Denver UFO initiative attacked by NASA ‘solar ambassador’

The Denver ballot initiative to create an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission is under attack. A hostile comment against the initiative was aired during a live question and answer session on the June 21 segment of “Your Show”, a Sunday morning program on Denver’s NBC TV affiliate, Channel 9 News. My name is Jeff Peckman, the author and chief proponent of the ballot initiative.
Just this last year, NASA itself has been the target for allegations of fraud and waste of taxpayer money. Many of these attacks have come from Congress, the White House, and the mainstream media. I’ve written about such alleged fraud in previous articles. One article features comments by whistle-blowers with inside information about NASA. Another about is about UK hacker Gary McKinnon and his discovery of UFO files at NASA.
It is known by Disclosure Project whistle-blowers that NASA removes images of extraterrestrial craft from its photos and videos to pretend it has not seen them. Then NASA continues to get over $17 billion a year from taxpayers to keep looking for signs of intelligent life outside Earth’s atmosphere. NASA has even claimed on its web site that “We are honest and ethical in everything we do”. How is that different from a publicly held company defrauding investors?
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