Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

5 Batz, 19 Kayab, 4 Eb
Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for, Be One! and, Be in Joy!) We come to continue our discussion about the changes happening to Mother Earth and you. Our Earth allies have entered a very critical period and have asked us to say little about their current activities, beyond stating that much progress was made in the last week and that all longed-for events maintain an imminent status. In the meantime, Mother Earth is inching forward with a multitude of changes. The realm of Agartha is a 5-D reality. The purview of this reality has recently been extended to include the Earth's gravitational neutral zone that lies about 400 miles (640 kilometers) beneath the surface of the planet. In this manner, Mother Earth is moving her 5-D reality incrementally closer to your 3-D surface world. This accounts for many of the geological anomalies currently being observed by your scientists. The so-called magma fields are behaving in unusual ways and this is raising some alarms about a dangerous period of more prevalent seismic and volcanic activities. While this is somewhat true, the main cause is the fact that the geomagnetic fields themselves are being redistributed.
Please,
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2 kids discover plastic-eating microbes

It’s not your average science fair when the 16-year-old winner manages to solve a global waste crisis. But such was the case at last May’s Canadian Science Fair in Waterloo, Ontario, where Daniel Burd, a high school student at Waterloo Collegiate Institute, presented his research on microorganisms that can rapidly biodegrade plastic.
Now another high school student from Taiwan named Tseng I-Ching swept the Intel international Science Fair for her discovery of “red bacteria” in the intestinal lining of mealworms that can metabolize polystyrene.
The preliminary results were encouraging, so he kept at it, selecting out the most effective strains and interbreeding them. After several weeks of tweaking and optimizing temperatures Burd was achieved a 43 % degradation of plastic in six weeks, an almost inconceivable accomplishment.
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Did She Say Code Red?

Russians order Flight Changes, after Massive Magnetic Shift downs Airliners...

Reports circulating in the Kremlin today are saying that Russian Air Force Commanders have issued warnings to all of their aircraft to exercise “extreme caution” during flights “in and around” an area defined as Latitude 17 North [North Atlantic Ocean] Latitude 3 South [South Atlantic Ocean] to Latitude 8 North [Indian Ocean] Latitude 19 South [Indian Ocean] between the Longitudes of 46 West, 33 West, 46 East and 33 East, and which covers the greater part of the African Tectonic Plate.
The reason for this unprecedented warning, these reports state, are the rapid formations of “geomagnetic storms” emanating from the boundaries of the African Tectonic Plate that due to their intensity have caused the loss of two major passenger aircraft during the past month leaving nearly 300 men, women and children dead.
To the catastrophic events occurring within the African Tectonic Plate it has been known for over a year with the reporting of a “new ocean” forming in Ethiopia, and as we can read as reported by Nature News Service:
“Although the birth of an ocean is an extremely rare phenomenon on the largest of historical scales, the geophysics is currently experiencing such an event. Even more dazzling, this occurs in one of the Earth's most inhospitable and arid regions, the Afar Depression in Ethiopia.
The African continent is literally unstitching itself apart just like the sleeve of an old shirt, along the area known as the East African Rift, which traverses it beginning with the southern end of the Red Sea, going through Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique. The molten lava beneath the Earth's surface makes it thin by constantly pushing against it, and eventually breaks it and tears it apart.”
Russian scientists further warn that the West’s “obsession” with manmade Global Warming is a deliberately designed propaganda effort to shield their peoples from the fact that not only our Earth, but all of the planets in our Solar System are currently undergoing rapid warming, and as proved, beyond all doubt, by Doctor Scientist Habibullo Abdussamatov, head of space research at St. Petersburg's Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory in Russia, when in 2007 he released his findings that for the previous 3 years the ice caps of Mars have been melting at an unprecedented rate.
And, as reported by one, of many, dissident Western news sites, “Photographs of the merging of two red spots on Jupiter, evidence of warming on Neptune's largest moon Triton, warming on Pluto that is "puzzling scientists" and, of course, the already documented warming trend on Mars all add up to convincing evidence for increased solar activity across the entire solar system.”
To the most chilling parts of these reports on the current instability of the African Tectonic Plate are those Russian scientists who assert, that, should a powerful enough gravitational force be exerted upon this region [such as that which would occur in our Earth’s presence with a Planet X type body], it would cause this plate to be subsumed with the Atlantic and Indian Oceans completely covering what is now known as the African Continent, and further cause a corresponding rise of what were known to the ancient peoples as the Continents of Atlantis in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and Lemuria in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.
Interesting to note about these current events is that the most documented psychic of 20th century America, Edgar Cayce, predicted that both Atlantis and Lemuria would arise again during the ending of our Earth’s present age, and which many in the World currently believe will be in 2012 as predicted by the Mayan Calendar.
[Source: macedoniaonline.eu]
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CEI Releases Global Warming Study Censored by EPA

The Competitive Enterprise Institute is today making public an internal study on climate science which was suppressed by the Environmental Protection Agency. Internal EPA email messages, released by CEI earlier in the week, indicate that the report was kept under wraps and its author silenced because of pressure to support the Administration’s agenda of regulating carbon dioxide.
The report finds that EPA, by adopting the United Nations’ 2007 “Fourth Assessment” report, is relying on outdated research and is ignoring major new developments. Those developments include a continued decline in global temperatures, a new consensus that future hurricanes will not be more frequent or intense, and new findings that water vapor will moderate, rather than exacerbate, temperature.
New data also indicate that ocean cycles are probably the most important single factor in explaining temperature fluctuations, though solar cycles may play a role as well, and that reliable satellite data undercut the likelihood of endangerment from greenhouse gases. All of this demonstrates EPA should independently analyze the science, rather than just adopt the conclusions of outside organizations.
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Unknown Lifeform in North Carolina Sewer!

Catalunya aprueba el cerco a las fiestas 'rave' y los 'after hours'

·La nueva Ley del Espectáculo, que regula y combate por primera vez este tipo "reuniones", establece nuevas multas e inspecciones.
El Parlament aprobará mañana la nueva Ley del Espectáculo, que regula por primera vez en Cataluña los "after hours" y combate las fiestas "rave", ya que se podrá incautar preventivamente el material musical de estos encuentros, al tiempo que traspasa a los municipios la capacidad de inspección y sanción.
Una de las principales novedades de esta nueva ley es que regula los "after hours", que son establecimientos hasta ahora alegales, y los cataloga como "establecimientos de régimen especial".
La nueva ley también hace referencia a las denominadas fiestas "rave", aquellas que se convocan a través de Internet o de mensajes de teléfonos móviles y reúnen a centenares de personas en un descampado para "estar de fiesta durante varios días, con la música a todo volumen". En estos casos, se permitirá la actuación preventiva de los Mossos d'Esquadra, para poder decomisar los aparatos musicales.
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Was Turin Shroud Faked by Leonardo da Vinci ?

·An upcoming television documentary claims that the Turin Shroud was faked by Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci using pioneering photographic techniques and a sculpture of his own head.
A study of facial features suggests the image on the relic is actually da Vinci's own face which could have been projected into the cloth.
American artist Lillian Schwartz, a graphic consultant at the School of Visual Arts in New York who came to prominence in the 1980s when she matched the face of the Mona Lisa to a Leonardo self-portrait, used computer scans to show that the face on the Shroud has the same dimensions to that of da Vinci.
The claim is made in a Channel Five documentary, to be shown on Wednesday night, that describes how da Vinci could have scorched his facial features on to the linen of the Shroud using a sculpture of his face and a camera obscura – an early photographic device.
Lynn Picknett, a Shroud researcher and author, said: “The faker of the shroud had to be a heretic, someone with no fear of faking Jesus’ holy redemptive blood. “He had to have a grasp of anatomy and he had to have at his fingertips a technology which would completely fool everyone until the 20th century.
The programme explains the theory that da Vinci's forgery was commissioned to replace an earlier version that was exposed as a poor fake, which had been bought by the powerful Savoy family in 1453 only to disappear for 50 years. When it returned to public view, it was hailed as a genuine relic, and experts say it was actually the artist's convincing replica.
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UFO spotted hovering in Hertfordshire

·A couple photographed a UFO hovering in the black sky above their home in Welwyn Garden City, Hertforshire, late at night.
Diane Prior took the shot after her husband Andy, 40, raised the alarm. He was in his back garden with his dog at about 10.45pm when he saw two strange objects over his head. Mr Prior, of Welwyn Garden City, Herts, said: "They were above the clouds, swinging left to right. "There was no noise whatsoever. I was absolutely gobsmacked. I have never seen anything like it before."
He has reported the sighting to the Ministry of Defence. A spokeswoman said: "The MoD examines reports solely to establish whether UK airspace may have been compromised by hostile or unauthorised military activity. "Unless there is evidence of a potential threat, there is no attempt to identify the nature of each sighting reported."
[Source: telegraph.co.uk]
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Benjamin Fulford Blog -7.01.2009

·A warning to the media barons about H1N1 and other bio-weapons.
How can it be that when a well trained science journalist presents 173 pages of evidence of planned genocide and lays criminal charges against the UN, the WHO, major drug companies and world leaders, the corporate media refuses to report it and instead reports things like “Obama interrupted by phone that quacks?”
Jane Burgermeister, who has written for Nature and other publications has proven that, for example, Baxter AG sent 72 kilograms of bird flu virus to 16 laboratories. She is not alone; the evidence is for planned genocide by use of bio-weapons is overwhelming. If the corporate media does not report this ASAP the owners of the major media corporations, including Rupert Murdoch, will be labeled as enemies of humanity.
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BCN finaliza el primer bloque de pisos que produce su electricidad

·La construcción se hizo por módulos para ganar en rapidez y coste y producir menos escombros.
[...] el edificio cuenta con un sistema de producción eléctrica a partir de la combustión de gas[?]. De esta manera se consigue un sistema centralizado de agua caliente --con una tarifa plana-- lo que evita que cada una de las 97 viviendas de que consta la promoción tengan la pertinente caldera. El sistema cuenta también con una caldera a gas como apoyo. La microgeneración aporta el consumo habitual de energía mientras que las puntas de consumo son cubiertas por la caldera. La electricidad sobrante se vierte a la red de suministro que, por ley, debe comprar restos excedentes.
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China y Brasil abandonarán el dólar para comerciar en favor de su divisa

·La crisis terminal de los Bonos del Tesoro estadounidense, el dólar, la libra y el retorno de la inflación.
Con un volumen de emisión de más de 100 mil millones al mes, la ruptura estaba anunciada. Hasta el final del verano, las necesidades incontroladas de financiación de EEUU y Reino Unido junto con la creciente desconfianza de los compradores chinos, brasileños, etc., llevarán a estos a negarse a acumular más papel. Esta negativa provocará la compra masiva de bonos emitidos por sus propios gobiernos por parte de la FED y el Banco de Inglaterra. Lo que viene después no puede ser peor: fuertes alzas del Euro, y del resto de monedas, frente al dolar, hasta el colapso del dólar y la libra con respecto al resto.
Ya solo les quedará el camino de la devaluación, que al ritmo de gasto que llevan, podría llegar al 50%. 'La tormenta perfecta' será particularmente destructiva, reflejando la continuidad en la profundización de la crisis y originará en los meses de septiembre/octubre de este año convulsiones históricas. En particular la incapacidad del Gobierno de EEUU de reembolsar a los titulares de los T-bonds, lo que supondrá una ruptura definitiva del modelo económico que manejábamos hasta ahora.
"El billete verde esta en alerta. Los gobernadores de los bancos centrales de China y Brasil llegaron ayer a un acuerdo para comerciar entre ellos con sus respectivas monedas, dejando de lado así al dólar estadounidense." Con este movimiento se evitaría el uso del dólar estadounidense, y entrarían en el juego comercial sus respectivas monedas: yuanes y reales. Hay que recordar que la semana pasada China reiteró la necesidad de que se busque una nueva divisa de reserva global. En estos momentos, "el país asiático presentó su iniciativa ante la influencia y el daño que la crisis económica internacional esta haciendo en el dólar estadounidense, sin olvidar que China es el primer acreedor mundial de EEUU."
[Fuente: elturcko.blogspot.com]
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