Blog Action Day - 2009: Climate Change

[Energy is the key. Climate change is real for more reasons than most people are aware of. This post will not go into them. In any case, we have to agree that energy production has to become zero-pollutant. There's no two ways about it. Besides the emissions, it must become de-centralized. And lastly, it has to be free. Free energy is not fiction... it hasn't been for decades. But it has been kept very quiet. Now, the energy quarantine is ending, and we finally have access to these 'new/old' technologies...]

[John Bedini Technology - Panacea University]

[Hydroxy Boosters - Panacea University]

[RotoVerter - Panacea University]

[Source: www.panaceauniversity.org]

[A www.blogactionday.org initiative]

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