Angelia Joiner Speaking On Stephenville Lights

The Biggest UFO Story of 2008!
Angelia Joiner will be speaking at the Night Search Speaker Series hosted by Jason's Deli. Angelia was the Texas newspaper reporter who, in early January of 2008, first broke the story of the Stephenville Lights. This massive UFO sighting (rendering of eyewitness testimony from three police officers who saw this 600-foot wide alien craft hovering over Erath County Courthouse, above) that occurred on January 8, 2008, in Stephenville, Texas, had an electrifying effect on the world media overnight.
On the "UFO Richter Scale" — measuring its impact on public consciousness — it possibly registers even higher than the Phoenix Lights UFO event of March 7, 1997.
[Source: www.nightsearch.net]
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