LASCO C3 - SOHO - 10.18-24.2009

Charlie Veitch on Alex Jones Show

Marshall Hydrothermal Recovery System

peswiki.com - Marshall Hydrothermal Recovery System

Daring to Question Al Gore

The director of "Not Evil, Just Wrong," a documentary challenging Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth," dares to ask a question at the Society of Environmental Journalists annual conference.
Apparently Mr. Gore only allows the right kind of questions to be asked of him.

Lost Mayan City Of Mirador Guatemala

"Make Mine Freedom" - Harding College

[50 year-old cartoon predicts... today!]

America's Date with Destiny

Six independent sources suggest October 25, 2009 is a critical date for the United States of America:
  1. Timewave Zero
  2. Web Bot Project
  3. Colombian Boy Prophet
  4. Russian prognosticator
  5. FOX & CNN News Reports
  6. Pastor Vincent Xavier

Possible outcomes include:

  1. Dollar Collapse or Death
  2. Obama Assassination Attempt
  3. Atomic Bomb Detonated in Washington D.C.

Special Presidential Briefing for President Barack Obama


Alien Sign

Crop Circle documentary examines evidence and
paranormal phenomenon surrounding them.

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НЛО: проход

GFL Master Hilarion - 10.25.2009

GFL Archangel Michael - 10.23.2009

The Nature of DNA - Dan Winter

Marooned In The Hard Light

thecleaver.blogspot.com - 'Interbeing' Alex Grey
No-one really loses in the cycle of conscious evolution. It’s rather more a question of velocity. The deeper one is embedded into the industrial construct of transforming time into money, the slower and more laboured one’s consciousness becomes. Not unsurprisingly, such insentient drifting is actively encouraged. The self-confessed arousal junkie can drink deeply from an epicurean cellar of endless sensual narcotics - all freely available through innumerable screens, stores and capsules. The dark sorcerers are renowned for their many flavours of oblivion. It is in this constant suppression of man's natural transcendental trajectory that the greatest deception of all is perpetrated.
thecleaver.blogspot.com - 'Despair' Alex Grey
Humanity Incorporated
First, some third dimensional phenomena.
The hostile industrialization of the inner and outer landscapes has extorted man to concede that he is complicit in the necrotic perception of himself as little more than a utilitarian commercial resource. In terms of consensus nanohistory, it would appear that the shadowy march of ‘progress’ has at least allowed the little biobody unit of sweating flesh to last rather longer than it did in the mid 19th century (average life expectancy then around 40). But this is skewed. Life expectancy statistics are meaningless without adequate context of environment, nutrition, geopolitics and geography. For example, 4000 years ago, the average Bronze age man living in Sweden would reach 60 years of age. Whereas, the average lifespan of a man living 150 years ago in London was 40.
Something is badly wrong when the core expectation for the sacred span of a human life on Earth, whatever its duration, has been reduced to resourcing a roof over one’s head, putting food in the belly and having an occasional afternoon in the sun. Does this enrich the soul? Is this creatively and emotionally fulfilling? Is it what we’re supposed to be doing here? We know the answers.
thecleaver.blogspot.com - 'Praying' Alex Grey
All That Has Been And Will Be
Now let us consider the fourth dimensional context.
To counter the spiritual degradation of the industrial machine, one needs to change the frequency of one’s own consciousness, that is, stop operating within the officially sanctioned parameters. It is possible to tune the mind (the brain-field interface) out of the range of their control. This is initiated by contemplating what it is that ultimately separates the conscious authentic being from the pre-programmed sleepwalker. For only sleepwalkers can be commanded. Some observers believe that the distinction lies in intelligence and education. Not necessarily so. The learned fool, saturated in the scholastic vapours of separatist tunnel research, can be the worst blunderer of all. Processing power and data retrieval, whilst handy for any bio-computer, are not the critical elements in spiritual perspicacity. Their inflated presence may actually present a colossal hindrance to progress, even more so than their total nonappearance.
Consider existence not as an unfolding process, but as an object. We can’t see what lies ahead for us from a flat ‘on the map’ perspective. We are quite unsighted as to wider perceptions as we traverse the face of this immense multidimensional object. To gain a higher perspective, we need to get up and above the object, into the surrounding and enfolding dimensional space. Only from this zoomed out viewpoint, can we see the object. We see at once that there is indeed no time, no past, no future. There is only ‘contact’ with it. Everything is already present within this fabulous iridescent object of pulsing sacred geometry, stretching monumental distances in all directions. Flying over it, we may be able to see large areas of the object, but it would take an unfathomable consciousness, an almost infinite fractal resolution, to take it all in at once. Perhaps that’s not the point right now. It’s about the journey. It’s about our free will, intricately and creatively illuminated in each sovereign step we take.
Acknowledging the dimensional shift is critical. For one thing, quite literally, there is not much time left. This is exactly as it should be. Time is a device used to discipline the untempered mind, to train it for operations in the 4D where manifestation is immediate. The 3D cause-and-effect built-in time delay is highly effective in teaching individuals how their consciousness manifests their reality. Though even when progress has been good, certain stubborn old-time 3D dwellers continue to cling to the 3D. Quite unnecessary. Others who are walking the sacred path are already beginning the dimensional transition. This is the natural way. Still, even when the polarization is at its most profound, when the darkness opens as a black-hole of infinite nothingness and when the light becomes a brilliant supernova of awesome creation, no-one, not a single soul, is lost in the transition. They either slow down or speed up. Just a question of velocity.
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