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First Osmotic Power Plant Goes Live in Norway

· The groundbreaking plant produces about enough power to make a pot of delicious coffee.
Osmotic Power - www.popsci.com
Osmotic Power
Osmotic power works by separating saltwater and seawater in two chambers separated by a polymer membrane that will only allow freshwater to pass through. The salinity of the seawater draws the freshwater through the membrane, creating a great deal of pressure on the seawater side. That pressure can be used to turn a turbine to create power.
When it comes to harnessing the energy potential of the oceans, the Norwegians have no problem starting small. The world's first osmotic power plant opened today in Tofte, Norway, utilizing the properties of salty seawater to generate a whopping 4 kilowatts of electricity for the grid, or about enough to power a coffee maker. But the Norwegian company running the project, Statkraft, is a glass-half-full kind of company, claiming that eventually osmotic plants could draw half of Europe's electricity from the saltiness of the sea.
The Tofte plant cost between $7 million and $8 million, not too shabby for a power plant if, of course, it can offer more than just a pot of coffee. One quick solution: implement osmotic plants near desalination facilities, which produce a briny water twice as salty as seawater as a byproduct.
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Your Endangered Mass Media Needs Your Help

Les Visible - smokingmirrors.blogspot.com
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Zionista, Henry Waxman, says that the media needs government help. After I stopped laughing, I reflected on the hard and incontrovertible fact that primarily Zionist-Jewish interests control 96% of the world media. Waxman says,
"We cannot risk the loss of an informed public and all that means because of this market failure" (more laughter).

I don’t know what informed public Waxman is talking about but it wouldn’t be in America unless, all of a sudden, the American public has switched off this endangered media and migrated in a large, bleating mass to the alternative, internet news sites. I haven’t seen that. The official stockyards and approved grazing areas are still packed full of head-bobbing sheep. The resurrection theme of Easter has a different meaning for sheep; lambs in particular.

Obama (rhymes with Osama) says that the troops are now going to come home in 2011. That’s two years down the road but due to collective agreement by White House and Pentagon psychics and soothsayers, they know just when it’s going to be okay to pack it up and relocate it somewhere else. When your politicians are guaranteed and proven to be lying sacks of shit, you need an information industry that trades in nothing else. You need professional shit chefs to mold the shit into tasty morsels of sustenance for the people who have become accustomed to eating it if you serve it to them warm.
Product manufacturers tell you that their product is better than another. This hamburger tastes better than that hamburger. This soft drink is the real thing. The Russians eat their children. America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. The truth is that just about everything is a lie. We get comfortable with that. We agree, for the sake of harmony and mutual benefit, to agree on certain lies instead of uncomfortable truths. It’s just easier and safer. People who go looking for the truth often find more than they bargained for. Sometimes you don’t see them anymore.
Unfortunately for the liars among us, the force of the apocalypse is at work. It’s a natural force, just like the wind and the rain. We don’t understand how it works but we don’t understand electricity either. There are a great many laws of nature that we don’t understand but sometimes we see the sequencing of a power or a process and we can put it to use. The potential in electro-magnetism is immense. There’s immeasurable potential in a great many things that we don’t seem inclined to fund because certain people are already making a great deal of money from other things that would be rendered obsolete if we looked a little deeper.
There is more than enough of everything on Earth to insure that everyone has enough but… that would mean that a few of us couldn’t have too much. Our endangered media has been very useful in holding out the idea that any one of us can be like the chosen few if we just get creative and apply ourselves. That’s another load of shit but shit is both the fuel and the product of the endangered media and they have got a cutting edge catering section that ensures a new and improved palatability every day. Except… except they’re endangered now and their lies are being increasingly exposed to the public eye. As bone dead stupid as a large percentage of people have proven to be, even they are waking up. That’s what the apocalypse does for you.

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