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William Safire's Finest Speech

Columnist, and presidential speechwriter, William Safire was one of only three non-disloyal Jews President Nixon could name. Here below is the speech he drafted for Nixon to read in case the Apollo 11 Astronauts became stranded on the moon!
It is a wonderful piece of alternate universe American history, in which President Nixon had to explain to a nation that Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong were going to die on the moon.
[Source: gawker.com]
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Spiritual Revolution + Infinite Love

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Legal Assault Kit - No Vaccines

Food & Behavior

Video about the effects on the body when eating
animals -and their byproducts- daily.
This video shows the effects, as well as tells you why and
what's going on with your body when your eating this type of diet.

5-year study where students at a school were given healthy,
vegetarian meals and saw many improvements.

The inside story on an all-natural nutrition approach in Wisconsin
that could revolutionize the way kids eat in school.
One leading physician group says this program is what
every school district in the country should emulate.

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Details the rise and rise of the "Permaculture Concept"
· Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton ·

Basic permaculture design information.
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Agua Diamante, Una Conciencia - Joël Ducatillon

Apollo's 'Black Box' DSE Transcripts

The "Data Storage Equipment" systems served as
'Black Box'
cockpit voice recorders,
designed to tape some of the internal conversations
- between the astronauts -
during radio 'black-out' with Mission Control in Houston.
After contact was re-established during the flight,
Mission Control could then dump (downlink)
the recorded data from the CSM to Earth,
where it would be analyzed...