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Food Label Lies

Food Label Lies - articles.mercola.com

The healthiest food often has the least marketing muscle behind it. The Center for Science in the Public Interest recently published a comprehensive report on the subject, a persuasive indictment called 'Food Labeling Chaos' [below].

Here are nine of the most common ways food labels lie...
"Made With Whole Grains"
Unbleached wheat flour is still the main ingredient; whole wheat flour is further down on the list, indicating that the product contains relatively little. One truth -- the presence of whole grains -- masks another; that whole grains make up an insignificant portion of the food.
Even if the first ingredient listed isn’t sugar, the product may contain more sugar than anything else. How is it possible? Just add up all the sugars that go by different names, such as sugar, corn syrup, high-fructose corn syrup and white grape juice concentrate.
Serving Size
There are 2.5 official servings in a 20 ounce soda bottles, meaning that 100 calories per "serving" is really 240 calories per bottle.
Omega 3
The FDA allows certain foods that are rich in two of the omega-3 fats to advertise that they can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, but only if they're also low in saturated fats or other risk factors. Which is why some unhealthy foods use a bit of marketing misdirection: the packaging has the word "omega-3
", but nothing specifically about heart health.
"Made With Real Fruit"
Usually the only thing approximating fruit is concentrate (sugar). If you want real fruit, buy real fruit. If you want candy, buy candy.
"0 Trans Fat"
Many reformulated foods are basically just as bad, but they scream one truth: "0 trans fats!" to obscure another: "Still bad for your heart!"
"Free Range Eggs"
This means chickens must be granted the luxury of exactly five minutes of "access" to the outdoors every day. Those eggs you buy may have been raised ethically, with room enough for hens to roam the yard. But there's no guarantee in the "free range" label.
The fibers advertised in many foods are mainly "purified powders" called inulin, polydextrose and maltodextrin.
Tastes Like Medicine!
Food makers can't say that their product "helps reduce the risk of heart disease" without FDA approval, so they say that it "helps maintain a healthy heart."


Food Labeling Chaos, The case for reform
The Center for Science in the Public Interest
Bruce Silvergrade & Ilene Ringel Heller

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Unplug the Signal

· The Truth Will Not Be Televised.
Unplug the Signal: The Truth Will Not Be Televised - pupaganda.com
by Nathan Janes
Today, the television’s constant signal shapes the conclusions of the masses and produces the collective norm. Through television, the masses can be made to accept the most monstrous distortions of reality. The signal is a chill wind of continuous oppression over the minds of the masses. It controls the management of society and culture, creating uniformity across all subjects.
The message is, "Be a good consumer; always obey authority; you know nothing; listen only to experts; be content and never question or express new ideas." This signal is being broadcast across millions of screens, indoctrinating the unconscious minds of those who choose this as their only reality. Self-censorship occurs when these individuals become so deeply indoctrinated that they are afraid to discuss any information outside the paradigm of television-created culture; they police their thoughts to ensure they won’t conflict with this culture.
Virtually all forms of culture are created by the ruling class to build a false sense of reality, ensure social compliance, and control the future course of cultural evolution.
Predictive programming is a tool used by the establishment to acclimate the public to new ideas, trends, beliefs, and threats. It is used through television by including certain situations or ideas within the plots of many fictional shows, familiarizing the viewer with these concepts no matter what they may be watching. Just a few of these subjects include global warming, vaccinations, torture, terrorism, national security, the militarization of police, and the degradation of the family unit. Through predictive programming, television shapes culture and prevents individuals from asking questions.
Whether it be the threat of a pandemic or terrorism, the constant state of crisis has created a form of mental illness as we are slowly acclimated into an age of crisis. By using Hegelian dialectic, the television promotes the problem, guides our reaction, and presents the solution. We have been trained to accept the life of a prisoner.
From birth we take the world as it’s presented on television. We don’t question it and any serious criticism of TV is becoming psychologically impossible in society. Who would suspect getting born into a world where everything around you is a continuous lie?
However, it is a continuous battle to educate the masses for the television remains our greatest threat to individual sovereignty and the largest obstacle to becoming a truly informed individual. Fortunately, unplugging from the signal is easy. The television can simply be turned off. Through doing so, you may realize nearly our entire world is now a hoax; things once known as truth are fake. We have been trained like dogs to be obedient to our television; our master has had our minds on a tight leash. Let us never forget the truth will not be televised.

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"El terrorismo [en España] está controlado por las cloacas del Estado" - Julio Anguita

El pasado mes de noviembre de 2009, Julio Anguita, el que fuera Secretario General del Partido Comunista de España (1988-1998), Coordinador General de Izquierda Unida y parlamentario en el Congreso de los Diputados, por esta formación (1989-2000), realizó unas declaraciones en las que denunciaba el control de ETA por los servicios secretos del Estado, quienes la estarían utilizando para fines políticos propios, desde hace mucho tiempo. También dijo que detrás del 11-M hay puntos muy oscuros, todos los cuales apuntan a que los atentados fueron obra de poderosas fuerzas políticas y que las dos versiones que se manejan oficialmente en España (ETA-alQaeda) son falsas.

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UFO Fleet, Cardiff - 02.19.2010

[This one's for disclosure! Original footage by ruderob11...]


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