Paradise - Anna Grace

"A new original song I wrote.
Listen to the end.
I like the end best."
· Anna Grace ·

Extraterrestres Fosilizados - Salfate

UFO Triangular - Metepec, Mexico (Eng Subs)

Moon Rising - José Escamilla

On February 25, 1994, 1.8 million photos were taken of the Moon
during the Clementine Mission. Different variations were taken
including “Full Color” photos. This is the first time, in human history,
the Moon is being revealed to you in its “Full Natural Color.”

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NASA UFO Footage [When will NASA come clean?!]

All of these examples (with the exception of the second-to-last one)
were captured on film by NASA astronauts or Russian Cosmonauts
over the past half-century -showing many amazing examples from
different eras- Gemini, Apollo, Apollo/Soyuz Test Project, Skylab,
STS, the ISS, plus a couple Russian source additions from their
unmanned Zond and Mir Space Station programs
thrown in to round things out.

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The mysterious Ipiutak civilization

The Ipiutak poses a puzzling dilemma to archeology.
The lack of artifacts makes the time line of its existence speculative. The hundreds of lodge pits comprise the only evidence of the Ipiutak peoples' existence. The size of the city is another puzzler. It is the largest settlement ever found to have existed in Alaska prior to the arrival of Europeans. Moreover, no other settlement even near its size existed across the expanse of Canada until that country was settled by Europeans. It is a difficult site to explore for there are problems of digging through the frozen earth there. Their dating of the site is admittedly a guess. The Ipiutak could have been there thousands of years before. By the University of Alaska's count there were some 800 lodge pits at the Ipiutak site. These were their permanent lodges. So, let us envision a city of some 1600 lodges of both types. And, we will estimate that each lodge housed a family of five. Then the Ipiutak town must have had a population of 8,000 people! Hardly anything is known about the Ipiutak people except that they existed there at least 3,000 years ago.
Hardly anything is known about the Ipiutak people except that they existed there at least 3,000 years ago. Was this the only Ipiutak town? Well, the Ipiutak certainly were not roving bands. They had a culture that was sophisticated enough to cause them to coalesce into a very large community, larger than any arctic coastal village of either Alaska or Canada today. Such a culture does not develop in one place. There must have been other Ipiutak towns, many of them! But, where are they?
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The Prehistoric Alignment of World Wonders - The Great Circle

Easter Island, Nazca, Ollantaytambo, Paratoari, Tassili n'Ajjer and Giza are all aligned on a single Great Circle. Additional ancient sites that are located within one tenth of one degree of this Great Circle include Petra; Perseopolis; Khajuraho; Pyay, Sukothai and Anatom Island.
Near Ollantaytambo, Machupicchu and Cuzco are within one quarter of a degree. The Oracle at Siwa in the western Egyptian desert is within one quarter of a degree. In the Indus Valley, Mohenjo Daro and Ganweriwala are within one quarter of a degree. The ancient Sumerian city of Ur and Angkor temples in Cambodia and Thailand are within one degree of the Great Circle. The Angkor temple at Preah Vihear is within one quarter of a degree.
This Circle crosses over the source and the mouth of the Amazon, the dividing line between upper and lower Egypt, the mouth of the Tigris-Euphrates, the Indus River and the Bay of Bengal near the mouth of the Ganges. The Circle also crosses over a number of areas of the world that are largely unexplored, including the Sahara Desert, the Brazilian Rainforest, the highlands of New Guinea, and underwater areas of the North Atlantic Ocean, the South Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea.
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Former NATO Head, Lord Hill Norton, Speaks About the UFO Reality

Jimmy Sabori's Papp Engine

A two-cycle engine demonstrates power output of up to 500 HP,
on a dynamometer; and a one-cycle engine, with Plexiglas cylinder,
shows ignition of noble gas in vacuum process,
which current physics says is impossible.

Plasma Expansion Motor
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UFO in Slovakia

Los neorruralistas asustan a Sarkozy

· Francia está plagada de pequeños pueblos habitados por jóvenes alterglobalistas, que votan por la verdadera izquierda y se preparan para la desobediencia civil
En una Francia en plena revolución conservadora, existe una red de pueblos y zonas rurales donde jóvenes procedentes de las grandes ciudades, en su mayoría superdiplomados y eficaces, han decidido que otra vida es posible.
Se retiran del mercado de trabajo, salen del consumismo, crean asociaciones y cooperativas que les sirven de paraguas frente a la Policía o el fisco y, así, restauran servicios por vía autogestionaria.
Más señales de rebeldía: en uno de esos pueblos, se esconde una asamblea de hackers preparando el sistema que va a colapsar técnicamente los futuros robots anti P2P, previstos por la ley Creación e Internet de Sarkozy. En otro, 20 personas participaron en un intenso cursillo de 48 horas para aprender las técnicas de desobediencia civil y de resistencia activa, con el objetivo de saber algún día plantar cara a un capitalista, segar un campo de cultivos transgénicos o interrumpir la construcción de una autopista.
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Benjamin Fulford Blog -9.22.2009

· The world’s fleets come to a halt as the final countdown begins.
The best -real- economic indicator available is the Baltic Dry Index and it clearly shows that world trade is grinding to a halt as the battle to take down the Federal Reserve Board approaches its climax.
An even better illustration is in the photo shown above of a ghost fleet, gathered by Singapore, which is bigger than the combined US and UK navies.
This is only one of many ghost fleets accumulating around the world as trade grinds to a halt.
The Feds meanwhile, like junkies selling off anything and everything to get another dose, just sold the Poles and the Czechs to the Russians by cancelling their missile defense in central Europe in exchange for a few pennies and a bit more time.
After years of trying to encircle and defeat Russia, NATO is now suddenly calling for an alliance with them. However, the Russians have not forgotten it was the Feds who were responsible for the great horrors that killed over 100 million Slavs during the 20th century. They will accept the military treasures this junkie is offering at a pittance, but I[BF] seriously doubt it means they are about to crawl into bed with them.
Expect more unusual news over the coming crucial days and stay alert, because nobody should ever under-estimate the criminal genius of the Feds.
[Source: benjaminfulford.typepad.com]
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