Diego Camacho sobre el 23-F

El coronel del Ejército, y ex agente del Cesid en España, explica la implicación, en la trama del 'fallido' golpe de estado del 23-F, de Juan Carlos I y los propios servicios secretos españoles.

Acuerdos secretos entre EE.UU. y Japón sobre armas nucleares

UFO Ohio - March 2010

[On FOX8 News, Cleveland...]

Pink UFO - Calm

The shocking truth at the basis of this video was from comments by a whistle-blower who used to work in top secret government projects. Lockheed Skunkworks is the secret part of Lockheed Martin Aerospace. He is just one of more than 500 whistle-blowers in the Disclosure Project that also have shocking truths to share about the UFO/ET issue.

US Air Force, Lockheed Skunkworks Engineer, Don Phillips

These UFOs were huge. They would just come to a stop and do a 60 degree, 45 degree, 10 degree turn, and then immediately reverse this action.During the Apollo landing, Neil Armstrong says, Theyre here. They are right over there and look at the size of those ships. And, it is obvious they dont like us being here.When I was working with the Skunkworks, we signed an agreement with the National Security Agency, and the National Security Council, as well as the CIA. And we kept very quiet about this. Anti-gravitational research was going.

We know that there were some captured craft from 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico. And, yeah, they were real. And, yes, we really did get some technology from them. And, yes, we really did put it to work.We knew each other from what we call unseen industry. We can term it black, deep black, or hidden.
The knowledge I have of these technologies came from the craft that were captured here. I didnt see the craft, nor did I see the bodies. But I certainly know some of the people that did. There was no question that there are peoples, or beings, from outside the planet. Are these ET people hostile? Well, if they were hostile, with their weaponry they could have destroyed us a long time ago.

We got these things that are hand-held scanners that scan the body and determine what the condition is. We can also treat from the same scanner. Are these things real? Well, I can tell you personally that weve been working on them. And we have ones that can cure cancer. Yes, diagnose and cure. Politics, and God bless them, the FDA, and other people whose financial interests could be damaged by the release of certain technologies keep these out of view.

One of the purposes for founding this technology corporation that I did in 1998 was to bring forth these technologies that can help get rid of the toxins—that can clean the air, that help get rid of the need for so much fossil fuel. Yes, it is time. I can tell you personally that it has already started. From the Disclosure Project book, p. 375, 383.

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