Killing Us Softly 3 Advertising's Image of Women

· Does the beauty ideal still tyrannize women?
· Does advertising still objectify women's bodies?
· Are the twin themes of liberation and weight control still linked?
· Is sexuality still presented as women's main concern?
· Are young girls still sexualized?

· Are grown women infantilized?
· Are images of male violence against women still used to sell products?

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Seven Crimes That Will Get You a Smaller Fine Than File Sharing

1. Child abduction: the fine is only like $25,000.
2. Stealing the actual CD: the fine is $2,500.
3. Rob your neighbor: the fine is $375,000.
4. Burn a house down: the fine is just over $375,000.
5. Stalk someone: the fine is $175,000.
6. Start a dogfighting ring: the fine is $50,000.
7. Murder someone: the maximum penalty is only $25,000 and 15 years in jail, and depending on your yearly salary, would probably be far slighter a penalty than $2 million.

Jammie Thomas was fined $2 million for downloading 24 songs!
[Source: www.prefixmag.com]
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Mercury-tainted fish found widely in U.S. streams

Scientists have detected mercury contamination in every one of hundreds of fish sampled from 291 freshwater streams, according to a U.S. government study.
The neurotoxin enters the environment chiefly as an air pollutant spewed into the atmosphere by industrial emissions, then falls back to the surface in precipitation and particulate matter carried over long distances. The main source of atmospheric mercury, according to the EPA, is coal-fired power plants.
Some of the highest levels of mercury in the latest study were found in the coastal "blackwater" streams of North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Louisiana -- relatively undeveloped areas marked by abundant pine forests and wooded wetlands.
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Clear UFO Iraq - 01.2009

Foot soldiers on patrol in Iraq saw somethink strange in the sky
and filmed it with their night vision.

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NASA Looks for ET - UFO X Files Larry King CNN

Though the video title indicates that NASA is looking for aliens, many of us know that NASA is fully aware of aliens and probably knows where to find a few of them without looking very far. This may be another avenue of disclosure to the public. We believe, as so many others do, that it takes more faith to disprove the existence of UFOs then it does to swallow the facts. It seems that debunker's are not grasping all that encompasses the UFO phenomena. Besides the craft there are the alien experiences that so many have had and the crop circle messages which appear in moments despite their size or complexity. There is also ancient history which depicts their existence and interaction with the human race, so its not just the strange craft that has captured the attention of thousands of people. There is far more occurring on Earth then illusions of craft flying around us. People want and need to know.
· Gregory Brewer, Sacramento UFO Examiner ·

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Full of Life

Award winning documentary depicting the story of a sensitive Japanese teacher
who explores death, humiliation and other feelings with 10 year old children.

History Denied: UFO Secrets Of The US Government: with Sgt. Clifford Stone

Project Camelot Interviews Sgt. Clifford Stone
This soft-spoken gentleman has an astounding tale to tell about his alien friend, Korona. How he went on crash recovery missions in Viet Nam of all places during the 60's and how he helped an alien escape from military custody.
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Update[s] by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

8 Ben, 16 Pop, 5 Caban
Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for, 'Be One! Be in Joy!') We come before you on this special day with a lot to discuss! Everywhere your world is going through a series of important changes. These changes to your reality are a precursor to a greatly transformed realm. These include the way your planetary grid is being realigned. The former fully conscious grid is starting to appear in your atmosphere as strangely timed patterns that seem at first to be tied to the energy streams originating from the Sun. In fact, these are vortexes that are spreading the key nodal points which are to anchor in the new fully conscious grid once the Sun and Mother Earth return to full consciousness. These grids are to extend throughout the planet and will link up with the new electrogravitic grids that are to hold the newly revitalized solar system in place. This process involves interdimensional forces not yet understood by your scientists. Once their thinking moves beyond its present quantum framework into a true spiritual and holistic concept of physicality, this 'strangeness' can begin to make sense to them.
Vast patterns that appear unrelated actually are, because of the interdimensional links between them. Divine Light and Love are the means by which all of this was originally manifested. One notion you need to move beyond is the ludicrous Big Bang theory of creation. Creation began as a series of interlocking states that manifested all that you see and, as of yet, cannot see.
Creation is a combination of unique elements united by means that seem 'odd' and yet in the long run are quite definable. They work in very predictable ways. Knowing this, we can re-create these patterns in matter and bring forth a very suitable and quite natural technology.
This new paradigm is being birthed in all the various disciplines that make up your present science. Researchers are starting to see that discoveries in one area actually have far more relevance in another, quite unrelated area of science. This cross-fertilization is a vital element in your search for a new paradigm. Scientists and many interdisciplinary researchers are coming together at international conferences and putting these new puzzle-pieces together.
The integrity of your sciences, as you know them, is collapsing; yet, in public, their members continue to profess a set of beliefs that no longer hold water. This dichotomy cannot go on much longer. Further, the changes happening to each of you can no longer remain veiled by a massive scientific cover-up. The truth needs to come out and a new paradigm formally proclaimed.
This moment in your history can be regarded as an epoch in which humanity learned some fundamental truths about itself and was able to accept them whole-heartedly. It is not easy, whilst in limited consciousness, to contemplate the coming wonders of full consciousness.
Read all of it...

2 Ahau, 3 Uo, 5 Caban
Beneficial change is being sensed on some level by just about everyone on your world. The world you have known for centuries is in a state of collapse. The 'recovery' being promulgated is an illusion. Certain factors just now starting to appear are to rapidly submerge this notion.
Full consciousness is the divine goal. The Creator decrees that your reality is to transform into a fully conscious one. This is to happen relatively quickly. Many astonishing things are happening throughout the galaxy and in your solar system, and these changes are being scrutinized by your scientists. The reality you currently know is rapidly becoming something quite different. We are seeing all this take place before our very eyes and observe closely as the galaxy shifts back into a unified, multidimensional state. The growing activity within the galactic core and the energy streamers being expelled from the core are two aspects of this. These vast energy waves are reordering the energy fields that weave together space-time. As this reweaving goes forth, the galaxy manifests her beauty in the guise of brilliant colors and awe-inspiring shapes.
Read all of this...
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Benjamin Fulford Blog -8.24.2009

·How Western civilization became like the Borg of Star Trek.
Western civilization has lost its most important asset: the ability to impartially seek the truth, no matter where it might lead. At its peak, Western civilization used logic and science to blast away at superstition and ignorance. Any single person could, by means of evidence and logic, change the way Western civilization thought. The result was unprecedented human progress in many spheres leading to such things as the industrial revolution. However, over a hundred years ago a greedy cabal began infiltrating the West’s institutions and distorting science in the name of power, lust and greed.
Now, the institutions that made the West strong have all been subverted and perverted. Scientific journals have been taken over by a cabal of financiers who use a non-transparent process of “peer review” to suppress discovery that is inconvenient to the cabal’s financial interests. At some point science developed “laws” that could not be broken, evidence be damned! Science, by its very definition, is supposed to be a work in progress based on evidence and facts not “unbreakable laws”.
Inventors who break any of these “laws” (such as the so-called
second law of thermodynamics) are, if necessary, murdered.

Once we have purged these parasites from the collective brain of the West and science is again set free, world civilization will flourish as never before. That day, fortunately for us all, is close.
[Source: benjaminfulford.typepad.com]
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The Union: The Business Behind Getting High

"Marijuana, in its natural form, is one of the safest
therapeutically active substances known to man."
· Francis L. Young, Administrative Law Judge ·

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Crop Circles -2009 Update- Numbers 64 to 69

[Formation Nº 64 @ West Overton - nr Lockeridge, Wiltshire - reported August 9, 2009]

[Formation Nº 65 @ Bishop Sutton - nr New Alresford, Hampshire - reported August 9, 2009]

[Formation Nº 66 @ South Field - nr Alton Priors, Wiltshire - reported August 8, 2009]

[Formation Nº 67 @ Woodborough Hill - nr Alton Barnes, Wiltshire - reported August 10, 2009]

[Formation Nº 68 @ Wayland's Smithy Long Barrow - nr Odstone Hill, Oxfordshire - reported August 12, 2009]

[Formation Nº 69 @ Tidcombe - nr Burbage, Wiltshire - reported August 16, 2009]
[...and by the way, thanks for your patience! -I N P h o b e]