Chemotherapy and the cancer industry

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Power vs. Force - David Hawkins

Understand Consciousness

· Part One: Thoughts
A lot of the world is fearful right now. If you look around and understand what is going on behind the veils, many would argue that there is every reason to be fearful. But in truth, fear is an energy state and it's a state that attracts more of whatever it is you're wanting to avoid. Actually, many psychologists will tell you that there are only two true emotions: love and fear. And all other emotions fall within one of these two categories.
Gratitude, elation, peace, joy, and acceptance all fall within the energy state of love. Greed, hatred, blame, anger, and guilt all fall within the energy state of fear.
It's important to know that acceptance is the first step into the consciousness of love from the consciousness of fear. So when you look around and the situation is really ugly, like we're unfortunately seeing far too often today, instead of feeling fear, anger, hate, or blame, simply accept the situation as it is. The words to accept an awful situation are simply, "It is what it is." With your acceptance and those words, you'll move back into a love based energy state, where the best answer and solution will come to you far more readily.
To be clear, to accept a situation doesn't mean to condone it or think it's a great thing. Acceptance is simply used to bring your own consciousness out of a lower consciousness and into higher consciousness, where you'll be able to better see and make more effective decisions about the current situation.

· Part Two: Foods
As talked about in Part 1, Thoughts, a large part of our consciousness comes from our thoughts and thought patterns. But a large part of our consciousness also comes from what we put inside our bodies. The foods we eat literally affect our consciousness and probably more than most realize.
The problem with this is that most of the population regularly eats animals. At a minimum, the animals are fearful at the end - when they are murdered. And that murder infuses them with the consciousness of fear, anger, and likely hate.
These days, the animals that people eat are also horribly mistreated. They're fed diets that are totally inappropriate for their biological design. These diets produce disease and toxicity in the physical body, which can directly influence disease and toxicity in the mental and emotional bodies.
Many animals are forced to live in crowded conditions that resemble concentration camps and physical abuse is common. This makes the animals fearful, and it's sad to see a population that largely doesn't think twice about consuming them. It's worse to see a population that doesn't understand they're slowly taking on fear-based consciousness in this manner - or that such consciousness will affect them in ways they likely can't imagine.
Consciousness is a tricky thing. We can't see it; we can't touch it. But we can feel it, and it affects everything in our world. Our consciousness affects our own reality intimately, and our collective consciousness has produced exactly the world we live in.

"¡Deje de pagar recibos de luz y gas y genere ya su energía!"


Hermann Scheer, diputado alemásn (SPD), aboga por que cada uno produzca su energía.
  • En poco tiempo todos podremos generar y vender energía renovable.
  • Estamos creando un auténtico mercado de la energía -muchos vendedores y compradores- y no el oligopolio insostenible -cuatro eléctricas cobran el recibo de millones de consumidores- que sufríamos hasta ahora.
  • En Alemania, las grandes fábricas ya tienen, o proyectan, sus propias centrales energéticas y, al mismo tiempo, está despegando una industria de fabricación en masa de "kits de producción energética individual", que va a ser a la energía lo mismo que el PC a la informática.
  • Por eso va a suceder como con el ordenador personal o el móvil, a los que al nacer se les calculó que tardarían décadas en popularizarse y ya ve: la generación privada y descentralizada de energía renovable es demasiado buena para que no sea un boom. Todo el mundo querrá su central y en pocos años será tan vulgar como un PC y un móvil.
  • El kilovatio renovable es más caro, porque el kilovatio fósil del gas, carbón o petróleo no incorpora a su precio lo que contamina: cuando lo incorpore, será inviable.
  • Habría que retirar todos los impuestos a la generación de energía y dejar sólo uno que gravara la contaminación causada. Ese sería el espaldarazo definitivo a la proliferación de las centrales de generación privadas.
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