Global UFO Event to Occur in 2010?

After a short time of reverse engineering Alien crafts the human race has not only developed UFO type crafts but has also deployed large star like battleships where smaller crafts are launched from just like at sea. It seems that many of the rumors regarding NASAs joint venture with the Navy to create a space fleet may be true. As mentioned in earlier articles, we exclusively interviewed Jo Ann Richards in a small cafe in Sacramento who told us the same story. It seemed out there but something we would consider with an open mind.
Now the very same information has surfaced
through another informant with credibility.

Why, you may ask. According to Dick Criswell the human race race has been engaged in space battles and is also working with other factions of governments around the world to complete a project to deploy an array of optical satellites equipped with pulse weaponry before the year 2010.
The expected global ET event will change the world as we know it.
The result will be a one world order.

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