Benjamin Fulford Blog -6.26.2009

·Prime Minister Higashikokubaru?
The wildly popular governor of Japan’s Miyazaki Prefectyre appears to be planning to run for Prime Minister. Having met him personally many times, I believe he would be a better Prime Minister than almost anybody else I can think of in Japan. The CIA-backed -ruling- Liberal Democratic Party is expected to implode and cease to exist after an election that must be held by September 11th of this year. If I[B.F.] were an LDP politician, the only way I[B.F.] could think of surviving in power is to create a new party and choose Higashikokubaru as candidate for Prime Minister. When I[B.F.] asked him last year if he wanted to start a revolution he answered "yes". I[B.F.] will go to Miyazaki Prefecture today and ask him what his plans are.
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