Timewave Zero - Terence McKenna

Timewave Zero - Terence McKenna

Health and disease information: Are you getting the whole story?


Recently, I have been intensely frustrated with big business, my health care community, and our government.

Since when is it considered to be wrongful to share the facts about health and disease?

In some settings, my hands are tied when it comes to giving people the whole story about health and disease, and because they do not hear life-saving advice, they continue to live a life that is burdened.

My approach is simple and straight-forward. I encourage people to eat a diet that is based on foods that grow from the ground. I encourage them to exercise regularly. I advise them not to smoke and to use stress management techniques when necessary.

The research is not new. Research that supportsvegan nutrition, regular exercise, abstinence from tobacco, and stress management has existed in the scientific literature for decades.

Judging by the way that individuals and many large institutions react when I give recommendatios based on these findings, you'd think that I was asking them to consider some sort of inhumane, witch-like ritual.

Shouldn't the people who pay for the research -- taxpayers -- be given this potentially life-saving information? After hearing and understanding the facts, they could then digest the information and decide for themselves what recommendations they will and will not adopt.

T. Colin Campbell, in his book The China Study, said it best:

"Consumers have the ultimate choice of whether to integrate our findings [research data and recommendations] into their lifestyles, but we owe it to them to give them the best information possible with which to make that decision and not decide for them. It is they who paid for this research and it is only they who have the right to decide what to do with it."

Unpaid bills? Good luck starting future laptops



NEW YORK - As wireless carriers begin to subsidize computers that come with wireless Internet access, they're faced with a quandary: What do they do if the buyer stops paying his bills?

The company can cut off the computer's wireless access, but the carrier would still be out a couple of hundred dollars. The buyer would be left with a computer that's fully usable except for cellular broadband.

LM Ericsson AB, the Swedish company that makes many of the modems that go into laptops, announced Tuesday that its new modem will deal with this issue by including a feature that's virtually a wireless repo man. If the carrier has the stomach to do so, it can send a signal that completely disables the computer, making it impossible to turn on.

"We call it a `kill pill,'" said Mats Norin, Ericsson's vice president of mobile broadband modules.

The module will work on AT&T Inc.'s U.S. third-generation network, and on many other 3G networks overseas.


Obama's aunt fights deportation from U.S.


The public housing complex in South Boston where President Obama's aunt reportedly lives.

BOSTON---- Barack Obama's Kenyan aunt lost her bid for asylum more than four years ago, and a judge ordered her deported. Instead, Zeituni Onyango stayed, living for years in public housing.

Now, in a case that puts the president in a tough position both personally and politically, Onyango's request is being reconsidered under a little-used provision in U.S. immigration rules that allows denied asylum claims to be reheard if applicants can show that something has changed to make them eligible.

Such as the ascension of her nephew to the presidency of the world's most powerful country.

"If she goes back to Kenya, she is going to be much more in the limelight, and that, in and of itself, could put her at a greater risk. The chances of her going back and keeping a low profile are gone at this point," said Boston immigration attorney Ilana Greenstein.

Onyango, 56, the half-sister of Obama's late father, moved to the United States in 2000. Her first bid for asylum was rejected, and an immigration judge ordered her deported in 2004; she continues to live in public housing in Boston.


Honda demonstrates robot controlled by mind power


Honda's new technology linking brain thoughts with robotics
The helmet used to control Asimo using only the power of thought.

Honda has demonstrated another milestone in man's attempts to control machines by the power of thought alone.

Using a helmet-like device that measures a person's brain activity and sends signals to the machine, Honda showed how a researcher could make its celebrity robot Asimo move simply by concentrating on the movement.

The latest version of Asimo been fitted with a so-called "brain machine interface" (BMI), the company said.

The helmet reads patterns of electric currents on a person's scalp as well as changes in cerebral blood flow when they think about four simple movements - moving the right hand, moving the left hand, running and eating.

Honda succeeded in analysing the thought patterns and then relaying them as wireless commands for Asimo. The company showed a video of a person wearing the helmet sitting motionless but thinking about moving his right hand - a thought that was picked up by sensors attached to his head inside the helmet. After several seconds, Asimo lifted its right arm.

Honda said the technology was not quite ready for a live demonstration because of possible distractions in the person's thinking.


Miss Universe's fun day out - at Guantánamo Bay


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The 240 people who live in very basic lodgings on the southern tip of a sunny Caribbean island may wish to reconsider the less-than-rosy opinion they have of their surroundings.

No less an authority than Miss Universe has visited Guantánamo Bay and pronounced the infamous US detention centre a "relaxing, calm, beautiful place".

According to a blog posting that will strike fear into the hearts of diplomats in Caracas and Washington, the beauty queen - who is also known as Dayana Mendoza from Venezuela - visited the facility last week with her friend, Miss USA, Crystle Stewart.

"It was a loooot of fun!" Mendoza wrote on the Miss Universe blog. She also recounted how she and Stewart met US military personnel and toured the camp, with its barbed wire fences, minefields and watchtowers. As well as a bar on the base, the pair also discovered an "unbelievable" beach in the bay.

"We also met the military dogs, and they did a very nice demonstration of their skills. All the guys from the army were amazing with us."

But the "deployment" - organised to entertain US troops and "boost morale" - also had its educational aspects.

"We visited the detainees' camps and we saw the jails, where they shower, how the[y] recreate themselves with movies, classes of art, books. It was very interesting," wrote Mendoza. "I didn't want to leave, it was such a relaxing place, so calm and beautiful."

Her experiences are a far cry from those of former detainees, who have alleged that torture, including "waterboarding", was practised at Guantánamo Bay.

Britain announced last week it would investigate whether its secret services were complicit in the torture of a UK resident released from the camp last month.

Barack Obama has set a one-year deadline for shutting the prison.

Contra Marx, un capitalismo blindado (???!!!)

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Si Karl Marx levantara la cabeza, se acariciaría la barba, reflexionaría unos segundos, con aire trascendente pronunciaría unas palabras para que quedaran en la historia y volvería a la tumba: "Si estos cantamañanas creen que me iré con ellos, están equivocados."
Dejó escrito que el capitalismo se autodestruiría en sus propias contradicciones y que de su ruina surgiría la prosperidad del futuro. Ahora era el gran momento. La fórmula para que triunfara era conocida: crisis más izquierdas igual a la extinción del capitalismo. Pero la voz profética de Marx ha sido desoída y las consecuencias ya se verán. Resulta que en Chile se esta trazando un plan cuya maligna intención no es otra cosa que recuperar la salud del capitalismo. Es el mundo al revés: predican la autorregeneración en vez de sembrar la doctrina de la autodestrucción. Los llamados a ser aliados de los objetivos marxistas, se han convertido en sus adversarios.
Forman una Cumbre de Líderes Progresistas, palabra esta última que siempre ha enmascarado a los camaradas marxistas. Los obispos los temían. Aquí había un mosén Dalmau, el Progre, que era el terror de todas las jerarquías. Los reunidos en Chile son de otro talante, pues están el premier británico, Gordon Brown, el presidente de España, Rodríguez Zapatero, y otros por el estilo, que lo único que quieren es que el capitalismo recupere su histórico vigor. Ahora son siete, pero van a ampliarse a 250. El momento parece bueno y ven al alcance su propósito de conseguir que una entidad de progres deje un capitalismo blindado, a prueba de todas las calamidades. Si se alcanzan los objetivos, la autodestrucción del capital dejará de cumplirse para siempre. Con Marx burlado, lamentará estar muerto, porque no podrá suicidarse.


El Banco de España confirma que habrá más intervenciones y fusiones

El gobernador dice que se precisará más dinero público para reordenar el sistema a medio plazo.
Fernández Ordóñez acepta que tardó en actuar en la CCM y pide que cese el acoso político a las cajas.


 Fernández Ordóñez (a la derecha) saluda al presidente de Caja Madrid, Miguel Blesa, ayer. Foto:  AGUSTÍN CATALÁN

La dimensión de la crisis financiera es tal que la histórica intervención de la Caja Castilla La Mancha (CCM), lejos de ser una excepción, no es más que el primer capítulo de un proceso que se extenderá "en los próximos años". El gobernador del Banco de España, Miguel Ángel Fernández Ordóñez, dio por sentado ayer que "será necesario reestructurar" algunas entidades de tamaño pequeño y mediano, y advirtió de que para ello se precisarán "más recursos públicos que en ocasiones anteriores".
El responsable del organismo supervisor venía avisando desde hace meses de que el sector financiero estaba abocado a una reorganización, pero nunca antes lo había hecho en términos tan contundentes. Como ha hecho desde que estalló la crisis, defendió la solidez del sistema frente a los de los países del entorno, pero introdujo matices relevantes.
Fernández Ordóñez alertó en el foro Cinco Días de que los problemas financieros (menores márgenes, dificultad en la financiación exterior y más mora) están poniendo al descubierto las "debilidades del negocio" de parte del sector. Es decir, que "no solo es inevitable sino saludable" una reordenación que desemboque en un número menor de entidades más solventes.
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Garzón acusa al tesorero del PP de cobrar 1,3 millones de la trama de sobornos

El auto del juez imputa a Luis Bárcenas y al senador Gerardo Galeote, habría recibido 652.000 euros.


Madrid. (EUROPA PRESS).- El juez de la Audiencia Nacional Baltasar
Garzón acusó al tesorero del PP, Luis Bárcenas, de recibir 1.353.000 euros, y apunta, además a que el senador popular Gerardo Galeote, pudo percibir de la organización liderada por el empresario Francisco Correa, 652.000 euros, según se desprende del auto por el que remite la causa al Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Madrid.
Según el auto, el eurodiputado del PP Gerardo Galeote recibió de la trama liderada por Francisco Correa un total de 652.310 euros -parte de ellos en especies, como un vehículo Land Rover- a cambio, entre otras cosas, de dar a sus empresas contratos para la organización de actos del Partido Popular Europeo (PPE).
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Pentagon Plan to Regrow Limbs: Phase One, Complete


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The first phase of the Pentagon's plan to regrow soldiers' limbs is complete; scientists managed to turn human skin into the equivalent of a blastema — a mass of undifferentiated cells that can develop into new body parts. Now, researchers are on to phase two: turning that cellular glop into a square inch of honest-to-goodness muscle tissue.

Cellthera Inc. and the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) just got a one-year, $570,000 grant from Darpa, the Pentagon's blue-sky research arm, to grow the new tissues. "The goal is to genuinely replace a muscle that's lost," biotechnology professor Raymond Page tells Danger Room. "I appreciate that's a very aggressive goal." And it's only one part in a larger, even more ambitious Darpa program, Restorative Injury Repair, that aims to "fully restore the function of complex tissue (muscle, nerves, skin, etc.) after traumatic injury on the battlefield."


North Korea Threatens War Against Japan Over Missile


March 31 (Bloomberg) -- North Korea’s government vowed to wage war against Japan if Japanese defense forces try to shoot down a missile that the communist nation says will carry a communications satellite.

“Should Japan dare recklessly to intercept the DPRK’s satellite, its army will consider this as the start of Japan’s war of reinvasion more than six decades after the Second World War,” the official Korean Central News Agency said today in an e-mailed statement. North Korea is also known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Japanese Defense Minister Yasukazu Hamada on March 27 ordered his forces to shoot down any North Korean object entering his country’s airspace and deployed guided-missile units around Tokyo. Japan, along with the U.S., China, South Korea and Russia, want to forestall North Korea’s plans to launch what the government in Pyongyang calls a “peaceful” satellite and refocus on efforts to end its nuclear program.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said today North Korea’s rhetoric toward Japan “regarding the Japanese right to defend itself” is an “unfortunate and continuing example of provocation.”

Speaking at a news conference in The Hague, Clinton reiterated that North Korea would face consequences at the United Nations for a missile launch.


The Rothschild Files



The Rothschild Files

[Except where otherwise noted, information on this page is taken from Rothschild's own sources]

The Holding Company

Rothschild Continuation Holdings (RCH) was set up in 1941 to ensure continuity of the[Rothschild] family in banking" This is the "grandparent" of all the Rothschild Companies, exercising ultimate control over them, though each functions "semi-autonomously"

Investment Banking: mergers and acquisitions

NM Rothschild (London)

Calls itself "one of the world's leading advisers and arrangers of finance for the mining industry…active throughout Europe, North and South America, Australia and Asia Pacific"

Last year for example it arranged the acquisition by the Aditya Birla Group (India) of the Nifty Copper mine in Australia from Straits Resources Ltd. This was only the second major acquisition by an Indian company of a large overseas mine.

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