Prohibido, Pablo Neruda - Visual

9/11 - French Awareness (Spa Subs)

Energía Inalámbrica Global -Nikola Tesla

Crop Circles -2009 Update- 'The Largest'

[Formation 'The Human Butterfly' @ Goes, Holland - reported August 8, 2009]
[430x450 meters!!!]

Birds On The Wire

"Reading a newspaper, I saw a picture of birds on the electric wires.
I cut out the photo and decided to make a song,
using the exact location of the birds as notes.
(No Photoshop edit)
I knew it wasn't the most original idea in the universe.
I was just curious to hear what melody the birds were creating."

· Jarbas Agnelli ·
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UFO -Mexico

Charlie Sheen - 9/11

Twenty Minutes With The President, Charlie Sheen

2 Million in Washington, DC 'Tea Party' Rally 9.12.2009

This event had been promoted as a taxpayer “tea party,” but the crowd’s concerns were wide ranging, from outrage at ACORN and Obama’s socialist cadre known as Czars, to Obama’s untruthfulness.

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Throwing Bullets at Failed Policies: US Plans for New Bases in Colombia

It was a winter day in the Argentine city of Bariloche when 12 South American presidents gathered there on August 28. It was so cold that Hugo Chavez wore a red scarf and Evo Morales put on a sweater. The presidents arrived at the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) meeting to discuss a US plan to establish seven new military bases in Colombia. Though officials in Colombia and the US say the bases would be aimed at combating terrorism and the drug trade, US military and Air Force documents point to other objectives.
Earlier his year, when Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa decided to not renew the US lease on the military base in Manta, Ecuador, the US set its sights on Colombia, a long-time US ally and one of the biggest recipients of US military aid in the world. Under the agreement the US eventually developed with Colombia, the US would have access to seven military bases for ten years, stationing up to 1,400 US personnel and private contractors.
One US military document cited by the AP explains that the Palenquero base in Colombia - which the US plans to transform with a $46-million upgrade - would be a stopping-off point for the US military and Air Force so that "nearly half the continent can be covered by a C-17 (military transport) without refueling."
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No Place to Hide - The Strategy and Tactics of Terrorism (1982)

This documentary covers the goals and stratagems of terrorism,
its practitioners,
and how it is used to de-stabalize governments.

The Creature from Jekyll Island -Edward Griffin

Benjamin Fulford Blog -9.11.2009

· Dr. Van de Meer predicts monetary collapse of US starting on September 30th.
A private, but extremely influential, silent individual, Dr. Michael Van de Meer is predicting the financial collapse of the United States starting on September 30th. That's the end of the fiscal year and the final date for payments. The Federal Reserve Board wants to act, but cannot, because it is in a catatonic state, as the leaders of every state in the world are.
Meanwhile, in a significant break in corporate media censorship, the CBS TV program 60 minutes reported that Alan Greenspan, in concert with Bill Clinton and George Bush Senior facilitated, in 2000 -during the middle of the night- the passage of a criminal, highly illegal, unconstitutional Bill that created the mortgage and property bubble. The bill allowed unscrupulous individuals in the major Banks and Insurance Corporations such as I.A.G. to hedge bets at a cent to the dollar. This allowed them to create derivatives contracts whose supposed face value runs into the quintillions of dollars (In either the British or American systems that is the next number after a quadrillion!). On September 30th, all these fiat numbers created out of nothing will no longer be accepted. Both China and Japan have said they will only accept gold from America, but they have none. Bernanke and Geithner are desperately calling the people who own the gold and asking for some, but they have been told they will not get even one ounce.
The Wall street banksters that own the Fed are being forced to put all their derivatives garbage on the books by September 30th. If they do that, they will be exposed as totally bankrupt.
There are still so many smart people, supposedly educated in “economics” and “finance,” who do not understand the true nature of the banking system that is now collapsing. People need to march on Washington by the millions to demand that the right to issue currency be returned to the people.
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