Rocket Waves Destroy Sun Dog

· NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day, 2010 February 23
Exceptional Rocket Waves Destroy Sun Dog - antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov
What created those rocket waves, and why did they destroy that sun dog? Close inspection of the above image shows not only a rocket rising near the center, but unusual air ripples around it and a colorful sundog to the far right. The rocket, carrying the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), lifted off two weeks ago from Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA into a cold blue sky. The SDO is designed to observe the Sun continuously over the next several years, exploring the Sun's atmosphere at high resolution and fast time scales. The air ripples -- seen about one minute after launch -- were unexpected, as was the sudden disappearance of the sundog after the ripples passed. Noticed and recorded by several onlookers, there has been much speculation about the origin of the ripples. A leading hypothesis holds that the ripples resulted from a sonic boom created as the rocket broke the sound barrier, which then jumbled a thin layer of ice crystals that were aligned to create the sundog. Lingering questions include why other rocket launches don't produce air ripples as noticeable, and why the ripples appeared more prominent above the rocket. If you know of images of any other aircraft or spacecraft that have produced similar air ripples, please post them to the discussion thread -- they may be help create a better understanding of the effect.
[Source: antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov]

Solar Box Cooker

Solar box cookers or solar box ovens are one of the easiest cookers to make, and they are very effective. You’ll need a few cardboard boxes, some foil, non toxic black paint, white glue, and an oven cooking bag.

Solar Box Cooker - homemadesolar.net Solar Box Cooker - homemadesolar.net

Solar Box Cooker - homemadesolar.net Solar Box Cooker - homemadesolar.net

Solar Box Cooker - homemadesolar.net
[For complete instructions, go to: homemadesolar.net]
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Crashed Object, Mongolia - 02.19.2010

Crashed Object, Mongolia / 02.19.2010 - img697.imageshack.us

Sun, Large Prominence and Connected Filament - 02.21.2010

The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) is tracking an enormous magnetic filament on the sun. It stretches more than one million kilometers from end to end, which makes it an easy target for backyard solar telescopes.
Sun, Large Prominence and Connected Filament by SOHO - spaceweather.com

Sun, Large Prominence and Connected Filament by C. Swiger & J. Stetson - www.spaceweather.com
C. Swiger & J. Stetson, Portland-ME

Sun, Large Prominence and Connected Filament by Alan Friedman - www.spaceweather.com
Alan Friedman, Buffalo-NY
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US Patent 3,899,144: Powder Contrail Generation

  • Patent granted Aug. 12, 1975
  • Abstract:
  • Light scattering pigment powder particles, surface treated to minimize interparticle cohesive forces, are dispensed from a jet mill deagglomerator as separate single particles to produce a powder contrail having maximum visibility or radiation scattering ability for a given material.

UFOs Pennsylvania - 01.29.2010 (Solid Night-Vision)

Secrets of the CIA

Electromagnetic Health.org

Electromagnetic Health.org
Who are we?
  • We represent citizens concerned about the proliferation of wireless technologies and their impact on health.
  • We represent citizens who want our government to set exposure standards for electromagnetic radiation that are biologically based, instead of being based on long since invalidated thermal standards.
  • We represent the growing percentage of the population that has become electrically sensitive—people who are finding it increasingly difficult to cope in wireless environments. The benefits of modern life, including the ability to participate in society, and hold jobs in traditional office buildings, are increasingly not available to an estimated 3-8% of Americans today.
  • And, we represent the people who want rights of state and local governments to establish healthy environments in their communities returned—rights that were taken away in the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which tied the hands of local governments, preventing them from resisting towers and antennas in their communities on health or environmental grounds—even when harm became clear.
Illness linked to electromagnetic radiation exposure include many cancers, neurological conditions, ADD, sleep disorders, depression, autism, cognitive problems, cardiovascular irregularities, hormone disruption, immune system disorders, metabolism changes, stress, fertility impairment, increased blood brain barrier permeability, mineral disruption, DNA damage and much, much more.
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The Crop Circle Ship

· Blueprints in Crop Circles.

The Crop Circle Ship Wiki - www.cropcircleship.com
[Jeremy Stride's web: www.cropcircleship.com]