H.R. 1207 IN - Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009

Fall of the Republic - Alex Jones

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UFO Finland - 2009

UFO(?) Romania - October 2009

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Palace of Peace and Reconciliation

· Pyramid of Peace and Accord.
Designed by british architects Foster + partners, cost 8.74 billion kazakh tenge (approx. £35m, €38m or US57m), and built to accommodate the triennial 'Congress of World and Traditional Religions'.
deputy-dog.com - Palace of Peace and Reconciliation
deputy-dog.com - Palace of Peace and Reconciliation
deputy-dog.com - Palace of Peace and Reconciliation
deputy-dog.com - Palace of Peace and Reconciliation
deputy-dog.com - Palace of Peace and Reconciliation
deputy-dog.com - Palace of Peace and Reconciliation
deputy-dog.com - Palace of Peace and Reconciliation
[Sources: deputy-dog.com, en.wikipedia.org and www.bdonline.co.uk]
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Royal Family Clones

· Picture Evidence.
elluminati.blogspot.com - Mary & Elizabeth
[Left: Mary (1867-1953), King George V's consort. Right: granddaughter Queen Elizabeth II.]

elluminati.blogspot.com - Edward & Charles
[Left: Edward VII (1841-1910). Right: great-great-grandson Charles.]

elluminati.blogspot.com - Edward & William
[Left: King Edward I (1239-1307). Right: Prince William, his 21 times great-grandson.]

elluminati.blogspot.com - Mary & Harry
[Left: Princess Mary (1867-1953). Right: Harry, her great-great-grandson.]

elluminati.blogspot.com - Elizabeth & Louise
[Left: Queen Elizabeth II -1930. Right: her granddaughter Lady Louise Windsor, Prince Edward's daughter.]
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Benjamin Fulford Blog -10.26.2009

· "Queen Elizabeth is Hitler’s Niece." - Lady Windsor-Cragg
Queen Elizabeth’s father, King George V, was also Adolph Hitler’s half-brother (not father as initially reported) according to Emily Elizabeth Catherine Josephine Mary Windsor-Cragg, (illegitimate) daughter of Edward VIII Duke of Windsor.
“Hitler was born in 1889, five years before Edward VIII, when 'Georgie' (Victoria's favorite) was 23; long before his marriage to May Teck. He was brought up and abused as the eldest son in Bavaria, and Kaiser Wilhelm, the 'idealist,' was in touch with him. The Duke of Windsor met his older half-brother for the first time in Germany in 1937; however, I have a document that shows Hitler was an intel agent for the British in the 1920's, so he probably KNEW Wallis.”

“Edward VIII, Duke of Windsor, was routed out, scapegoated, bankrupted, exiled and labeled as Not-See because his wife, unbeknownst to him on his wedding day, was an MI-5 agent of his Father, King George V.”

“Edward VIII (my dad) was never allowed to marry anybody he liked; only ditsie royal women were permitted to him. So, of course, a black intel ops woman was very attractive, if only because he was so isolated from marriageable women.”

“The whole story is held at Windsor Library in the Royal diary archives near where my father made his home before he was kicked out of England.”

Kaiser Wilhelm was exiled, and Czar Nicholas was slaughtered by the Cocaine addicted bully, George V, because they knew the secret about Hitler’s parentage, according to Lady Windsor-Cragg.
A cousin of Queen Elizabeth says it is “the privilege of kings” to have “dalliances” with various women and have the resulting children sent or “remitted” to South Africa. “There is a place called George in the Outwanicque Mountains in South Africa where in the Knaizna forest you will find the Rex family, the hillbillies of South Africa,” he says. This family has some of the most royal blood in the world and are sent to “finely polished colleges,” he says.
This source also had a bombshell of his own that he would like put out on the net for confirmation or denial on the part of other informed parties:
“Look at Di’s (Princess Diana’s) children. The second one’s father is Diana’s horse trainer and lover. Look at his features, they are identical to those of the horse trainer.”

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