U.S. Intelligence Planned to Destroy WikiLeaks

Author claims CIA still testing drugs on people

In August 1951 a small French village near Marseilles became a part of CIA funded experiment with drugs. As a result 500 people were affected, there were at least three suicides and 40 people were taken to a nearby psychiatric institute. That's according to Hank Albarelli, an American writer who spent over ten years looking into who was behind the secret tests.

CIA LSD Experiment on Psychosis

In this 1955 film, a CIA-funded study examines medical experiments to determine the efficacy of LSD-25 and MER 17 (Frenquel) on treating psychosis.

Mind over Matter

The sixth program from the "Mind Over Matter" series (Thames, 1980), in which eyesight and electron microscope researcher Dr. Kit Pedler and TV presenter, producer and writer Tony Bastable discuss how so-callled "paranormal" mental phenomena is compatible with quantum theory principles.

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Rayo de luz, pirámide de Kukulkán - Chichén Itzá

Tercer Milenio, de Jaime Maussan, presenta la investigación sobre la fotografía del pulso de luz de la pirámide de Kukulkán en Chichén Itzá, México.