Growing Planets Theory

Growing Earth Hypothesis is a derivative of expanding earth theory. While primarily credited to comics artist Neal Adams, it is also explored and supported by several of geologists, physicists, and expanding earth researchers including geologists Vedat Shehu, James Maxlow, Stavros Tassos and others. The hypothesis explores evidence for continental matching on both the Pacific and Atlantic sides of the globe, geological implications of a changing surface curvature and a smaller, lower-gravity Earth's contribution to the size of dinosaurs. Growing Earth Hypothesis also attempts to put forth, through existing scientific evidence, a mechanism by which new mass is created within the core of the Earth, to facilitate the Expanding Earth model of the late Australian geologist S. Warren Carey. Neal Adams followed the developments of expanding earth hypothesis and plate tectonics since the 1960s and independently researched and studied the various sciences relating to them and to the developing cosmology model.

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