SUVs and the Reptilian Brain - 60 Minutes

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Pirating the Open Spaces

Sun-grazing Comet - 01.03.2010

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2009: The Year of UFOs

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The next is a compilation of over a thousand -1000!- videos of UFO sightings from last year alone... and on YouTube only (How many sightings where there really then??)... and of the same type of phenomena: Orange UFOs -from all around the world! They fly slowly -making no noise- sometimes they stand still in the sky for a few minutes or disappear in the next moment. They are a blinking -pulsating- orange, and sometimes they change colors.
Be aware: each of the following links has the amount of videos stated! It's a huge piece of work...]

Clockwork "Orange Objects 2009"

Part I (January - June) [200 videos]
Part II (June - July) [199 videos]
Part III (July - August) [199 videos]
Part IV (September) [188 videos]
Part V (September - October) [200 videos]
Part VI (October) [197 videos]
Part VII (November) [200 videos]
Part VIII (November) [200 videos]
Part IX (November - December) [193 videos]
Part X (December) [200 videos]
Part XI (December) [200 videos]

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2009: The Year that 'Perpetual Motion' Ended

jibbguy - jibbguysblog.blogspot.com
by Steve Windisch - Dec, 2009
Looking back over the year 2009, we can see many important changes. Interestingly enough, the major changes soon to be related here were mostly not publicized in the Mainstream… Yet they certainly happened nonetheless. This interesting dichotomy comes from how the mainstream scientific community has viewed the topic “Free Energy”; and how their former attitudes on this subject appear to have embarrassingly painted them into a corner; from which there is no extraction without loss of face… and even worse, requiring at least tacit admission of a serious failure in the past to view the science objectively; and pursue the study of many varied energy-related technologies which could, “coincidentally” very favorably compete with the use of Coal and Oil as fuels.
They are not likely to tell us they were “wrong”, so we must point this out for ourselves. The information related here can be easily checked; and if we look at the data objectively, there is little doubt that most will come to similar conclusions. Yet the point is not to place blame; but to move forward, and get the errors and suppressions behind us… so real progress can be made in the genre of alternative energy research: Something that has not happened on this planet in a serious way (with the lone exception of “Nuclear Fission”, inextricably linked to weapons research), for over a hundred years and counting.

"Perpetual Motion Nonsense!"

Supposedly (as we were often told, anyway), “Achieving Perpetual Motion” was the “Dream” of free energy inventors for many decades. But this is not so; and has been used thousands of times as a clever lie and attack phrase to denigrate alternative energy research, by painting the inventors as “kooks” striving for something that “cannot exist” by the Sacred Laws Of Thermodynamics… used as an ad hominem epithet that has loaded psychological meaning; carefully crafted over the years to instantly give a negative connotation which allows the user to completely ignore the data and arguments, and simply “attack the messenger” to end any meaningful debate. And it has worked successfully for decades.
But the Truth of this matter is, that the vast majority of free energy inventors do not seriously disagree with the Conservation of Energy (“CoE”)… They simply believe that these laws are incomplete; and that it is possible to tap currently undefined and unseen energy in an Open System that does not adhere to these “Laws”. Considering that they were written in the 1860’s… before the advent of “Atomic Theory”, or even most of “Molecular Theory”; it would actually be absurd to expect these “Laws” to hold in all instances; knowing what we now know. Yet, this has still been the “official stance” for many years. And this “Perpetual Motion” epithet has been used many times to deflect the possibility that viable, safe, clean, and cheap energy alternatives to coal and oil do in fact exist… and that if these alternatives were properly and openly studied; the world would quickly benefit from them.
This article will show that the use of this “Perpetual Motion Nonsense” negative attack phrase as a method of denying alternative energy technologies is now over: Flat, irretrievably done and finished… forever.
Because, the Laws of Thermodynamics have conclusively been proved wrong in significant instances; and the amazing part of this is, that “quietly”, the mainstream scientific community certainly knows and accepts this fact. Yes: Amazing as it sounds to many who had no idea that such a major change has taken place; this is indeed true (as we will soon see).
Apparently the mainstream scientific community and media just forgot to tell us.
And although such a statement as “CoE is Dead” will raise many hackles, and knee-jerk shouts of derision from thousands who still hold these “Laws” to be “Immutable” (with many folks standing by them much more than they would actual religious Laws such as “The Ten Commandments”)… These cries will now come only from the uneducated, or those who disingenuously continue to deny out of fear of having to modify their world-views… in other words, there will always be those who deny, yet they are now the “Fringe”, the “Flat Earthers”… and not those they previously aimed to attack in the alternative energy community: A state of affairs that will certainly be amusing and refreshing for many folks, but not very humorous for the anti-free energy “skeptical community”; who now find themselves left adrift by the very “Science” that they claimed to adhere to.
But that is not of any real consequence. What is of major importance, is that when this sea change is carefully considered, we must come to the inevitable conclusion that:
"This Changes Everything!"

The Death of an Epithet
As the title of this article suggests, “2009” was a very important year for the destruction of the current paradigm regarding alternative energy research, and for “science” in general. Here is a list of events culminating in 2009 that ended the “Perpetual Motion Nonsense” epithet for all time to come:
  • March, 2009: "Cold Fusion" is Finally Accepted as Valid in the U.S.
  • The Los Alamos National Labs Physics Archives
  • September 2009: DARPA announces new Projects to make practical use of Casmir Effect / Zero Point Energy.
  • 2008 and 2009: Dr. Claus Turtur’s Experiments Prove the Manifestation of Zero Point Energy as Physically Measurable Mechanical Energy.
  • Blacklight Power Gains Academic Acceptance and Begins Commercial Marketing.
  • September 2009: A German Researcher shows evidence that the “Michelson-Morley Experiment” results were in Error.
Should this amazing data hold up to replication and third-party verification, this is the last nail in the “Laws of Thermodynamics” coffin, hammered down in the year 2009, ending the reign of these “immutable laws” for all time. Because an Active Aether, or what ever we want to now call it (“Dirac Sea”, “Quantum field” etc) has nothing to do with “CoE”, and is immune to these old “Laws”…that, it is very important to note, were only ever really “Theories” to begin with.
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The Creatures from the Black Lagoon of the Reptile Mind

Les Visible - smokingmirrors.blogspot.com
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Peoples of the world, you have an enemy and that enemy is your leaders. Your leaders serve the corporations and the corporations serve the bankers and the bankers serve that ancient foe whose pleasure is strife and discord.
Let me break it down for you in a very simple fashion. It’s not primarily about creating a permanent underclass to wait upon their elite status. It’s not primarily about eugenics and a world prison system. It is not primarily about making large sums of money from evil enterprise. It is not primarily about increasing control brought about through fear and timely false flags. It is about pleasure and enjoyment. These things are being done in order to maximize suffering because suffering is nectar to these creatures. They feed on misery and torment. They enjoy it. This is their cardinal motivation.
Before you can understand why these things are happening you have to grasp ‘motive’. You have to understand the perverted nature of the practitioner. You have to understand what drives them. You have to accept that there are immaterial forces at work and that we are all in the midst of a spiritual war, which is about the harvesting of human souls as well as the perversion of human souls, accomplished by the perversions and intentions of those who serve what lives in the darkness.
I am stating facts based on ancient traditions which have survived the test of time and all of them make mention of the enemy of humanity and those who serve that enemy for personal gain. This is not allegory or poetic license. This is the way it is. Everything that has been happening to you and around you is systematic. The pollution of your drinking water and the genetic modification of your foods are designed to put you into a confused and weakened state. The garbage that now passes for music and the pandering of the entertainment business to the lowest impulses in the human psyche are all intentional and your leaders, as well as the industry titans and banking concerns are all neck deep in it.
There is always more good in humanity than there is bad. The greatest problem is the amount of stupid and asleep. The spark of divinity motors us all but when spiritual awareness and contact with our divine nature has been lost or gotten to the point where it is so obscured that few people possess enough to counterbalance the rest, then transformation; the spirit informing matter, becomes necessary.


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