9/11 Truth Slowly Sneaking in Main Stream Media

Alex Jones on Geraldo At Large, hosted by Fox News correspondent-at-large,
and former talk show host, Geraldo Rivera.

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- Are conspiracy theorists infiltrating the media? [Finally!]

Lucifer Vs. the Reptile

Discovery UFO Stabilized [!]

This is from Jaime Maussan's video
during Discovery shoot in Mexico.

UFO London - 03.07.2010

The Truth About Reality

We are co - creators of this world through
our very thought forms and emotions.

These thought forms will be brought into
reality faster as we approach 2012.

Lost Books of Nostradamus

Police Community Support Officer (PCSO)

Conspiracy Theorists Are Potential "Suicide Warriors"

[Geez... Neocon, John Avalon (...and the CNN), thinks questioning government turns people into "mentally disturbed, suicide warriors", or "hatriots"... Strange times indeed! Boycot Newspeak!]

We Couldn't Get Much Higher (Spa Subs)

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