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Diamond Water

What is Diamond Water?
It is spring water which has had its vibrational rate accelerated; this allows it to access higher Life and Intelligence, making it available to respond to the user's intentions.
The technology used to transform this spring water uses the science of numbers as well as music, which is living geometry based on sound. The end result is an encoding device which permits the recording of multi-dimensional codes; these transform the spring water into a receiving medium which then captures higher energies.
When you verbalise intentions to bring you relief, well-being or the resolution of your challenges, you can now record these intentions within the medium of Diamond Water. When swallowed, the Diamond Water associates your spoken intention directly with the corresponding memory of opposite polarity held in your subconscious (the body cells). The activity of the Diamond Water then elevates both the opposite poles concerned until they vibrate at a much higher frequency. This induces a neutralising energy which transforms and resolves these conflicting opposites.
Diamond Water, which is represented by the number 999, brings human beings to a point where they can integrate the Third Level of Consciousness, known as "the Consciousness of the Tree of Life". This allows them to progressively release the Second Level of Consciousness, known as "the Consciousness of the Tree of Good and Evil". Here we are concerned with the Tree of Life with its twelve kinds of fruit, referred to in Revelations 22: 1-2. The twelve kinds of fruit are in fact the twelve chakras of man, finally re-activated by the integration of that Consciousness where opposing poles no longer confront each other, but rather complement each other producing a Third State at Point Zero. Man thus becomes that Place where the uninterrupted flow of light energy pours through a physical body which becomes an ever greater "supra-conductor".
This Diamond Water is feminine by nature and designed to receive impressions. It cannot be defined using masculine terms such as strength or efficiency but rather in terms of "loving and wise responses".
The strength of this water resides in its response to the "sacred verbalisation of our intentions" (see 'Alchemy of The Human Spirit' by Kryon, French edition by Ariane, Quebec, p.266). Diamond Water is virgin - nothing is recorded in it. Only when you vocalise your intentions through the heart - which purifies them - will you impress them upon this strongly responsive medium. The results will depend directly on what you imprint upon the Diamond Water medium and the degree of emotional charge behind it.
Diamond Water's level of consciousness operates beyond the fourth dimension. In effect, positive - negative polarity does not exist at this level. If anyone attempts to measure this level of consciousness and its activity on a dowser's scale (or any other calibrated scale), the only thing measured will be positive or negative output resulting from the dualistic memories of the user, as re-transmitted by the Diamond Water.
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The Cube - Jim Henson (Non-muppet...)

Galactic Federation Of Light & The Council of 12

When you look back on these times in the years to come,
what do you want to remember?

Will you think of these pre-2012 moments as
having been a time of great opportunity?
Consider the kinds of opportunities that are present right now.
Imagine how even one of them could help
shift the Earth into a planet of Light.

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