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A global paradigm shift is getting closer

The tectonic plates of world power are shifting in ways that will be seen by many as being apocalyptic. Information from sources including senior Yakuza, the European illuminati, Asian royal families and the British Royal family make it clear some sort of climax is approaching.
The current main axes of secret power are: the Chinese secret societies, the Anglo-Saxon establishment, the Saiid family and the Agha Khan family (who control Islam), the Teutonic Knights (the Nazi Thule society and Skull and Bones), the Rothschild clan (who consider themselves to be the kings of the Jews even though 99% of Jews don’t know this), the European illuminati, and the super-secret Dragon clans.
At present the Chinese, the Anglo-Saxon establishment, the Dragon clans and the European illuminati agree on the need for an intensive campaign to develop forbidden technology, end poverty, stop environmental destruction etc. President Obama is on the phone with our side regularly now so hopefully he will soon be reading a happier new script on his teleprompter.
The Nazis and the Rothschilds are now desperately sucking up to the families that control Islam in a bid to keep power. They are likely to get short shrift. However, our group is still expecting to hear from Islamic representatives, Inshallah (Allah willing), to see where they stand. That is how things stand at present to the best of our knowledge.
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Cumbre Europea de Exopolítica 2009 - Barcelona


Cosmic messenger updated–Ashtar on TV

Voice of the Cosmic messenger updated-Ashtar on TV

Disclose it!

disclose it!

The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class

Distinguished law scholar Elizabeth Warren teaches contract law, bankruptcy, and commercial law at Harvard Law School. She is an outspoken critic of America's credit economy, which she has linked to the continuing rise in bankruptcy among the middle-class.

War in the Heavens

Appearing on the podcast Beyond the Grassy Knoll always provided this writer [Paul David Collins] with a great opportunity to kick around the hypothetical peanut. The March 8, 2009 show was certainly no exception. During the course of the program, the topic of the specter of global war raised its ugly head. The possible, almost inevitable, endgame scenario is a gloomy subject to say the least. Still, the fact that the final competition between the world's power elite may be manifested as a worldwide conflict is something that show host Vyzygoth felt needed to be addressed. Cutting directly to the chase, Vyz asked when we believed the first blows in the title fight should be expected. In response, this writer[Paul David Collins] told Vyz and the Knoll audience that a world war would not be possible until nations could produce troop surges that would put a million boots on the ground. Demographic bleed and a considerable drop in replacement births, courtesy of the power elite's depopulation efforts, limits present war-making capabilities and guarantees that such a conflict will be delayed for several years. Vyz accepted this assessment of the situation and moved on to the next part of the show.
There is, however, other war preparations that may have to be made that only came to this writer's mind after the show was over. Those preparations would not take place on the earth, but above it. For enthusiasts of space travel and man's attempts to conquer gravity, space is considered the final frontier. But for the military establishments of the world's most powerful nations, space has become the final battleground.
The concept of space weapons may have found its beginning in the most unlikely of places: late 19th century science fiction stories. These early literary fantasies imagined a super weapon with destructive force that beggared description. The super weapon came in many shapes and sizes and quickly shed its terrestrial chains within the pages of science fiction novels.
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El calor del subsuelo se abre paso para la climatización de edificios

·La geotermia explota la temperatura de 15° estable todo el año en las capas superficiales.
·Los fabricantes dicen que la instalación se amortiza entre los 5 y los 10 años.

El sistema, conocido como geotermia superficial o geotermia de baja entalpía, empieza a expandirse en España tras décadas de éxito en Estados Unidos, Japón y diversos países europeos, como Suecia, Austria, Suiza, Alemania y Dinamarca. En esencia, lo que se hace es aprovechar el calor acumulado en el suelo como resultado de la radiación solar.
La Tierra absorbe y cede calor de manera que la temperatura en las capas someras, entre 5 y 100 metros de profundidad, "se mantiene más o menos homogénea a lo largo del año, con independencia de las condiciones meteorológicas", explica Manel Vinyals, director de I+D de Geotics, empresa especializada en geotermia que ha realizado el proyecto de la Harmonia. En España, ese calor ronda los 15 o 16 grados.
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La Toma / The Take - Naomi Klein & Avi Lewis

We are the mirror to look into.
The mistake to avoid!
Argentina is the waste that remains of a globalized country.
We are where the rest of the world is going.
(Anonymous, 2004)
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