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· Democratic Party victory in Japan a good thing, but many questions remain.
The victory of the Democratic Party in Japan in the August 30th elections is a great thing but many questions remain. The DPJ victory has largely destroyed the CIA created Liberal Democratic Party that has ruled, almost uninterruptedly, since 1955. The question as to whether or not this means the colonial occupation of Japan has ended, though, remains to be answered.
First of all, it is a little known fact that Yukio Hatoyama, the new Prime Minister, is related to both defeated Prime Minister Taro Aso and his predecessor Shinzo Abe. Most top politicians in Japan are intermarried -second or third generation scions- who inherit their power base. Hatoyama’s grandfather, former Prime Minister Ichiro Hatoyama, was a freemason. The wife of DPJ deputy leader, Naoto Kan, told me[BF] Yukio Hatoyama is also a freemason, although he personally denies it. It is therefore reasonable to doubt just how independent, from New World Order control, the Stanford-educated Hatoyama really is.
Then there is the question of Ichiro Ozawa: Hatoyama’s predecessor as DPJ leader and the man now believed by insiders to be the real top boss of Japan. Many political sources have told me[BF] Ozawa is close to New World Order honcho, J. Rockefeller. It is also widely believed that Ozawa was bribed by the Americans, in 1992, in exchange for helping finance the first Gulf War. Will he come clean about this and all the other US bribes?
Another question mark is the process by which DPJ candidates were selected. Unlike say Canada, where local party officials select local candidates, DPJ candidates are chosen in a secretive back room process by the three top party bosses and unknown insiders (the freemasons? The Emperor?). So the party itself is not really democratic.
There will be several tests to see if the new government really does represent a change. First of all, we need to see whether or not they open up a South African style Truth and Reconciliation Commission to investigate the many political murders and other nefarious doings of the CIA controlled LDP puppet government and their thugs. An important starting point would be to re-open the investigation into the murder of prominent DPJ MP Kouki Ishii. The murderer has told the victim’s daughter that the assassination was part of a conspiracy, but the police refuse to investigate. Some prominent DPJ leaders are believed, by Ishii’s relatives, to be involved in the murder. So how about it Hatoyama, will you re-open the Ishii case?
A second big test will be to see if they reveal the truth about the secret budget and the government owned sector of the economy, that Ishii believed to account for 70% of Japanese GDP. So far, they are 'talking the talk' on this issue; so now we need to see if they 'walk the walk'.
A third test will be to see if the DPJ discloses the truth about Japan’s dire financial situation. Many insiders believe the Japanese government to be de facto bankrupt. The numbers put out by the Ministry of Finance are fictitious because they fail to include items, like government guaranteed loans made by private sector banks. If they are serious about fixing the financial system there will have to be a banking holiday.
A fourth test will be to see if they re-negotiate the extremely unfair status of forces agreement with the US occupation army.
Finally, we need to see if they stop financing the US military industrial complex and instead use Japan’s $7.5 trillion in overseas assets to end poverty and stop environmental destruction.
If the new government fails these and other tests, it will implode and be replaced by a right-wing nationalistic government.
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