Unusual UFO -Multiple Takes

Bob Boyce 27 Years of HHO

Presentation at the HHO Games and Exposition, Feb. 2009.


"Claytronics" is an emerging field of engineering concerning reconfigurable nanoscale robots ('claytronic atoms', or catoms) designed to form much larger scale machines or mechanisms. Also known as "programmable matter", the catoms will be sub-millimeter computers that will eventually have the ability to move around, communicate with other computers, change color, and electrostatically connect to other catoms to form different shapes. The forms made up of catoms could morph into nearly any object, even replicas of human beings for virtual meetings.

Physical Dynamic Rendering.

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Growing Planets Theory

Growing Earth Hypothesis is a derivative of expanding earth theory. While primarily credited to comics artist Neal Adams, it is also explored and supported by several of geologists, physicists, and expanding earth researchers including geologists Vedat Shehu, James Maxlow, Stavros Tassos and others. The hypothesis explores evidence for continental matching on both the Pacific and Atlantic sides of the globe, geological implications of a changing surface curvature and a smaller, lower-gravity Earth's contribution to the size of dinosaurs. Growing Earth Hypothesis also attempts to put forth, through existing scientific evidence, a mechanism by which new mass is created within the core of the Earth, to facilitate the Expanding Earth model of the late Australian geologist S. Warren Carey. Neal Adams followed the developments of expanding earth hypothesis and plate tectonics since the 1960s and independently researched and studied the various sciences relating to them and to the developing cosmology model.

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NIBIRU and the avebury manor crop circles

3 UFOs -Mexico

Vedic Civilization, extraterrestrial life and celestials

Numerous Vedic texts refer to flying saucers, UFOs or ‘vimanas’ traveling throughout earth’s skies. In some cases these flying saucers were so large as to actually be cities inhabited by thousands. The inhabitants of these flying saucers, cities, etc., were given a wide array of names by Vedic authors, e.g., Asuras, Devas, Gandharvas, etc. Some appeared to be indigenous to the Earth insofar as they controlled a particular city or region, while others were visitors from another world or dimension called a ‘loka’. If Vedic sources are reliable, then ancient India was an open Galactic society with a great diversity of beings originating from different worlds or ‘lokas’ interacting in the development of human civilization. Insofar as these beings required advanced technologies to move themselves through time and space, they can be regarded as extraterrestrials. In cases where these beings could move between worlds without technology, they can be regarded as celestials.
Vedic texts describe the conflictual relationship between the Asuras and Devas who are depicted as the primary protagonists for control over Earth’s cities and other planets. The Asuras appeared intent on taking direct control over human cities and civilizations, and appear analogous to the Nephilim depicted in the Book of Enoch. The Asuras used advanced technologies to invade different planets to establish direct control though interbreeding and the introduction of advanced technologies. Their chief protagonists, the Devas, also used advanced technologies in their perennial conflict with the Asuras. In contrast to the Asuras, however, the Devas were intent on establishing what they called the Sanatana Dharma (eternal law) where righteous human rulers were in charge of Earth’s different kingdoms and civilizations. The Devas did not appear interested in ruling directly the Earth, and were content in ruling over their own world or realm called Devaloka. In times when the Asuras had overrun the Earth and Devaloka itself, the Devas appealed for help from celestials. The celestials were typically the physical embodiment or incarnation of one of the three key Hindu gods, Shiva, Vishnu or Brahma or of a feminine divine being, the Devi or Shakti. The Puranas give numerous accounts of how the celestials would intervene in a time of cultural degeneracy to restore the Sanatana Dharma and help the Devas in their perennial conflict with the Asuras.
Ancient historic texts such as the Vedas and Book of Enoch describe what appears to be a perennial conflict between the use of advanced technologies introduced by some extraterrestrials (Asuras/Nephilim), and ethical development emphasized by other extraterrestrial groups (Devas). When technological and ethical development are seriously imbalanced, it appears that celestials are prepared to intervene even if this results in an end to the civilization in question. While most of humanity struggles to accept the reality of visiting extraterrestrial life, secret government/corporate entities have been developing and using advanced extraterrestrial technologies. The lack of transparency in such classified extraterrestrial technology projects leads to the conclusion that these are being used in highly unethical ways as a number of whistleblowers have claimed. Disclosure of extraterrestrial life is vital for ensuring that extraterrestrial technologies are used in ethically responsible ways. Not to do so is to risk following the path of earlier earth civilizations that failed to develop into mature galactic societies and violently imploded.
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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

3 Ix, 17 Uo, 5 Caban
Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for, 'Be One! Be in Joy!'). We come again to inform you of current events on your world and how your reality is transforming. Everywhere, signs of great change are appearing. Your oceans, atmosphere, and lands are becoming something quite different. The vast increase in energies from the galactic core has begun to affect your Sun as well as each planet's general orbit and composition, including her relationship to the various moons that circle her. This energy influx is re-forming the electromagnetic and electrogravitic grids that bind your solar system together, and is one of the main causes of global warming and the heating-up of the oceans. It is also responsible for the exponential rise over the past two decades of seismic and volcanic activity. All these things affect the Earth by weakening her electromagnetic and gravitational fields, conditions which prefigure a new monopolar, fifth-dimensional world. These transformations also mirror what is happening to all of you: You are becoming multidimensional Beings, with full access to the Creator's magnificent, countless realities!
The global society you currently live in is collapsing around you. The reason for this is that the core philosophies of your societies no longer resonate with the new energies, and a new philosophy is now essential. The axioms of the newly emerging paradigm go far beyond merely 'going green' or reforming the rules that govern corporations or ethical standards in government. A philosophical and humanistic change is taking shape which is to move you, finally, beyond scarcity and limitation into abundance and sovereignty. This mandates a foundational reordering of your society. As your consciousness rises, so too does the need to express those basic emotions that make you quintessentially human. We have watched you become more and more aware of your innate need to care for each other, and of your growing distress at the alienating and degrading social codes under which you live. These unsatisfactory constraints, intrinsic to your society, are beginning to break down, as demonstrated by the recent, ongoing crash of your financial and economic system. The need for something quite new grows more urgent by the day!
Your industrial society is predicated on ravaging the Earth. The wholesale depredation of your environment has reached the point where it can no longer support your present global society. The avarice and brutality of your society guarantee its impending ruin. The way forward lies not in recoiling into some form of technological primitivism, nor being subsumed by an already looming tyranny which hoards and controls your dwindling global resources. Another option stands on your horizon, one which requires a new understanding of technology. Until now on your planet, technology has been largely a slave to profit rather than a true servant of humanity. Most civilizations in this galaxy, upon reaching this point of no return, either adapt upwards or succumb to chaos and assorted dictatorships, followed by self-destruction. We are here to carry out a special plan that, one way or another, leads you toward Heaven's highest vision for you. This is the reason for this first contact mission.
Our operation is tied into a timetable set by Heaven. We have been informing your world's governments of this since the late 1990s, and since then have regularly revisited them to emphasize that first contact is inevitable. They are also apprised of the divine ban on all nuclear weaponry. Our continuing visits to your governments have two major aims: We want them to be very clear about the fact that we are not going away and that, at an appointed time chosen by Heaven, we are to make ourselves known to you and land on your world in great numbers. We also want them to know that their days as major controllers of the planet are about to end.
Your world has reached what many call a turning point; in other words, your global society lacks the means to continue forward as it has in centuries past. Wars, as a workable tactic, have run their course. The rationale for your society's existence is beginning to sound like a hollow mockery of past achievements. Your global economy is on life-support and the future is bleak, to put it mildly! The ties binding your society together are unraveling. Your futurists see this clearly and know that your world must graduate from its childish ways or colossal, ungovernable environmental disorder will erupt. Only the politicians and those with deranged levels of obduracy intent on maintaining the status quo against all reason still resist what needs to be done.
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Benjamin Fulford Blog -9.01.2009

· Democratic Party victory in Japan a good thing, but many questions remain.
The victory of the Democratic Party in Japan in the August 30th elections is a great thing but many questions remain. The DPJ victory has largely destroyed the CIA created Liberal Democratic Party that has ruled, almost uninterruptedly, since 1955. The question as to whether or not this means the colonial occupation of Japan has ended, though, remains to be answered.
First of all, it is a little known fact that Yukio Hatoyama, the new Prime Minister, is related to both defeated Prime Minister Taro Aso and his predecessor Shinzo Abe. Most top politicians in Japan are intermarried -second or third generation scions- who inherit their power base. Hatoyama’s grandfather, former Prime Minister Ichiro Hatoyama, was a freemason. The wife of DPJ deputy leader, Naoto Kan, told me[BF] Yukio Hatoyama is also a freemason, although he personally denies it. It is therefore reasonable to doubt just how independent, from New World Order control, the Stanford-educated Hatoyama really is.
Then there is the question of Ichiro Ozawa: Hatoyama’s predecessor as DPJ leader and the man now believed by insiders to be the real top boss of Japan. Many political sources have told me[BF] Ozawa is close to New World Order honcho, J. Rockefeller. It is also widely believed that Ozawa was bribed by the Americans, in 1992, in exchange for helping finance the first Gulf War. Will he come clean about this and all the other US bribes?
Another question mark is the process by which DPJ candidates were selected. Unlike say Canada, where local party officials select local candidates, DPJ candidates are chosen in a secretive back room process by the three top party bosses and unknown insiders (the freemasons? The Emperor?). So the party itself is not really democratic.
There will be several tests to see if the new government really does represent a change. First of all, we need to see whether or not they open up a South African style Truth and Reconciliation Commission to investigate the many political murders and other nefarious doings of the CIA controlled LDP puppet government and their thugs. An important starting point would be to re-open the investigation into the murder of prominent DPJ MP Kouki Ishii. The murderer has told the victim’s daughter that the assassination was part of a conspiracy, but the police refuse to investigate. Some prominent DPJ leaders are believed, by Ishii’s relatives, to be involved in the murder. So how about it Hatoyama, will you re-open the Ishii case?
A second big test will be to see if they reveal the truth about the secret budget and the government owned sector of the economy, that Ishii believed to account for 70% of Japanese GDP. So far, they are 'talking the talk' on this issue; so now we need to see if they 'walk the walk'.
A third test will be to see if the DPJ discloses the truth about Japan’s dire financial situation. Many insiders believe the Japanese government to be de facto bankrupt. The numbers put out by the Ministry of Finance are fictitious because they fail to include items, like government guaranteed loans made by private sector banks. If they are serious about fixing the financial system there will have to be a banking holiday.
A fourth test will be to see if they re-negotiate the extremely unfair status of forces agreement with the US occupation army.
Finally, we need to see if they stop financing the US military industrial complex and instead use Japan’s $7.5 trillion in overseas assets to end poverty and stop environmental destruction.
If the new government fails these and other tests, it will implode and be replaced by a right-wing nationalistic government.
[Source: benjaminfulford.typepad.com]
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