2009: The Year of UFOs

[This is a case for Disclosure....
The next is a compilation of over a thousand -1000!- videos of UFO sightings from last year alone... and on YouTube only (How many sightings where there really then??)... and of the same type of phenomena: Orange UFOs -from all around the world! They fly slowly -making no noise- sometimes they stand still in the sky for a few minutes or disappear in the next moment. They are a blinking -pulsating- orange, and sometimes they change colors.
Be aware: each of the following links has the amount of videos stated! It's a huge piece of work...]

Clockwork "Orange Objects 2009"

Part I (January - June) [200 videos]
Part II (June - July) [199 videos]
Part III (July - August) [199 videos]
Part IV (September) [188 videos]
Part V (September - October) [200 videos]
Part VI (October) [197 videos]
Part VII (November) [200 videos]
Part VIII (November) [200 videos]
Part IX (November - December) [193 videos]
Part X (December) [200 videos]
Part XI (December) [200 videos]

[Thanks to YouTube user 'TheCorKhalom' for taking the time to put these playlists together. Salud!]

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