Benjamin Fulford Blog -9.22.2009

· The world’s fleets come to a halt as the final countdown begins.
The best -real- economic indicator available is the Baltic Dry Index and it clearly shows that world trade is grinding to a halt as the battle to take down the Federal Reserve Board approaches its climax.
An even better illustration is in the photo shown above of a ghost fleet, gathered by Singapore, which is bigger than the combined US and UK navies.
This is only one of many ghost fleets accumulating around the world as trade grinds to a halt.
The Feds meanwhile, like junkies selling off anything and everything to get another dose, just sold the Poles and the Czechs to the Russians by cancelling their missile defense in central Europe in exchange for a few pennies and a bit more time.
After years of trying to encircle and defeat Russia, NATO is now suddenly calling for an alliance with them. However, the Russians have not forgotten it was the Feds who were responsible for the great horrors that killed over 100 million Slavs during the 20th century. They will accept the military treasures this junkie is offering at a pittance, but I[BF] seriously doubt it means they are about to crawl into bed with them.
Expect more unusual news over the coming crucial days and stay alert, because nobody should ever under-estimate the criminal genius of the Feds.
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