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Last Statements - TDCJ


[Below, a few 'Last Statements'...]

"Yes, Ain't no way fo' fo', I Love all yall."
- Christopher Coleman
DoE: 9.22.2009

"Don't cry, it's my situation. I got it. Hold tight. It's going to shine on the golden child. Hold tight. I love you. I'm through with my statement."
- Derrick Johnson
DoE: 4.30.2009

"No, I love you. May the Lord be with you. Peace, I'm done."
- Michael Rosales
DoE: 4.15.2009

"Is the mic on? My only statement is that no cases have ever tried have been error free. Those are my words. No cases are error free. You may proceed Warden."
- Dale Devon Scheanette
DoE: 2.10.2009

"I would like to say that Capital self defense is not Capital Murder.
I would like to make a statement to my wife and family, thank you for your support. I love you Roxanne, Kaye. Thank you Saint Gabriel's Church. Sylvia, I appreciate you and thank you.
All right Warden."
(After the official last statement ended, he said "I love you Mom.")

- Frank Moore
DoE: 1.21.2009


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"Earth turns to gold in the hands of the wise."
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