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· Chinese to destroy Feds by refusing to honor fraudulent derivatives contracts.
The Chinese government has told Chinese companies they do not have to honor derivates and commodity futures contracts made with Western financial institutions.
This is one of the most important of many nails in the coffin for the -soon to implode- Federal Reserve Board. The Chinese have every right to renege on those contracts because they were fraudulent. First of all, the Feds manipulated the commodities markets to their benefit and to the detriment of the Chinese. They also allowed 100 times leverage thus allowing for astronomical ponzi schemes to be set up. Furthermore, they almost certainly did not properly explain the risks when they made their deals with the Chinese. Now that their attempt to rip off the Chinese is blowing up in their faces, these financial institutions will implode. This will set off a chain of events that will make the Lehman Brothers implosion seem like a storm in a tea cup. The total amount of derivates contracts outstanding is now over $5000 trillion or 100 times world GDP. In other words it is just a giant illusion waiting to vanish along with the institutions that peddled it.
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Conspiracy 911

Since september eleven
I've been having suspicions
cause those buildings came down
like a controlled demolition
do these explosions - or squibs -
mean someone planted a bomb?
how come no wreckage was found
on the Pentagon lawn?
who's in charge of security?
the President's brother
so why'd they rush to pin it on
a person of colour?
they already lynched Saddam
and they've been singing for years
'bout how they'd love to bomb Iran

bomb bomb bomb
bomb bomb Iran

Bush got a hotline to Jesus
but they call him the Great Satan
it's like he got his wires crossed
and the two he's conflatin'
but its not because he's evil
we all do the same thing
remember: Satan wears red
and tries to tempt you with bling


we're spending billions on Star Wars
thanks to that Hollywood fella
and there's too many Georges
like they're all in it together
who shot JFK in Dallas?
and who shot JR?
and was his brother Bobby shot
or was he killed by a car?
and check this snapshot of Dick
shaking hands with the King,
because one truth is self-evident:
it's all about the bling.


Life Is An Illusion -Scientific Evidence

Relativistic Relativity

· A hypothetical study into the relativistic symmetry between celestial and quantum objects.
by Robert L. DeMelo


This paper examines the hypothetical possibility of relativistic symmetry between the celestial and quantum realms based solely on a scale difference between the two systems and the concept of space-time density derived from Einstein’s curvature of space. The exploratory analysis presented in this paper derives two surprising mathematical coincidences including a new scale relativity mass equation which calculates Jupiter's relativistic mass (1.898x1027 kilograms) to the numerical value of an electron charge (1.6x10-19 coulombs) exactly. This simple equation strongly suggests a direct mathematical relation between charge and mass, gives credence to the likelihood that the Universe is fractal in nature and that dimension changes with scale. Essentially this equation possibly unites our perception of mass at the celestial scale to that of charge at quantum scale which has enormous implications for all of physics.
Basically, I calculated a value called "S". It's a scale constant between quantum and celestial systems. My hypothesis in the theory are that atoms are simply star system in a different space-time density (or velocity frame of reference). It's more complex then this one sentence. In this theoretical model, gas giants are electrons. From the value of S I've been able to derive Jupiter's mass to the numerical value of an electron charge which is a fundamental value in physics. Basically, the "concept" of scale is unchanging between quantum and celestial objects, or what we call invariant. This concept isn't new, but my exact hypothesis is and so is the value of S.
There are a few implications. First, it unites Newton's and Einstein's work with modern quantum theory. To me this is big. Second, and perhaps the most practically useful, it gives rise to some very interesting technology. In this theoretical model, the speed of light is not a limit, but is still a constant. Basically, you can go faster than the speed of light not only for travel but also for communication.
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Vaccination 101 -Ghis

Ghislaine Lanctôt, autora del libro "The Medical Mafia", opina en esta entrevista sobre la actual pandemia de gripe porcina, los peligros de la vacunación, el fraude de la industria para lucrarse, su opción personal ante las actuales vacunaciones obligatorias en EEUU, y los cambios que está enfrentando la humanidad en la actualidad. (VOSE)