no other news publication outside of Asia has carried the story although it has sent shock-waves through China's massive UFO community and even amongst conventional scientists.
Now it has been reported in China that the famous Purple Mountain Observatory has confirmed that they observed a UFO on the day of the eclipse and have forty minutes worth of footage which they will spend the next year studying.

[China Solar Eclipse UFO Media Coverage...]
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Institute for the Study of Galactic Civilizations (ISGC)

About the Study of Galactic Civilizations: The purpose of the Institute for the Study of Galactic Civilizations (ISGC) is to educate the public about Earth's galactic visitors, their culture, and their influence on humanity. Such influences include the areas of spirituality, religion, science, politics, government, war, and health. The Institute will also raise awareness about the galactic message regarding an increase in human consciousness and potential dimension shift. Education will be accomplished through workshops, conferences, lectures, website, newsletters, and press releases.
[Source: www.galacticcivilizations.org]
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Sapiens Rising: Beyond The Babel Factor

· A Manifesto for the Children of the 21st Century ·
by Neil Freer
"This era of global transition will result in the redesign of the fundamentals of human activity. People and organizations that look for new ways to deal with unprecedented events will be better prepared to survive and prosper. To be part of that group, you must be willing to unleash yourself from the past and be willing to take risks. You must objectively search for novel tools and perspectives."
· John Petersen ·

Part 1
The Status Quo: Totem and Taboos and You ... and I

Our planet, this agonizingly beautiful little planet, is on hold. Seeking relief and release, in a perverse ecology we recycle outmoded, primitive paradigms, shuffling our feathers-and-molasses confusion between hands. In a time when we are required to deal with the politics of non-overlapping alien realities, we are not able to resolve the separations caused by our overlapping intra-species realities. It has rendered us theologically inane, philosophically naive, scientifically cramped, socially isolated, ecologically damaged, politically challenged and intellectually bewildered.
It is clearly evident, after thousands of years of trial and disastrous errors, that the relief and release from our racially adolescent immaturity we seek as individuals and as a planetary species will not come from yet another econopolitical experiment, yet another U.N. negotiated conflict resolution, religious ecumenical conference, new age vision, academic philosophy, imposition of theocracy, new constitutional political format, much less some new twist on the MAD scenario, or war to end all wars.
The purpose of this paper is to point out an overarching new paradigm that redefines and, thereby, resolves and supercedes the most fundamental cause of the divisions and conflicts between us and illuminates the now and future trajectory of the new planetary human.
A very fundamental, critical question, therefore: Is it even possible to arrive at an overarching new planetary paradigm so comprehensive and robust that it corrects, subsumes, completes and outmodes all previous partial paradigms, explains all our previous explanations, with the scope and power to unify and pacify the planet? Unequivocally, yes. We are not incapable of getting off “maybe”. We are blocked only by primitive, antique legacies and the way to expunge them from the fabric of our cultures is now available to us.
How adolescent a species are we?
More of Part 1...

"What is emerging now is a sense that something else -- neither mechanistic (Darwin) nor theistic (the Bible) -- is going on. But mainstream science will have none of this ambiguity, and reactively tars all non-Darwinian notions with the broad brush of 'biblical superstition'. The net result has become a sort of silly high drama in which one flavor of pseudoscience attempts to do battle with another."
· John Anthony West ·

Part 2
The Primary Key to Unlocking the Locked-in Legacies

While the evolutionists and the creationists have been battling it out through dramatic episodes of the Scopes soaps, another explanatory paradigm has been developing exponentially which subsumes, corrects, and makes obsolet, -specifically relative to the human species- both of those rather primitive paradigms. While the scientific imperialists and the religious dogmatists have thought that they owned the discussion by proprietarily boxing the argument and defining the binary options, the Sumerian scholar, Zecharia Sitchin, has advanced a robust and coherent paradigm of our genesis and unique history that, if true, ----- and I am convinced that it is after working critically with it for 28 years ----- is profound, comprehensive, and fundamental enough to enable us to rewrite the entire history of our beginnings and the planet astronomically, evolutionarily, paleontologically, archaeologically and, literally, redefine ourselves as humans. Sitchin’s thesis illuminates that antique conflict with Nobel prize quality research, renders the, by now, Monty Pythonesque arguments outmoded, subsumes and corrects creationism, redefines Darwinism as well as its latter day detractions. He has been able to do this because he reads Sumerian as well as the Semitic languages including ancient and Modern Hebrew, and is steeped in the history. He has had the advantage of access to the accumulated scholarship and archaeological material from the Middle East rediscovered only in the last one hundred and fifty years.

Our Genesis Revisited: The Sitchin Paradigm

Zecharia Sitchin, one of two hundred Sumerian scholars on the planet who can read a cuneiform clay tablet like you and I can read a newspaper, has demonstrated that the Anunnaki/Nefilim (Sumerian/Hebrew: those who came down [from the heavens] ) , the transcultural “gods” known to all the ancient civilizations from the tenth planet in our solar system, Nibiru, colonized Earth 432,000 years ago and created the human species 200,000 years ago, by genetically crossing their genes with Homo Erectus. Corroboration comes from evidence for Planet X/Nibiru from the Naval Observatory , the Infrared search by the IRAS satellite in ‘83-’84; genetically from the mitochondrial DNA "search for Eve"; anthropologically from the "out of Africa" data placing our genesis in Central Africa 200,000 years; enigmatic ooparts and close to two million pieces of artifact and documentation recovered directly from the ancient civilizations. Our modern science has provided a means of identifying advanced science in the ancient past previously thought of as fantastic even for us. The advances in our scientific discoveries in genetics, mitochondrial DNA research, space and planetary science, archaeology, paleontology, anthropology, and linguistics as well as even the physics of metallurgy have enabled Sitchin to demystify the advanced technologies of the Anunnaki and identify and explain ooparts . We have progressed from being their slave animals to limited partnership and, since they phased off Earth, are now phasing out of a 3000 year traumatic transition to racial independence, a rapid metamorphic process, under the imperative of our advanced Nefilim genetic component.
Central to the history of the Anunnaki’s occupation of the planet was the interaction between two brothers, Enlil and Enki. Enki was their chief scientist who was responsible, with his sister Ninhursag, their chief medical officer, for the genetic creation of our species. Enki, obviously, was sympathetic towards humans and promoted our interests and us. Enlil, eventually known as Jehovah/YHWH, of the Old Testament, maintained the position that humans were to remain slaves, totally subservient to the Anunnaki and him especially.
More of Part 2...

Part 3
The New Human

We need to think about what it is like to be a member of a synthesized species which is going through a special case of evolution, a rapid metamorphosis, where we can actually determine our own evolutionary direction, when the ramifications of that unthinkable thought are now about to bring about a turning point in our history. It is about the new civilization we are about to create out of the new planetary vision.

Let us postulate that we have broken the godspell, we have arrived at a consensual, planetary, understanding and definition of the generic human as a genetically engineered species now coming out of racial adolescence into species first maturity, the individual cognizant of the ability to control and direct the nature and trajectory of his and her own personal evolution and able and expected to contribute to the collective consciousness and determination of the racial evolutionary trajectory.
The awareness and comprehension of this fundamental, generic, racial self knowledge, I have called 'genetic enlightenment'. By 'genetic enlightenment' I mean what it is like once you have broken the godspell, the deepest dye in the fabrics of both Eastern and Western culture. Many seemingly enigmatic items are resolved and there is a great deal to be done. It becomes immediately clear that we can move beyond both eastern and western metaphor; beyond religion, atheism, the old new age; beyond Jungian archetypal and mythological interpretation, beyond our strange, dangerous and contradictory mix of mammalian, turfish, violent theo-political politics and compassionate ideals. We will finally be ready for alien contact and interaction and matriculation into stellar society. We can reach a planetary unity we have never known before and a peace so profound it will be almost humorous. How long will it take? Probably as long as we have lived under our Constitution.
More of Part 3...
[Source: www.neilfreer.com]

Podemos Vivir Sin Capitalismo -Bank User Strike!



Este mensaje es para destacar que el próximo día 17 de Septiembre, en relación a la campaña "Podemos vivir sin capitalismo", empieza la 'Huelga de Usuarios y Usarias de Bancos'. Suponemos que seguramente ya sabes de qué se trata esta huelga, pero por si las moscas un recordatorio:

¿En qué consiste la Huelga de Bancos?

La campaña por la Huelga de Bancos se convocó el 12 de noviembre del 2008 como rechazo de muchas personas a las prácticas abusivas de los bancos y a su poder económico, social y político.
El objetivo de esta huelga es conseguir poco a poco reducir el poder económico de los bancos y su impacto en nuestra sociedad. Cuántos más seamos los que formamos parte, cada cual dentro sus posibilidades -cerrando cuentas, minimizando su uso, eliminando los recibos, anulando tarjetas, traspasando dinero a entidades financieras éticas, dejando de pagar las deudas...-, menores serán los beneficios de estas entidades y menor el daño que pueden hacer.
Invitamos a que se apunte el mayor número de personas, de todas las profesiones, de todas las edades y de toda clase de poder económico. Hoy en día ya hay alternativas muy buenas a los bancos y tenemos ganas de mostrar a todo el mundo que lo quiera las mejoras sociales que se derivarían de esta forma de consumo más responsable.
En la página www.sincapitalismo.net aparece un contador a la izquierda con el número de personas apuntadas, si quieres formar parte sigue el siguiente enlace y llena el formulario:
www.sincapitalismo.net: Formulario para Participar en la Huelga de Usuarios y Usuarias de Bancos

La huelga de bancos para el 17-S

Proponemo que este 17-S cada uno, en la medida de sus posiblidades, realice una acción individual: quitar todo el dinero del banco, eliminar tarjetas de débito/crédito, cerrar cuentas corrientes, enganchar las pegatinas de huelga de bancos que habrán en las mesas informativas en el interior de oficinas bancarias... y hacerlo público en los puntos de encuentro organizados. (llevando las tarjetas partidas por la mitad, o el documento de cancelación de cuentas)
Mirad el listado de puntos de encuentro a partir del 11 de septiembre, para saber cual es el punto de encuentro que os queda más cercano.

Grupo de Huelga de Bancos en la web www.podem.cat

Hemos abierto un espacio a la web, donde se tratan todos aquellos temas relacionados con la Huelga de Bancos. Es un espacio para encontrar recursos que nos pueden interesar y para compartir con otra gente nuestras ideas en relación a alternativas a la banca. Esperamos que participes.



This e-mail is to announce that, on Sept. 17, 2009, and inside the campaign "We Can Live Without Capitalism", begins the 'Banks Strike'. We guess you probably already know about the strike, but just in case:

¿What is the Banks Strike campaign?

The campaign for the Banks Strike started on the 12th of November, 2008, as a rejection of many people to the abusive practices of banks and their economic, social and political power.
The objective of this strike is to reduce gradually the economic power of banks and their impact in our society. The more members (each within their possibilities) who close their accounts, minimize the use of banks, eliminate the bills, stop using credit cards, switch to ethical banking, leave debts to pay ..., the less benefit these organizations will have.
We invite everyone to get involved. From all professions, all ages and different economic backgrounds. Today there are already a lot of bank alternatives. We would like to show everyone the social improvements that derive from this form of responsible consummerism.
On the website, www.17-s.info, a counter appears on the left with the number of people involved, if you want to join us follow the link below and fill in the form:

The Banks Strike 17-S

A good way to give exposure to the strike is the 17-S when everyone could perform a single action: removing your money from the bank, cancelling debit / credit cards, closing accounts, stick the Banks Strike stickers inside banks (you will find them at the meeting points) ... and do this action in public at the organized meeting places. (Bring the cutup credit card or the account cancellation)

We add a link showing the confirmed meeting points:

The Banks Strike group in www.podem.cat

We have created a space on the site, which deals with all matters related to Banks Strike. It's a place to find resources that may interest you and to share our ideas with other people about alternative banking. We wish you participated.

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Twitter and Facebook flooded with alien theories about Google UFO logo

· Twitter, Facebook and the worldwide blogosphere have been flooded with alien conspiracy theories about the new Google UFO 'doodle'.
The 'doodle' (adaptation of Google's logo), showing a classic saucer-shaped spacecraft shining a light down on the search-engine's regular logo, has been the subject of much speculation.
The world's internet voices want to now whether the all-powerful web giant is trying to tell us something.
Google regularly changes its logo to mark important event such as the recent 40th anniversary of the moon landings.
But nobody can work out why Google has chosen this date to put a UFO logo on the world's most visited web page.
"Does anybody know what's going on?" asks one.
"Aliens landed on Earth this day last year," offers another blogger by way of explanation.
Some think Google's global dominance may extend beyond this planet.
"If Google says the aliens are coming, I'm getting out of here," says one US blogger.
One of the things bothering the online community is that early on Saturday morning the new logo could be seen in some places, but not others.[This may be key in understanding this whole (for lack of a better word) 'test'.]
"Am I the one that is going crazy?" asks a blogger in Arizona who can't see the logo.
If you click on the alien logo you are given the results for "unexplained phenomena".
In Google's top ten most searched terms "unexplained phenomena" merits two entries.
It is unclear whether Google is responding to popular demand or dictating what the public should be interested in.
[Source: www.telegraph.co.uk]

[...and Google explains... Well, not really.]
Google statement on its unexplained phenomenon doodle
· Google has added to the mystery surrounding the appearance of a UFO on its home page on Saturday by releasing a statement which does nothing to end the speculation surrounding it.
The UFO, which appeared to be abducting the second O in the word Google, referred the user to the search term "unexplained phenomenon" when clicked. The term was, throughout Saturday, one of the most searched-for phrases on the search engine.
Google tends to use its so-called doodles - the adaptations of its logo - to mark major calendar events or the birthdays of large organisations. But Saturday's doodle appeared to have no commemorative tie-in and the web was alive with speculation as to its purpose.
During the morning, a numeric code (above) - 1.12.12 15 1.18.5 20.15 21.19 - appeared on Google's Twitter stream. The code, which translated to the phrase "all your O are belong to us", was an echo of a famous internet meme from 2000.

But late on Saturday Google released the following statement:
"We consider the second ‘o’ critical to user recognition of our brand and pronunciation of our name. We are actively looking into the mysterious tweet that has appeared on the Google twitter stream and the disappearance of the “o” on the Google homepage. We hope to have an update in the coming weeks.”
[Source: www.telegraph.co.uk]
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