Queen Elizabeth’s Gift to Calderón: Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four


Felipe Calderón gave the Queen of England a Maque tray from Michoacan. The Queen gave Calderón a collector’s edition of George Orwell's dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. Calderón received the book as he bowed and scraped at Buckingham Palace.

On its face, the gift presented to Calderón seems rather strange. But when you think about it, not really. In the novel, Oceania has a strict social class arrangement with the Inner Party at the top (2% of the population represented by Big Brother), the Outer Party of bureaucrats in the middle, and a large number of Proles at the bottom. The Inner Party believes the Proles are inferior and expendable and strives to make certain they live in misery, not unlike the average Mexican who lives under grinding poverty while a small predatory and parasitical class represented by Calderón steals the country’s wealth.

The elected president of Mexico is Andrés Manuel López Obrador, but Mexico’s elite rigged the election in 2006 and installed the “free market” — that is to say, the globalist and bankster tool — Felipe Calderón.


South Korean Actress Commits Suicide; Used As Sex Slave For The 'Elite'


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When Jang Ja-yeon killed herself at her home earlier this month, she not only deprived South Korea of a wildly popular soap star. In a damning letter naming the men responsible for the distress that may have caused her to take her life aged 26, Jang heaped shame on the country's entertainment industry with allegations of sexual abuse and exploitation.

In the seven-page letter, written a week before her death, the star of Boys Over Flowers, South Korea's most avidly watched soap opera, chronicled the sexual and other favours she was expected to extend to progress in the cutthroat "Korean Wave" of TV and film.

After making her debut in a 2006 TV commercial, Jang cemented her fame as a vindictive schoolgirl in the soap, and was awaiting the release of her first two films when she died. Almost one million fans visited her website in the 48 hours after her death, on 7 March.

Her allegations, leaked to the media, have prompted an outcry and forced the police to investigate her relationships with several powerful men.


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Becoming The Primal (or understanding the biological mechanics of fear)

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When the Control System needs to pull in the reins on its feverish denizens, when it wants to curb the opportunities for conscious discovery and just wants everyone to get back in line, it always does the same thing - it strikes fear into the hearts of men.

Fear is a hardwired neurological response designed to get an organism out of trouble. Psychologist Robert Plutchik posited that human emotions are designed to accommodate adaptive survival strategies for reproductive success. In other words, they keep you alive so you can procreate. There are eight primary emotions: fear, anger, sadness, disgust, surprise, anticipation, acceptance and joy. Each emotion has a distinct role to play in the continued existence of the whole organism. Combinations of these produce more advanced emotions like optimism (anticipation + joy), remorse (sadness + disgust) and love (joy + acceptance). The principle is the same as mixing primary colours to obtain subtler secondary and tertiary shades.
Whilst we must acknowledge that there are other, more profound and multi-dimensional energetic qualities to the emotions, for now we shall concentrate on their core organic function. For it is through understanding the mechanics of fear, and its potential uses, together with detaching from the unnecessary portals which promulgate its fake cognition, that the individual fear response can be defused and potentially deactivated altogether.
The biological mechanics of fear look like this:

stimulus event (threat) --> cognition (danger) --> feeling state (fear) --> overt behaviour (escape) --> effect (safety)

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Half of primary pupils fail to master English and maths


St Mary's Church of England primary in West Yorkshire, where pupils' 'brain breaks' have led to great test results

Tens of thousands of children are being taught in schools where less than 50 per cent of pupils are mastering the basics in English and maths before they leave, league tables published yesterday show.

Although overall attainment in the national curriculum tests for 11-year-olds was up slightly last summer, the results show that the rate of progress has slowed, with schools now having to work harder for smaller gains.

The proportion of 11-year-olds reaching Level 4 in English edged up one percentage point to 81 per cent, and in maths by two percentage points to 79 per cent. In science 88 per cent of children achieved a Level 4 pass, the same as last year.

Level 4 is the standard considered necessary to have a chance of doing well at secondary school, but only 2 per cent of schools — 329 out of more than 14,500 — managed to get all pupils up to that standard in all three subjects.

More than 160,000 11-year-olds — a quarter of the total — left primary school last year without reaching this standard in English and maths.

The results for boys were even worse, with 30 per cent failing to reach Level 4 in English and maths. However, for maths alone, boys did better, with 79 per cent gaining Level 4, against 78 per cent of girls.

[Although this is british news, illiteracy and dumbing-down is a world wide pandemic and a problem that is not getting the attention it deserves.]


Facebook users unwittingly revealing personal information thanks to way privacy settings work

Cambridge study says social networking site's public profiles could be used to access private details.

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Millions of Facebook users could be unwittingly giving away personal information because of the way in which the social networking website's privacy settings work, researchers said this week.

In a study presented to a conference in Nuremberg, a team from the University of Cambridge's computer laboratory showed how Facebook public profiles could be used to find out personal information despite appearing to contain only a few details.

The researchers used a computer programme to sift through tens of thousands of public profiles – visible to internet search engines such as Google – in order to build detailed maps of people's relationships.

In the paper, called Eight Friends Are Enough, the Cambridge team pointed out that it was possible to reconstruct somebody's friends list – which Facebook calls the "social graph" – in a way that could allow marketers, governments and even criminals to understand the private relationships between different people.


La agricultura española, la más amenazada por el cambio climático



La CE ha propuesto medidas de ajuste para frenar los daños del cambio climático en la agricultura como la mejora en la gestión del agua o la elección de cultivos más resistentes. Además, augura una reducción de las precipitaciones en España del 40%.

Entre los estados más perjudicados: España y otros países del sur. Por ello, la Comisión Europea presentó ayer una serie de medidas para frenar los daños del cambio climático en la agricultura y ganadería.

Entre las propuestas de la CE destaca la mejora en la gestión del agua o la elección de cultivos más resistentes de cara al calentamiento del planeta. (!!!)

Tras analizar los efectos que puede tener en la agricultura de los países comunitarios, concluyó en que los países del sur, entre los que se encuentra España, son los más afectados, según recoge Efeagro.

De hecho, afirmó que habrá una reducción de las precipitaciones en la Península del 40 por ciento a finales de este siglo, además de un descenso de los rendimientos, problemas en el abastecimiento alimentario y un incremento de la escasez del agua.

Por esta razón, pidió a estos países que actúen con medidas como rotaciones más equilibradas de cultivos, introducción de producciones que requieran menos agua y conservación de materia orgánica de los suelos.

[Así, metiendo miedo con la mentira del cambio climático, se quedarán con la tierra y el agua; y obligarán a todos los agricultores a usar semillas transgénicas (que son más resistentes!!! Aquí entra Monsanto!), cuyos efectos nocivos sobre la salud se encubren con el beneplácito de los lacayos políticos!]
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El Parlament aprueba una declaración de apoyo a los rectores y el plan Bolonia


Los grupos parlamentarios consensuaron ayer una declaración institucional de apoyo a los rectores de las universidades para la aplicación del plan Bolonia. En el texto aprobado por unanimidad se apela a mantener la normalidad académica, ante las movilizaciones de parte de los estudiantes.

Los partidos defienden que el diálogo y la concertación son "las únicas vías que permiten canalizar las legítimas aspiraciones de todos los miembros de la comunidad universitaria" y que el plan Bolonia es una oportunidad para construir un sistema universitario de más calidad.

[Pero el parlamento este no se supone que ha de representar a la gente? O tal vez solo sigan órdenes de sus amos, los jefazos de la industria y las finanzas....lacayos! Esto es política y de la buena.....]

Soviet Moon Images


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[Some images returned 'unexpected' findings, like above!]

Russian probes returned the first images of the Lunar far side and the first images from the Lunar surface. While a manned landing was never accomplished, the final phase of Soviet exploration included a number of impressive robotic missions, returning samples and roving the surface.

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