Incredible UFO - Alberta, Canada 06.15.2009

Saturn's Aurora Dancing

The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope's Imaging Spectrograph took a series of snapshots of Saturn's aurora dancing in the sky. The ultraviolet images were taken on Jan. 8, 2004. This dissolve sequence shows the aurora appearing as a ring of light circling the planet's polar ring. Collisions with atoms and molecules make the gases in the planet's atmosphere glow in visible, ultraviolet, and infrared light.

www.youtube.com - Saturn's Aurora Dancing
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'Magnetic electricity' discovered

["Magnetricity" only exists inside special types of crystals]
Researchers have discovered a magnetic equivalent to electricity: single magnetic charges that can behave and interact like electrical ones.
The work is the first to make use of the magnetic monopoles that exist in special crystals known as spin ice.
Writing in Nature journal, a team showed that monopoles gather to form a "magnetic current" like electricity.
The phenomenon, dubbed "magnetricity", could be used in magnetic storage or in computing.
Magnetic monopoles were first predicted to exist over a century ago, as a perfect analogue to electric charges.
Although there are protons and electrons with net positive and negative electric charges, there were no particles in existence which carry magnetic charges. Rather, every magnet has a "north" and "south" pole.
[The loops of a magnetic field can be seen in the arrangement of iron filings]
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Satanic Business Empire

www.fredkparsons.com - Satanic Business Empire
[To download the poster-size 9360x4968px Hi-Res .jpg, click on image above]

Capitalism: An Apathy Story

cindysheehanssoapbox.blogspot.com - Capitalism: An Apathy Story
by Cindy Sheehan
This Thursday, in a move that would make Baron von Louis Rothschild blush with shame (or burst with pride), Goldman Sachs will announce that it is more than doubling its bonus pool: from 11 billion in 2007 to 23 billion in 2008.
When Goldman Sachs wins the Nobel Prize in Economics next year, we will become mildly annoyed and then yawn in the best American tradition and go on allowing the Robber Class to steal us blind, hoping that there is another juicy divorce or celebrity death that can distract us from reality.
The Robber Class doesn’t frustrate me nearly as much as the Robbed Class. Robbers will be Robbers only as long as we in the Robbed Class let them.
Please,
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Blog Action Day - 2009: Climate Change

[Energy is the key. Climate change is real for more reasons than most people are aware of. This post will not go into them. In any case, we have to agree that energy production has to become zero-pollutant. There's no two ways about it. Besides the emissions, it must become de-centralized. And lastly, it has to be free. Free energy is not fiction... it hasn't been for decades. But it has been kept very quiet. Now, the energy quarantine is ending, and we finally have access to these 'new/old' technologies...]

[John Bedini Technology - Panacea University]

[Hydroxy Boosters - Panacea University]

[RotoVerter - Panacea University]

[Source: www.panaceauniversity.org]

[A www.blogactionday.org initiative]

UFO Chile - 2008

UFO(?) California - 02.11.2009

Perceiving Reality

[Click on image above to see video in www.perceivingreality.com]

[Or just watch here with spanish subtitles...]

Play From the Heart

"Today, a young man on acid realized that
all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration;
that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively.
There's no such thing as death, life is only a dream,
and we're the imagination of ourselves.
Here's Tom with the weather."

· Bill Hicks ·
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GFL SaLuSa - 10.14.2009

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

www.paoweb.com - Ummac Danwww.paoweb.com - GFL Sacred Banner
6 Cib, 19 Tzotz, 5 Caban
Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for, 'Be One! Be in Joy!'). We come again with many things to discuss with you! Right now numerous critical decisions are being made. A great deal of soul-searching is the order of the day for this dark cabal. They collectively realize just how determined our Earth allies are to carry out the final parts of their overall agenda, and the results of myriad recent meetings have taken the starch out of the cabal's belief in its infallibility. Finally these arrogant rapscallions understand that their fall from power is indeed inevitable. What is happening now across your globe is a vast holding pattern that is starting to give way. This massive corroding of the dark's strategies means that, for them, the end is near. What remains is the formal exchange of power, accompanied by a series of very special announcements that will shock the majority of your planetary populace. These pronouncements herald a more prosperous world and set the stage for first contact. Your planet is in dire need of these momentous changes. New technology and the release of some amazing truths are the start of something grand!
In our last message we touched on some of what this entails. But it is important to remember that these things can, as ever, take a little longer than expected. After all, what is being done here is the transformation of a 13-millennia-old reality of corruption and limitation, which has kept humanity imprisoned within a prescribed set of beliefs that dictate how you see your reality. All this is set to change once you begin the transition to your new reality and will require a wholly new conceptual framework and core beliefs. In the past, as your technology improved, you gradually adopted minor changes to your core beliefs, but what is soon to happen will compel you to actually redefine your philosophical base. This process, as you can imagine, will be hard for some and quite easy for others. The purpose of your transitional governments is to see you through this and ensure the disbursement of universal abundance. This abundance can begin the process of freeing you from the nominal constraints of this world; however, there is a pressing need to go deeper, to seek the spiritual, and embrace the fact of your rise in consciousness.
The transition that we are talking about is happening in many ways. First, you are becoming more intuitive. This is because the spiritual realms are adjusting your RNA/DNA ever so slightly upward each decade. This enables you to sense more of Spirit and to feel more at home with what Heaven is doing to make you more conscious. In addition, big change is happening to Mother Earth. Your sciences can identify only a small fraction of the changes to her geology, electromagnetics, and gravitics. These myriad earth changes mirror yours, and thus are intentional. Over the last decade change has become exponential each year, and this speeding-up is to flip the planet and humanity into a new state of consciousness. This new state prepares you for our arrival and your return to full consciousness. In short, a new reality is something most special, and the work required to manifest it is being done now at a very increased rate. Our part is to let Heaven be in charge and to enter your world formally when so appropriate.
First contact, as we have long emphasized, is part of this leap in consciousness. We live in a dreamlike realm that permits Heaven and physicality to merge easily. Our role is to be the stewards of this merger and to use Heaven's wisdom to spread joy, Love, and Light to all of Creation. We come to watch you grow and to ensure that your return to full consciousness occurs as planned. The Anunnaki were always seen as a merely temporary intrusion into your reality. Once you learned the lessons they presented, their task was to let go and permit a swift return to your natural state of consciousness. This journey through darkness was to make you a unique and important addition to this galaxy, able to train the vast populations of the former Anchara (dark) Alliance to become fully conscious and true children of the Light. These many star-nations and former star-empires look forward with joyful expectations to this eventuality! You are to be teachers, mentors, and guides to these many, diverse populations.
Please,

Seven riddles suggest a secret city beneath Tokyo

search.japantimes.co.jp - Shun Akiba
[Shun Akiba, a former high-level foreign reporter, has identified hundreds of kilometers of Tokyo tunnels whose purpose is unknown and whose very existence is denied.]
During the Gulf War in 1991, Shun Akiba was one of only two foreign journalists reporting from Baghdad, along with Peter Arnett of CNN. With such experience and expertise, it would be reasonable to imagine him in great demand right now. Wrong.
Shun is on some kind of invisible blacklist. His book "Teito Tokyo Kakusareta Chikamono Himitsu" ("Imperial City Tokyo: Secret of a Hidden Underground Network"), published by Yosensha in late 2002, is already in its fifth edition. Yet Shun has found it impossible to get the media to take serious note, write reviews or offer interviews.
This is very strange because he has a great story -- evidence of a network of tunnels and possibly an underground city beneath Tokyo that the public is totally unaware of. "Why am I ignored? Can I be on to something, and there is a conspiracy to silence me? I believe so."
What changed his life was finding an old map in a secondhand bookstore. Comparing it to a contemporary map, he found significant variations. "Close to the Diet in Nagata-cho, current maps show two subways crossing. In the old map, they are parallel."
This inconsistency is just the first of seven riddles that he investigates in his book. The second reveals a secret underground complex between Kokkai-gijidomae and the prime minister's residence. A prewar map (riddle No. 3) shows the Diet in a huge empty space surrounded by paddy fields: "What was the military covering up?" New maps (No. 4) are full of inconsistencies: "People are still trying to hide things."
The postwar General Headquarters (No. 5) was a most mysterious place. Eidan's records of the construction of the Hibiya Line (No. 6) are hazy to say the least. As for the "new" O-Edo Line (No. 7), "that existed already." Which begs the question, where did all the money go allocated for the tunneling?

Benjamin Fulford Blog -Updates

· Obama Nobel “peace” prize a sign of Thule society desperation.
The Nobel Peace Committee has proven to the world they are a scam and have permanently destroyed their credibility by awarding war-criminal/mass-murderer Obama a “peace” prize. The members of the Nobel Prize committee and the Nobel family have now clearly shown they are members of the Nazi Thule society and are hereby officially designated as enemies of humanity. To this day the Nobel family makes most of their money from selling high explosives and clearly they are rewarding Obama for promoting war and the sale of explosives even as he talks peace.
These desperate, evil rats will continue exposing themselves to the world through their actions not their words. Expect more Satan worshippers to be flushed from their hiding places over the coming weeks as the Federal Reserve Board undergoes its final death throes.
[Source: benjaminfulford.typepad.com]

· Maybe the Emperor of Japan should abdicate his throne.
The Emperor is probably the biggest taboo in Japan, so discussing his abdication is even more taboo. Nonetheless, there are many reasons why we need to discuss this issue. First of all, the fascistic state Shintoism and Emperor worship installed during the Meiji Era was designed as a colonial policy for ruling Japan. The Japanese were taught to strictly worship the Emperor as a God king without realizing he was taking orders from the British Monarchy. That means they were worshipping the British Monarchy without even knowing it.
The Showa Emperor tried to make Japan and Asia independent during World War II. After the war, he was also successful in the economic policy of overtaking and surpassing the West.
However, at the end of World War II, Japan was forced to sign a secret treaty that made the Emperor and Japanese Prime Ministers subject to the orders of the Freemason Grand Lodge in England. At the top of the Grand Lodge, David Rockefeller and Dick Cheney can be found. Since both the current Emperor and Prime Minister Hatoyama are Grand Lodge Freemasons they must explain to the Japanese people exactly what that means.
Another Japanese taboo that needs to be discussed is the use of North Koreans to rule and terrorize the Japanese citizenry in the post-war era. Many Prime Ministers were North Koreans who acquired Japanese citizenship in order to help enforce colonial rule. In addition, the North Koreans set up fake “right wing” groups of thugs to terrorize and murder Japanese politicians, journalists, academics and businessmen. They also set up several “religious organizations” run by North Koreans and filled with brainwashed people. These organizations were used to systematically infiltrate the bureaucracy, the political world and the police.
To this day the Japanese are scared of criticizing the emperor. Canada is under the British Monarchy but no Canadian is scared of criticizing the Queen. Why should the Japanese be terrified of criticizing the Emperor?
During the Heisei reign, the standard of living of the average Japanese person has fallen dramatically, and the country -as a whole- has become somewhat depressed. The period of rule under former Prime Minister Koizumi was especially humiliating for Japan. The Emperor needs, at least once, to tell the people the real truth of their history.
Do not get me wrong, as a foreign born Japanese I have great respect for the Emperor as a symbol of Japan and the Japanese people. The ancient traditions of the Japanese imperial household are a great cultural treasure that should be preserved and spread as part of humanity’s cultural legacy. However, an Emperor of Japan should first and foremost look out for the interests of Japan.
[Source: benjaminfulford.typepad.com]

·Queen Elizabeth may soon abdicate her throne.
A source in the UK royal family says that Parliamentary debate is closed to the public for the first time since 1688 because they are debating removing the House of Windsor from the Throne of England. The Windsors are actually German and changed their name from Battenberg a century ago in order to appear more English. The Earl of Wales is the leading contender to be the new King of England. However, the debate is still under way and nothing has been finally decided.
[Source: benjaminfulford.typepad.com]

· More about the Queen’s visit to Washington and all the lies we're being told.
Recently, I was contacted by a lawyer who said he represents an Asian “dragon” fund and also works for the Queen of England. He is directly involved in the arrest in Italy recently of two Japanese who were carrying $134.5 billion in gold backed bonds. He said the bonds were owned by good guys who wanted to develop free energy technology and end poverty and do other good stuff. In relation to this incident, the Vatican sent Leo Zagami over to Japan to discuss with me, among other things, these bonds.
The story I was told by Zagami was bizarre in the extreme but I will pass it along in case it helps shed light on the total confusion that seems to be prevailing right now. According to Zagami, the Illuminati or the committee of 300 are a group of interbred families who have been ruling humanity for 26,000 years according to a pre-arranged plot. All world “leaders” according to him (I am pretty sure he was sent as a proxy for Count Hans Kolvenbach, the black pope and still the real power behind the Vatican) have been actors. That is why we use the term “acting president,” he says.
According to Zagami, the plot ends in 2012 and the secret government really does not know what will happen next. He said one faction, known as the Thule Society, was behind all the wars and the nastiness that was going on. They control the Nazis and much of the Islamic world, according to Zagami and other sources. Their leadership consists of George Bush Senior and his cabal. Their goal is to make Obama a Muslim God king of the world, he says. Their plan was for a 1000-year Reich to begin in 2012, he says.
Although Zagami was raised as a Satanist, he struck me as sincere in his wishes for a better world.
After our talks, several other Vatican linked people contacted me and sent me assorted secret Vatican books and documents. If these books are true then it appears that there are some people around today who have been alive for thousands of years. We are currently analyzing the books to see if there is truth to all this.
In any case, the Vatican promised to cooperate in a campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and to allow the development of hitherto forbidden technology like free energy. They said that until now humanity had not been considered “ready” to have this technology.
Following this visit, the lawyer for the Queen and the dragon started negotiating with Vatican linked bankers. The lawyer told me the Israelis had sent a special ambassador at large to argue that the first free energy plant to turn the desert green should be built on Mt. Sinai.
After that a Syrian and a Turk linked to the Thule Society contacted the lawyer and said that if they gave the technology to the Israelis first they would obliterate Israel.
My suggestion to the lawyer was to take the Solomon solution and offer it to them both simultaneously. The Israelis reluctantly agreed but the Syrian and Turk said no. Later, a different group claiming to be a “moderate” Thule society faction contacted the lawyer and said they agreed to begin constructing free energy plants to turn the deserts green simultaneously in many different locations. The Israelis reluctantly agreed.
After this the lawyer called me and told me to call the Bank of Tokyo Mitubishi’s president and ask him to release a $2.13 trillion dragon bond. He said the money would be used to finance the new technology so I agreed to call.
He also told me I needed to call Queen Beatrix of Holland and get her to sign off on the bond. I did not call her but, in any case, she would not sign off on the bond. Holland is a very nice, tolerant and liberal country so, even though Queen Beatrix is married to a Nazi, I am not ready at this point to label her as one of the “bad” people.
In any case, then the lawyer tells me the bond had cleared because Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke had signed off on it. This, of course, disturbed me a lot but I said OK so long as the money is spent on turning the deserts green and that it must not be spent on war.
Following this, according to Casper, the Queen and a “dragon lady” show up in Washington with other bigwigs and lay claim to trillions of dollars. The only problem was the money then went to the Feds and not to the planet earth. So of course, the whole thing was stopped. I suspect the “dragon lady” went along only because I gave the green light and I hope the Chinese make sure she is guilty before doing anything harsh.
No matter what, it appears the European peoples have been living under a totalitarian Babylonian system of absolute monarchy disguised as democracy. As a Canadian I always respected the queen as a benevolent and powerless symbol but would never, ever accept her (or anybody) as an absolute dictator.
There is talk in England now of having the House of Windsor abdicate the throne and be replaced by a new King from a different family. Maybe we Anglo Saxon people would rather be free again than live under an absolute monarch.
This is the situation as far as I can make it so far. There is lots of talk about UFOs and portals to other dimensions and other fantastic stuff. I will believe that when I see it with my own eyes. However, I do know we humans have the technical ability to turn the deserts green, replenish the oceans with fish, end poverty and stop environmental destruction. Our current Babylonian tyrannical leadership (via money printing presses) has caused incredible destruction to the people and living things on this planet. If we replace that leadership, we have the potential to enter an age of prosperity and progress beyond our wildest imagination. So remember, no matter what information and disinformation is thrown your way, keep your eye on the ball. That ball is our true Queen: Gaia the Planet Earth. That is who we are fighting for.
[Source: benjaminfulford.typepad.com]

Benito Mussolini fue espía británico durante la Primera Guerra Mundial

"...the subject which will be of most importance -politically-
is Mass Psychology.
The populace will not be allowed to know how
its convictions were generated.
As yet there is only one
[in 1960] country which has
succeeded in creating this politician’s paradise."

· Bertrand Russell, The Impact of Science on Society, 1960 ·

· Los servicios secretos británicos contrataron al futuro dictador fascista en plena Primera Guerra Mundial.

· Las revelaciones, hechas por el diario The Guardian, se basan en la investigación de Peter Martland, de la Universidad de Cambridge.
· El dictador italiano recibía el equivalente a 6.400 euros a la semana por hacer propaganda probélica.

www.lavanguardia.es - Benito Mussolini fue espía británico durante la Primera Guerra Mundial
[Benito Mussolini, el 14 de enero de 1939, entre su canciller, el conde Ciano, y el premier Neville Chamberlain en Roma]
[Fuente: www.lavanguardia.es]

· El 'Duce' cobró del MI5 en 1917 para que Italia siguiera en la primera guerra mundial.

www.elperiodico.com - El 'Duce' cobró del MI5 en 1917 para que Italia siguiera en la primera guerra mundial
[El MI5 financió 'esto'...]
[Source: www.elperiodico.com]

· Documents reveal Italian dictator got start in politics in 1917 with help of £100[Today, £6000] weekly wage from MI5.

[Benito Mussolini was paid £100[Today, £6000] a week by MI5 to keep Italy in the first world war]
"It's good value for money - he was what the British needed."
· Dr Peter Martland ·


· Benito Mussolini, the Italian dictator and founder of the original Axis of Evil, worked as a British agent for MI5 at the start of his career.
www.telegraph.co.uk - Benito Mussolini, the Italian dictator and founder of the original Axis of Evil, worked as a British agent for MI5 at the start of his career
[Italian dictator Benito Mussolini]
[Source: www.telegraph.co.uk]
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