CBS 60mins Reports - 1976 Deadly Swine Flu Fraud


  1. The CDC did NOT test the actual vaccine that ultimately went to 46 millions Americans (X-53).
  2. The vaccine killed hundreds of people and permanently maimed/injured several thousands in America.
  3. The public was NOT warned about the possible permanant neurological sicknesses that could result from taking the shot.
  4. The CDC knew that the shot was dangerous but did NOT put this information on the waivers that people would sign before getting the shot.
  5. The entire vaccine campaign was ordered and started BEFORE any confirmed case of swine flu was actually found.
  6. The actual only confirmed flu case that was deadly (and this is dubious since the soldier refused a sick bed order), was one soldier who had the flu and collapsed on a forced march, all other soldiers, four of them, were back to normal within days without getting a shot.
  7. The CDC freely used the names of well-known movie stars without their permission to launch the campaign successfully, including Mary Tyler Moore.
  8. Mary Tyler Moore did NOT take the shot, although the CDC said she did. She wisely said "NO" because she suspected it was not healthy. Her doctor ulitimately agreed.
  9. Dr. Sencer, head of the CDC at the time, ordered the campaign as well as the advertising for it, and not once was any danger mentioned in any of the literature!
  10. The CDC LIED to the public to sell a vaccination campaign.

Fighting for Freedom (G20 Pittsburgh)

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Anthrax War

It began just days after 9/11 when anthrax letters sent to media and government offices in Florida, New York and Washington DC spread fear and panic across the US and beyond.
When, after a couple of months of media frenzy and headlines, the anthrax story disappeared from public consciousness and the FBI's investigation appeared to be going nowhere, as an investigative journalist I began to wonder why and started looking into it myself.
This was the start of my journey down what my dying friend the Private Eye Dresch would call "the rabbit path" - a convoluted web of connections, alliances and deadly secrets at the heart of the new Bio-Terror Industrial Complex.

The Man Who Knew Too Much?

What secrets did David Kelly take to his [early] grave?

Bob Coen and Eric Nadler, producers of 'Anthrax War', a provocative new investigative documentary covering todays secret and dangerous world of germ weapons and the international biological warfare mafia, on Alex Jones TV.

On June 3, 2009, filmmakers Eric Nadler and Bob Coen held a congressional screening, in the Canon Office Building, with respect to their riveting documentary, 'Anthrax War'. They are also the co-authors of 'Dead Silence: Fear and Terror on the Anthrax Trail', the companion book to the film. Trailers for the documentary, and more detailed information about the investigative project of Nadler and Coen, which was done on a global scale, can be found at www.anthraxwar.com. As a result of the deadly anthrax attacks in the days following 9/11, the Bush-Cheney Gang created a $57 billion Bio-Terrorism Military Industrial Complex. This huge entity, "a cash cow," the authors underscored, has been mostly "privatized," and is also operating "with little oversight."

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Nueva Medicina Germánica - Dr. Hamer

Entrevista al Dr. Geer Ryker Hamer emitida en TVE en el año 1994,
donde aborda la enfermedad del cáncer mediante un contenido del
que quienes dicen llamarse profesionales de la salud oficiales
y sus medios afines todavía no comparten.
El Dr. Hamer es el fundador de la Nueva Medicina Germánica,
la cúal demuestra que se pueden curar enfermedades
sin necesidad de medicación, quimio o radioterapia.

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Microchips en las vacunas de la gripe A

US-NAVY H1N1 'Involuntary' Trial - Apr/09

UFOs España

[En Gijón...]

[...y en el Mar Cantábrico]
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