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Though the video title indicates that NASA is looking for aliens, many of us know that NASA is fully aware of aliens and probably knows where to find a few of them without looking very far. This may be another avenue of disclosure to the public. We believe, as so many others do, that it takes more faith to disprove the existence of UFOs then it does to swallow the facts. It seems that debunker's are not grasping all that encompasses the UFO phenomena. Besides the craft there are the alien experiences that so many have had and the crop circle messages which appear in moments despite their size or complexity. There is also ancient history which depicts their existence and interaction with the human race, so its not just the strange craft that has captured the attention of thousands of people. There is far more occurring on Earth then illusions of craft flying around us. People want and need to know.
· Gregory Brewer, Sacramento UFO Examiner ·

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