TWM Technology Motor-Generator Demo

The demo shows a 100 watt lightbulb being lit off of 1 set of output secondary coil leads. There are 4 more sets at which you could load another4 bulbs with. The rpms should have been displayed. We use a total of 8 batts, 4 for each side. We put 48 volts into pos side and 48 volts into neg side with a central ground grounding out both sides. Hollow-core is the electromagnet itself. No iron, it's made of wood, achieving 14,000 plus rpms that poc (proof of concept) is estimated 30% of its capabilities when we sensorize models we wil eliminate backlash voltage (back emf) adding efficiency. We have been using these batteries for three years to demo this motor. I will send you another video, for those were just tests, demonstrating everything in detail showing it under load, charging another seperate battery pack with output side. In each motor there 10 coils (electromagnets) which not only drive the motor with a DC input/pulse, and the same 10 coils absorb an output AC power through secondary wire leads. Each coil has a primary wire with positive and negative side and also a secondary wire (output) generator leads. Thus for, we recycle our own energy that just DC pulsed input side 48 volts to positive side, 48 volts to negitive side (live positive/live negative) with a central ground is both positive and negative. So what you're seeing is energy used to drive motor then absorbed in to secondaries rectified and routed to a capacitor pulse with modulation we control output voltage through capacitor flashes 205 volts out.

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