Students refuse to enlist due to 'occupation'

· Traditional letter signed by high school seniors slams Israel's 'oppressive policy in occupied territories'.
Dozens of students signed this year's high school seniors' letter, which has traditionally attempted to challenge Israel's mandatory army service policy. Similar letters have circulated every few years since 1979, all calling on teens to object to IDF service.
"We Jewish and Arab teens from throughout Israel hereby announce that we object to Israel's oppressive policy in the occupied territories and within the state of Israel, and therefore we will refuse to take part in these activities, which are carried out in our name by the Israel Defense Army," says the letter, signed by 80 students.
"The occupation has led the Israeli army to violate time and time again the international accords Israel has signed, UN resolutions, international laws, and the constitutional laws of Israel itself."
The letter concludes by stating, "Our refusal to be soldiers of occupation derives from our fidelity to the values and society that surround us, and is part of our continuing battle for peace and equality, a battle whose Jewish-Arab character proves peace and coexistence are possible."
Amalia Merkovitch, an 18-year old high school senior, told Ynet she and her comrades would send the letter to various ministers, as had been done in previous years.
She says the letter does not refer specifically to the Second Lebanon War or even Operation Cast Lead in Gaza, but rather calls on teens to evade army service because of "everything that happens on a daily basis in the IDF – the evils of occupation, large and small".
Merkovitch classifies herself as a "future army refuser", and says that she and three friends plan to be taken to military prison on the day of their mandatory enlistment until it is canceled.
[Source: www.ynetnews.com]
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NYC Street Knowledge

Madeleine Albright Confronted on Bilderberg and NWO Crimes

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Something On The Moon

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TWM Technology Motor-Generator Demo

The demo shows a 100 watt lightbulb being lit off of 1 set of output secondary coil leads. There are 4 more sets at which you could load another4 bulbs with. The rpms should have been displayed. We use a total of 8 batts, 4 for each side. We put 48 volts into pos side and 48 volts into neg side with a central ground grounding out both sides. Hollow-core is the electromagnet itself. No iron, it's made of wood, achieving 14,000 plus rpms that poc (proof of concept) is estimated 30% of its capabilities when we sensorize models we wil eliminate backlash voltage (back emf) adding efficiency. We have been using these batteries for three years to demo this motor. I will send you another video, for those were just tests, demonstrating everything in detail showing it under load, charging another seperate battery pack with output side. In each motor there 10 coils (electromagnets) which not only drive the motor with a DC input/pulse, and the same 10 coils absorb an output AC power through secondary wire leads. Each coil has a primary wire with positive and negative side and also a secondary wire (output) generator leads. Thus for, we recycle our own energy that just DC pulsed input side 48 volts to positive side, 48 volts to negitive side (live positive/live negative) with a central ground is both positive and negative. So what you're seeing is energy used to drive motor then absorbed in to secondaries rectified and routed to a capacitor pulse with modulation we control output voltage through capacitor flashes 205 volts out.

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Secret United Nations Meetings on Extraterrestrial Life Continue: Threats Used to Prevent Diplomatic Leaks

by Michael E. Salla, Ph.D
On October 8, 2008, I[MS] met with the original source that disclosed that a secret meeting had been held at the United Nations headquarters in New York City on February 12 to discus UFOs and extraterrestrial life. The original source, Source A, discussed the most recent developments concerning secret meetings conducted under UN auspices to discuss UFOs and extraterrestrial life. The October 8 meeting was attended by Source A, Clay and Shawn Pickering (who kindly set up the meeting) and Bob Vanderclock.
Threats to UN Diplomatic Community
I[MS] raised the issue of two independent reports that diplomats had been physically threatened to remain silent about UN discussions on UFOs and extraterrestrial life. I[MS] emphasized that one of the sources involved a senior European diplomat that had relayed that the physical threats were genuine and diplomats were being silenced.
Source A mentioned that one of the reasons that the UN had been chosen was that the diplomatic community is very good at leaking information. This was an important consideration in the controlled leakage initiated by the admiral and other senior Navy officials "to gauge the responses." In particular, they wanted to see the public response to the UN disclosures, and also the media response. The choice of UN ambassadors to receive the information was a strategic choice to help move forward the disclosure process. All ambassadors were fully briefed by their military liaisons on what transpired at the Upstate NY and European meetings. The Ambassadors were therefore an important part of the controlled leak and the covert Navy group is very interested in any threats made against them that impacts on the disclosure process.
Source A said that the world is hostile to extraterrestrial disclosure, that's what the US Navy's covert group is finding out. They are trying to find out where the hostility is coming from and whether it can be neutralized and reduced.
Source A confirmed the independent reports that UN diplomats were being threatened not to reveal to the public anything about the secret UN meetings discussing extraterrestrial life. Source A got his confirmation from unauthorized sources that he pointed out were more accurate than authorized sources. Unauthorized sources involved covert intelligence operations, and that Source A's counterparts from the British M.O.D. were involved.
The covert Navy group behind the UN disclosures is trying to track down the source of the threats to the UN diplomats. So far these have been traced to international corporations.

The Role of International Corporations
I[MS] asked Source A if he was familiar with the Admiral Wilson incident where in 1997 in a meeting with Dr Stephen Greer and Dr Edgar Mitchell, Wilson was given codes to classified extraterrestrial related projects. Dr Mitchell recently commented in an interview about the incident substantially confirming what Greer had earlier disclosed.
I[MS] pointed out that Admiral Wilson was apparently denied access by the attorneys of a corporation. Source A said that many defense projects are subcontracted out to corporations. While DARPA may have started as the lead agency, they then subcontracted out to US and international contractors, e.g., SAIC, Lockheed, BAE, Airbus, EADS, etc. He pointed out that Corporations are much better at keeping secrets than the military. Small companies often chosen to do black projects, e.g., 300 employees. They can more easily enforce discipline to keep the projects secret. The US Defense Industry is filled with projects given to corporations. From our discussion, it was clear that there was much concern over the prominent role played by corporations in controlling information and access to extraterrestrial related projects.

There appears to be genuine concern over the way in which covert projects involving extraterrestrial related information is being run and the role played by corporations in controlling this. The extent to which the US Navy and other military forces have been sidelined in the internationalization and corporatization of extraterrestrial related projects is a major cause for concern. This is especially important insofar as threats to the diplomatic community to remain silent about the UN UFO/ET meetings have been traced to corporations.
It does appear that an important convergence of interests has led to senior US Navy officials in covert operations embarking on a controlled leak of information to the UFO/exopolitics community. This is a promising development given the nature of the privatized control system that has emerged to manage extraterrestrial related information. The lack of oversight and transparency of such a control system is not only a major cause of concern for the general public, but also for senior military officials who take seriously their oath to uphold and protect the US Constitution.
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UFO and a Light Beam, Murrysville, PA - 10.10.2009

David Wilcock, AudioBlog - 10.10.2009

The truth behind the UFO Phenomena is reaching critical mass.
David Wilcock is a professional lecturer, filmmaker and researcher of ancient civilizations, consciousness science, and new paradigms of matter and energy. His upcoming Hollywood film 'Convergence' unveils the proof that all life on Earth is united in a field of consciousness, which affects our minds in fascinating ways.

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