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Benjamin Fulford Blog - 12.12.2009

· This week I was shown a wonderful, suppressed invention.
The biggest obstacle to world prosperity has been energy. This week I was shown an invention that could change all that. The Ryukyu Electric Power Company showed me a battery[below] they have developed that can store large volumes of electricity at over 90% efficiency. These batteries would make it possible to start up the business model of handing out free solar panels and batteries to households and collect a small monthly fee for a couple of years. After that the households would own it and would never have to pay an energy bill again.
For some mysterious reason no Japanese bank will lend them money and no big corporation will help them get this into production. The reason of course is that up until now anybody who tried to market products of this sort was killed or otherwise suppressed by the big energy companies. According to the American Academy of Science over 6,000 patents have been suppressed in the US alone for “national security reasons.” Once this suppressed technology is released we will be able to live in a science fiction reality.
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PRG Update - December 13, 2009

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Million Fax on Washington
There has been some confusion about the MFW. Is it over? Not at all. The MFW will continue until Disclosure takes place. New publicity for this effort is being planned and will get underway strongly at the first of the new year. Thousands more letters, faxes and emails will be on their way to the White House press corps care of the White House Correspondents Association (WHCA).
Why the emphasis on the White House Correspondents Association? Two reasons: 1) a decision to ask the tough and appropriate questions by as few as two or three White House reporters could end the truth embargo in a matter of weeks, and 2) the White House itself gets a huge amount of correspondence. The WHCA gets a tiny fraction by comparison. Therefore, a WHCA focused campaign will stand out and be much more difficult to hide.
Why hasn't the White House or the WHCA acknowledged this correspondence? Simple. If they did, it would open the door for the press to ask to see the letters. The content of this correspondence would then set off a new round of questions - the very questions that need to be asked.
So they have to act as if nothing is happening and hope the MFW goes away. That is not going to happen.

Recent Events of Note
Over a span of just a few days several matters manifested of some exopolitical significance. They are as follows:
Gary McKinnon - The indicted UK computer intruder has reached the very last days of his appeal process and now looks to be extradited to the United States to stand trial. PRG will be somewhat shocked if this happens, but, alas, these are interesting times and not much that governments do makes a great deal of sense anymore.
Whether or not it is in the best interest of McKinnon, if he is extradited it is going to create a huge media storm with considerable reference to the UFO/ET issues as well as the truth embargo. This will include numerous media spots for UFO/ET researchers and activists, lots of new YouTube videos and considerable print coverage, all of which PRG will assiduously archive.
In short, the extradition of Gary McKinnon will be one huge headache for the anti-Disclosure elements within the U.S. government.
Barack Obama - On December 1 at the United States Military Academy President Obama announced an escalation (surge) to the war in Afghanistan including the addition of 30,000 troops. As of this announcement the President took ownership of this war. Quite soon, if not already, the President will also have his name on the 62-year old UFO/ET truth embargo. Certainly this will be the case as of January 20 and the end of his first year in office. Consequently, PRG now sees a slightly greater likelihood that Disclosure will come initially from another first-world nation. With that in mind..........
British Ministry of Defence Closes Down the UK UFO Desk - the UK MOD made an almost casual but rather striking announcement it has closed down its UFO desk as of December 1, 2009. Significantly, the MOD indicated it would continue to release more government UFO files. The full statement can be read at: http://tinyurl.com/btezh3
This stance may seem paradoxical, but PRG sees a straightforward logic to this maneuver. First and foremost it reflects the fact that the United Kingdom, above all other nations, is most tied to U.S. policies on all levels. This is reinforced under the leadership of Gordon Brown, but may attenuate should David Cameron become prime minister. Only time will tell how well the people of the UK are served by this tethering.
That said, closing down the MOD UFO Desk sends the message the UK will not act ahead of the United States as regards Disclosure.
However, the continued release of UK UFO files will keep pressure on the U.S. to act on Disclosure.


Therefore, we must look elsewhere for a break in the dam that might occur outside of the United States. As stated previously, PRG believes Russia is quite taken with the enormous political legacy to be achieved with the initial announcement of an extraterrestrial presence. The same goes for China. Both nations have called for a global currency to replace the supremacy of the dollar and have hinted at other measures which could dilute the U.S. dollar's value. France is another candidate for initial Disclosure.
A greatly devalued U.S. dollar coupled with a failure to end the truth embargo it began in the late 1940's might well signal the end of the United States as the defining superpower in geopolitics. A once great and proud nation will have "jumped the shark" and be staring a legacy of lies, repeated wars and financial decline in the face under a president whose approval ratings might sink lower than those of George W. Bush. A domestic political tragedy may be taking place before our eyes.
But let it be clear Disclosure is much bigger and much more important than the fate of any single nation. It will happen, and there is no power on Earth that can stop it. The Disclosure advocacy movement will continue to grow. Anyone advising the President of the United States otherwise is miscalculating on a grand scale.
Whatever the pressures upon the new President to extend and expand the wars in the Middle East, the matter of Disclosure should not be connected to these policies. More importantly a case can be made that without Disclosure the world will continue to experience war after war after war - for profit, for status, for land, for "national interest", for religion, for food, for water, for the hell of it - war without end.
For the same reason Truth is the first casualty of war, it is also its remedy.


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