Is traditional main stream media dead?

A new report says that the number two source for news is not in black and white but ones and zeros. The internet has surpassed newspapers as the second most popular news source for Americans. Dana Loesch says there are many things that people can do with new media that traditional newspapers and magazines simply cannot and that is adding to their demise.

The Love Police: How to Escape a 'Terror Stop'

The Love Police was doing the usual, enjoying free speech in a corporate zone, and the Beefeaters (Royal Guardians) of the Tower of London called the Police on us. Again. This time, the Police knew to send more than one officer. They sent an Inspector (rather senior), two Sargeants, and five officers. 4 Police cars. Sirens.
This is our attempt to show you how to stop yourself getting arrested under this ridiculous and over-used Terror Act.
Do not consent.
No one rules if no one obeys.

New 9/11 Probe: Americans vote for answers

A new movement to re-investigate the 9/11 attacks, is gaining pace in the U.S. With major public support, 12 towns are set to decide whether to ask the federal government for a new independent probe. RT's Marina Portnaya spoke to some of the activists, to find out why they want the case re-visited.

Chasing Shadows

Unanimous Declaration of the Resistance

Based on the US Declaration of Independence.
"I changed a few sentences and words to update for 2010, and the challenges we face now. I believe the D of I is the most beautifully written philosophical tract proclaiming the rights of men to be free."
- cveitch

[World Declaration of Independence...]

Free Energy, Another Inconvenient Truth

Sidageist, la macroestafa del sida