Workers to break ground on New Mexico spaceport

The wide-open desert of southern New Mexico has long been a key passageway: Spanish conquistadors used it to settle North America, and wagon trains and railroads rattled through on their way to California.
Today, New Mexico is hoping the forgotten stretch of cattle ranches and mountain ranges will become a gateway to space.
Gov. Bill Richardson and others are preparing to break ground Friday on construction of a terminal and hangar facility at the world's first commercial spaceport built with the idea of launching private citizens into space for profit. Some 250 people are lining up to pay $200,000 each to take the trip as early as next year.
It's called Spaceport America, a $200 million taxpayer-funded project where the sky is not the limit. From the 10,000-foot runway, spacecraft will take flight attached to an airplane, then break free and rocket 62 miles into space before returning to the facility. The flights will last about two hours and include five minutes of weightlessness.
Science fiction? Not by any stretch.
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UFO over King's Dominion

UFO Colombia News 12/06/2009

Israel: Military Robot Snake

No new clues on causes of Air France crash

French investigators have no further clues on what caused the crash of an Air France jetliner in the Atlantic two weeks ago, the head of France's investigation agency said on Wednesday.
More information might be available in the coming days, Paul-Louis Arslanian told reporters, urging the public to show "a lot of patience" while the search for wreckage and bodies continued in the Atlantic Ocean.
He was speaking at a news conference on the search efforts and what investigators called "unfavorable conditions" in the remote area of ocean where the Airbus A330 crashed en route from Brazil to Paris on June 1[June 1? 2 weeks have passed already... Any explanation, after so much time has passed, has to be looked at with suspicion!].
The investigation agency has so far said data transmitted from the plane before it crashed indicated unreliable speed readings from the aircraft's sensors, but that it was too early to say whether this contributed to the accident.
All 228 people on board the plane died in the crash, making it the worst disaster in the history of Air France.
[Source: theprovince.com]
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New Glimpses of Life’s Puzzling Origins

The origins of life on Earth bristle with puzzle and paradox. Which came first, the proteins of living cells or the genetic information that makes them? How could the metabolism of living things get started without an enclosing membrane to keep all the necessary chemicals together? But if life started inside a cell membrane, how did the necessary nutrients get in?
The questions may seem moot, since life did start somehow. But for the small group of researchers who insist on learning exactly how it started, frustration has abounded. Many once-promising leads have led only to years of wasted effort. Scientists as eminent as Francis Crick, the chief theorist of molecular biology, have quietly suggested that life may have formed elsewhere before seeding the planet, so hard does it seem to find a plausible explanation for its emergence on Earth.
Read all of it...
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F.D.A. Warns Against Use of Popular Cold Remedy

Federal drug regulators warned consumers to stop using Zicam, a popular homeopathic cold remedy, because it could damage or destroy their sense of smell.
The action is an early indication that the Obama administration is likely to take far more aggressive enforcement actions against drug companies than the Bush administration did.
The Food and Drug Administration received 130 reports from consumers and doctors of people losing their sense of smell after using one of the Zicam nasal products, which include Zicam Cold Remedy and Zicam Cold Remedy Swabs. The reports date to 1999, when Matrixx Initiatives of Scottsdale, Ariz., first introduced the products.
In 2006, Matrixx paid $12 million to settle 340 lawsuits from Zicam users who claimed that the product destroyed their sense of smell, a condition known as anosmia. Hundreds more such suits have since been filed.
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Clean-energy windmills a 'dirty business' for farmers in Mexico


The windmills stand in rows like an army of Goliaths, steel towers taller than the Statue of Liberty and topped with blades as long as a jetliner's wing. The blades whoosh through the humid air, carving energy from a wind that rushes across Mexico's Isthmus of Tehuantepec on its journey from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean. Nearly every day, another tower rises out of the countryside.
The isthmus — Mexico's narrowest point — is becoming the Saudi Arabia of alternative energy as U.S. and European companies, emboldened by new technology and high oil prices, rush to stake their claims in one of the world's windiest places. The Mexican government wants the isthmus to produce 2,500 megawatts within three years, a goal that will require thousands of windmills and would catapult Mexico into the top 12 producers of wind energy.
"This is one of the finest wind areas in the world, and they are being very ambitious about developing it," said Martin Pasqualetti, an expert on renewable energy at Arizona State University who has studied the region. "They're trying to do in five years what California took 35 years to do."
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Gold sold like chocolate from German vending machines

·Shoppers in Germany will soon be able to buy gold as easily as bars of chocolate after a firm announced plans to install vending machines selling the precious metal across the country.

TG-Gold-Super-Markt aims to introduce the machines at 500 locations including train stations and airports in Germany.
The company, based near Stuttgart, hopes to tap into the increasing interest in buying gold following disillusionment in other investments due to the economic downturn.
Gold prices from the machines – about 30 per cent higher than market prices for the cheapest product – will be updated every few minutes.
Customers using a prototype "Gold to go" machine at Frankfurt Airport on Tuesday had the choice of purchasing a 1g wafer of gold for €30, a 10g bar for €245, or gold coins.
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Britain set for its first 'hydrogen highway'

·Britain's is set for its first "hydrogen highway" - a network of fuelling stations to enable cars to run on gas.

Plans to follow the initiative spearheaded in California by the Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former actor and now state Governor, were disclosed during the unveiling of Britain's first hydrogen-powered car.
The filling stations will be put in place by BOC, which is working with Riversimple, the company behind the car which will have a range of more than 200 miles on a tank of hydrogen.
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Net response to Iran shows we are all newsmakers now

·Coverage of the Iran uprising shows the beauty of the internet - connecting us to events in another country.
The internet is a brilliant machine for spreading information. Data shoots across the network at the speed of light, passing from one node to another. It's unmotivated by fear or repression or greed, and can shine a torch into the darkest corners to help bring what was hidden to the world.
The uprising in Iran has been a perfect case in point - despite state censorship, the suppression of journalists and the shutdown of communications - the story has been covered from almost every angle: and the internet has played a vital part in getting the information out.
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The swine flu vaccine is designed to weaponize the H1N1 virus

·Lab mix-up could have resulted in pandemic. more...
·Baxter has been caught red-handed nearly triggering pandemic. They are also moving ahead, together with allied pharma companies, with supplying the "vaccine" for pandemics.
·The criminal charges Benjamin Fulford filed, against Baxter and WHO, with the Austrian police (in German, but with a partial English translation).
A journalist in Austria has forwarded proof that the anti-swine flu vaccine they are trying to -mandatorily- make everyone take is actually designed to weaponize the H1N1 virus and kill billions of people. We issue a warning to all Medical associations and WHO staff: if you try to proceed with this plan you will be labeled as enemies of humanity and there will be a bounty placed on each of you.
[Source: benjaminfulford.typepad.com]
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La NASA inicia el camino del regreso del hombre a la Luna

·EEUU lanzará esta semana dos sondas espaciales para analizar el satélite.
A un mes del 40° aniversario de la primera llegada del hombre a la Luna, la NASA lanzará esta semana dos sondas espaciales que estudiarán las condiciones de este satélite para el regreso humano. Estos robots, a bordo del cohete Atlas V, tratarán de confirmar si hay agua o no, y buscarán sitios de alunizaje y datos científicos en el único satélite natural de la Tierra, pisado por primera vez en 1969 y por última en 1972.
La misión, protagonizada por las sondas LRO (Orbitador de Reconocimiento Lunar) y LCROSS (Satélite de Observación y Detección de Cráteres Lunares), constituye la primera etapa para preparar misiones tripuladas a la Luna y después a Marte y el conjunto del Sistema Solar. El lanzamiento será mañana o el viernes, en función de cómo vaya el del transbordador Endeavour, previsto para hoy.
Dicho programa se enmarca dentro de un ambicioso proyecto espacial lanzado en el 2004 por el expresidente Bush, que prevé el regreso de astronautas al satélite en el 2020.

BUSCANDO AGUA[...agua???]
A lo largo de 12 meses, la sonda LRO orbitará en torno a la luna para cartografiar su superficie con una precisión sin precedentes, y se encargará de detectar posibles sitios de alunizaje y obtener mediciones precisas de las temperaturas del suelo y de las radiaciones cósmicas. La LCROSS tiene la misión de buscar agua en un cráter cercano al polo sur, donde emisiones de hidrógeno detectadas previamente podrían indicar la presencia de hielo. Para ello, estrellará una porción vacía del cohete contra un cráter lunar a 9.000 kilómetros por hora.

A pesar de que la información actual sugiere que la superficie del suelo lunar es totalmente seca, los científicos consideran que los cráteres profundos de los polos podrían contener hielo. Si esto fuera así, el hielo lunar podría usarse no solo para el sustento de los astronautas, sino también como fuente de combustible para exploraciones espaciales más allá de la Luna.
Los primeros indicios de la posible presencia de agua en la Luna datan de 1966, cuando la sonda Clementine registró señales de radar desde el polo sur del satélite similares a las de regiones heladas. 32 años después[...vaya espera!], el artefacto lunar Prospector detectó señales de agua en ambos polos, aunque solo midió el hidrógeno y no en qué materia estaba contenido.
[Fuente: elperiodico.com]
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La Polla Records

[Qué Paz, No Somos Nada, 1987]Esta paz huele mal, es la paz de los muertos

No queremos esta paz podrida, es un ser deforme
Esta paz impuesta por los que dominan es de cementerio
Guerra siempre al Estado
Guerra hasta que caiga
Guerra para destapar su guerra encubierta

Del Estado al hombre es orden;
del hombre al Estado, violencia

Esta paz huele mal, es la paz de los muertos

La comodidad de ser dominados nos lleva al silencio
¿Quieres ver lo que es sufrir por estar despierto?
Guerra siempre al Estado
Guerra hasta que caiga
Guerra para destapar su guerra encubierta
La paz del cerdo cuando lo engordan para comerlo

[Mentiras Post, No Somos Nada, 1987]Aquí en Mentiras Post, diario de la mañana,
lo nuestro es desinformar,
somos propiedad privada
Controlamos a la gente opinando seriamente

Sepa toda la verdad y llegue al fondo de la noticia
y si quiere usted cagar, sepa con lo que se limpia

Esta prensa, quien la paga manipula la realidad,
retocando, recortando, deformando la verdad

[Odio A Los Partidos, No Somos Nada, 1987]Tío Marx está podrio, tío Mao está cagao
Jesucristo está en mi culo y Buda en mi oreja,
Hitler tiene sucesores y nadie los ve

¡Odio a los partidos, fuego a las banderas!
¡Odio a los partidos, fuego a las banderas!

En el nombre de una idea yo no me quiero morir
Pensadores en sillones no me van a dividir
Y tus bonitas banderas a mi espalda quedan

¡Odio a los partidos, fuego a las banderas!
¡Odio a los partidos, fuego a las banderas!

Por aquí el tiempo es bueno y el niño come muy bien
A la mierda ideologías, ideólogos también

No me sigas ni me adores que yo no te sigo a tí
Allá tú y tu ideología... yo tengo la mía

¡Odio a los partidos, fuego a las banderas!
¡Odio a los partidos!
Fuego, fuego, fuego, fuego, fuego

[...y todo esto, ya desde 1987...]