Crop Circles -2009 Update- Numbers 30, 31 & 32

[Formation Nº 30 @ Rochford Golf Course - nr Ironwell Lane, Essex - reported June 22, 2009]

[Formation Nº 31 @ Below Milk Hill - nr Alton Barnes, Wiltshire - reported June 23, 2009]

[Formation Nº 32 @ Rough Hill - nr Winterbourne Bassett, Wiltshire - reported June 24, 2009]

[Addendum! Formation Nº 28 @ Below Milk Hill - nr Alton Barnes, Wiltshire - reported June 21, 2009 -over 2 nights]
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UFOs Square Off


Robert Anton Wilson On The Acceleration To 2012

"I get about as far as 2012 in my future projections, then I can't imagine beyond that. So much is going to change by then."
"In Leary's terms, I think about one-third of the West now understands the neuro-somatic circuit, and some techniques for activating it. I think that's going to reach fifty to fifty-one percent pretty soon - and that will be a major cultural change. I think more and more understanding of the neuro-genetic and meta-programming circuits are coming along.
It's very obvious that quantum physics, parapsychology and all the work they're doing attaching brain scanners to Yogis and Zen masters means we're going to learn a great deal about the non-local quantum circuit. I think the history of mysticism has been sort of like a bunch of firecrackers with two or three going off every century. With the LSD revolution it became two or three every month and now it's moving up to two or three every week. I see a real acceleration in consciousness, just like in technology. "
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Inside the Church of Scientology


Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

11 Kan, 12 Kayab, 4 Eb
Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for, Be One! and, Be in Joy!) We come again with much to discuss with you. With each week that passes, we can report that our Earth allies continue to push forward. Here, we wish to remind you that each forward step is won in the teeth of diabolic and desperate opposition from the last dark cabal. Happily, however, the cabal's strength continues to dwindle rapidly. The diverse alliance that makes up our Earth allies grows in its determination to see its mission through to the end, thus making it very clear to the cabalists that their position is ever more untenable. The Earth allies' goal is one that the dark ones are frantic to avoid at all costs, and it is this obdurate tunnel vision of theirs that has prolonged this end game well beyond the point that any of us had wished. The dark must yield soon, and it is this clear inevitability that lies behind the recent exponential increase in organizations, both private and otherwise, changing over to the cause of the Light. As the fulcrum of history swings in our favor, we are busy refining the exact timings of a number of different approaches for reaching our prescribed goals.
Please,
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Benjamin Fulford Blog -24 & 25 of June

·About the $134.5 billion bonds found in Italy and the secret financial system.
There is a lot of confusion these days among people who still believe the Zionist web of lies formerly known as the “mainstream consensus.” The story about the $134.5 billion in bonds found in Italy is adding to that confusion. Perhaps a bit of background information will help clarify the situation somewhat.
First of all people need to realize that there are two sets of books used in global finance: the “official” data put out by government agencies etc. and the secret financial arrangements used between sovereign entities (countries as well as organizations). When members of the British and Japanese royal families first contacted me and started talking about thousands of trillions of dollars, I thought they were bonkers. Officially world GDP is $55 trillion so their numbers seemed impossible. However, after meeting multiple sources ranging from freemasons, to yakuza, to MI6 to Japanese security police, to CIA etc. I can now confirm there is a secret financial system whose total worth is “quintillions of dollars.” I think the numbers got this big as a result of some sort of ridiculous contest to see who had the largest penis among the folk who control the printing presses for dollars and euros etc.
There is now a secret war going on between the royal families who have real treasure (the British, the Chinese, the Thai etc.) and the aristocratic families who own dollar and Euro printing presses. At stake is the future of this planet. The owners of the real treasure want to start a new financial system backed by metals and start a campaign to permanently end war, poverty and environmental destruction. The owners of the money printing presses want to continue their cycle of perpetual war and terror in order to keep control over humanity.
Please

·There will be some crucial meetings over the coming days to decide Obama’s fate.

Since the United States Corporation is bankrupt, there will be some serious meetings over the coming days to determine the fate of Obama and the entire gang of crooks in Washington D.C. Obama is suffering from severe megalomania and may have to be removed from the scene before he becomes dangerous. If the crooks try to cling to power any longer the United States will disintegrate into anarchy and they will eventually find themselves at the mercy of a lynch mob. The Skull and Bones consists of only 600 people and their names have become public knowledge. We offer an amnesty and protection to all Skull and Bones members who wish to defect before it is too late.
[Source: benjaminfulford.typepad.com]
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Doctors Baffled, Intrigued by Girl Who Doesn't Age

·Years Pass, but Brooke Greenberg Remains a Toddler. No One Can Explain How or Why.
Brooke Greenberg is the size of an infant, with the mental capacity of a toddler.
She turned 16 in January.
"Why doesn't she age?" Howard Greenberg, 52, asked of his daughter. "Is she the fountain of youth?"
Such questions are why scientists are fascinated by Brooke. Among the many documented instances of children who fail to grow or develop in some way, Brooke's case may be unique, according to her doctor, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine pediatrician Lawrence Pakula, in Baltimore.
Brooke hasn't aged in the conventional sense. Dr. Richard Walker of the University of South Florida College of Medicine, in Tampa, says Brooke's body is not developing as a coordinated unit, but as independent parts that are out of sync. She has never been diagnosed with any known genetic syndrome or chromosomal abnormality that would help explain why.
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First Flight of the Levitated Dipole Experiment

This shows a typical levitation sequence and the first plasma of the fully levitated 1/2 ton superconducting dipole. The device is designed to study the physics of plasmas confined by a levitated dipole... similar to planetary magnetosphere with a hole bored through the planet[Hollow earth?]...
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Alan L. Bean -Astronaut, Artist

"Beyond a Young Boy's Dream" (1989)
acrylic on masonite board

"In Flight" (1990)
acrylic on aircraft plywood

"Heavenly Reflections" (1990)
acrylic on masonite board

Want to get something done – talk to people in their right ear

·Side biases in humans (Homo sapiens): three ecological studies on hemispheric asymmetries.
by Daniele Marzoli and Luca Tommasi
Department of Biomedical Sciences, University “G. d’Annunzio”, Chieti, Italy

Abstract Hemispheric asymmetries and side biases have been studied in humans mostly in laboratory settings, and evidence obtained in naturalistic settings is scarce. We here report the results of three studies on human ear preference observed during social interactions in noisy environments, i.e., discotheques. In the first study, a spontaneous right-ear preference was observed during linguistic exchange between interacting individuals. This lateral bias was confirmed in a quasi-experimental study in which a confederate experimenter evoked an ear-orienting response in bystanders, under the pretext of approaching them with a whispered request. In the last study, subjects showed a greater proneness to meet an experimenter’s request when it was directly addressed to the right rather than the left ear. Our findings are in agreement both with laboratory studies on hemispheric lateralization for language and approach/avoidance behavior in humans and with animal research. The present work is one of the few studies demonstrating the natural expression of hemispheric asymmetries, showing their effect in everyday human behavior.
[Source: springerlink.com]
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Sarychev Volcano, Kuril Islands

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/telegraph/multimedia/archive/01429/volcano_1429751i.jpg[Sarychev Volcano on the Kuril Islands in an early stage of eruption.]
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Are we witnessing the end of science?

·Almost all the great revolutions in scientific thinking may be behind us, but the way modern science is conducted stifles radical new ideas.
Wired magazine is well known for its catchy cover lines. I won't forget one from 2007. Alongside a mocked-up image of a yellowing lab notebook and magnifying lens, it proclaimed: "The end of science: The quest for science used to begin with grand theories; now it begins with massive amounts of data."
Scientists and science commentators often say that if yesterday's science needed outstanding individuals such as Darwin and Einstein, tomorrow's theories will be shaped by the vast quantities of data pouring forth from networked computers and from the labours of big research teams working in areas such as particle physics, the human genome and astronomy.
Will we never witness a scientific revolution again? And will tomorrow's theories be guided by big data rather than revolutionary ideas?
These questions were asked to particle physicist Alison Wright, chief editor of the journal Nature Physics and to Lewis Wolpert, pioneering biologist from University College London, in a debate about the future if science.
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Buzz Aldrin's Rocket Experience w/ Snoop Dogg and Talib Kweli

[...and, The Making Of...]

Una de cada 10 personas que intercambian archivos en internet cree que hace algo ilegal

·Y el 86% ha manifestado no sentirse influido por "las campañas oficiales contra la piratería".
El 87% de los usuarios participantes en una encuesta opinan que al descargarse contenido de una red de intercambio de archivos o redes 'Peer to Peer' (P2P) no están cometiendo ningún acto ilegal, según un estudio realizado por el portal de tecnología MuyComputer'.
Así, una "amplia mayoría" está en contra de que las descargas en redes de intercambio de archivos puedan plantearse como una actividad ilegal, aunque el 51% teme que las leyes "acaben obligando a su proveedor de acceso a Internet a desconectar su conexión de banda ancha por utilizar redes P2P". Además, el 86% ha manifestado no sentirse influido por "las campañas oficiales contra la piratería de música y películas".
Favorece la difusión cultural
Preguntados sobre la posibilidad de que las redes P2P favorezcan la difusión de la cultura, un 59% de los usuarios consultados lo creen así, pero "dependiendo del uso que se haga de ellas", mientras que un 36% responde con un "sí, absolutamente".
El Informe de MuyComputer ha sido elaborado "sin entrar a valorar las redes P2P, queriendo reflejar solo la percepción de los usuarios avanzados de Internet". La encuesta se elaboró en un periodo de medición de datos comprendido entre el 27 de mayo y el 22 de junio con la participación de 3.830 usuarios de banda ancha "con conocimientos suficientes para conectarse a redes de intercambio de archivos desde su casa".
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