Monolith On Mars?

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Benjamin Fulford Blog -7.27.2009

·The story behind the $500 billion on the Fed’s books.
Many heads were wagging as Federal Reserve Gang Boss, Ben (helicopter) Bernanke, was grilled about why the Federal Reserve Board sent $500 billion overseas in late 2007.

Bernanke says the money went to 14 other central banks, but he is lying. What really happened is that the Federal Reserve Board, facing bankruptcy at the end of the secret fiscal year of 2007, went begging to all the other European central banks for money to postpone its bankruptcy for another year. In other words, the $500 billion that appeared on its books in late 2007 are IOUs sent to 14 countries. At the time, this maneuver was reported as an infusion of $500 billion into the markets by the European Central Bank.
Well, like a junkie going around mooching off old friends, there comes a time when nobody is willing to pay for a self-destructive habit anymore. That is what happened in September 2008. The US criminal government has been looting everything it can from its own American slave-people since then, in a desperate effort to postpone the inevitable. September 2009 will have Obama going around asking for $2 trillion or more and he ain’t going to get it.
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Crop Circles -2009 Update- Numbers 53 & 54

[Formation Nº 53 @ Woodborough Hill - nr Alton Barnes, Wiltshire - reported July 22, 2009]

[Formation Nº 54 @ Smeathe's Plantation - nr Ogbourne Down Gallop, Wiltshire - reported July 24, 2009]