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Another Chip Found in [Bob ] Boyce's Shoulder

· An RFID reader and an X-ray confirm a VeriChip implant in inventor Bob Boyce's shoulder, where a tumor subsequently formed. More witnesses step forward and steps being taken against Bob Potchen, the likely perpetrator of the implant.
2nd VeriChip implant in Bob Boyce's shoulder - www.examiner.com
Bob Boyce, and one of his associates, reported that Boyce discovered a second VeriChip implant in his right shoulder, deeper than the first VeriChip implant that was extracted during a biopsy for a tumor that formed at that location.
Bob discovered the second chip the way he did the first one. He was working on a toroid at his laboratory bench and noticed that something was broadcasting radio frequencies from his right shoulder.
As we reported last week, the most likely suspect for putting the implant in Boyce's shoulder is Bob Potchen, who is 'former' military intelligence, and who has been modifying (sabotaging?) Bob's hydroxy cell design to the point that it actually diminishes mileage on vehicles on which it is installed. It was while Boyce was at Potchen's Precombustion Technologies Inc. (PTI) facility on May 9 that Boyce first noticed the first chip, accompanied by a numbness in his shoulder, after Boyce had fallen asleep at a desk.
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· Boyce chip implanter suspect identified
· Inventor's terminal cancer courtesy of Verichip?
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